FLY PROJECT: On Sleep and Caffein Punch.

4AM sleepI have a confession to make, I haven’t been sleeping according to schedule. Crawling to bed was the easiest part however snoozing my way to dreamland is a different story. No, I don’t think it’s the sandman’s fault nor the flock of sheep; it’s probably been the adjustment of my work-at-home schedule.

Truthful to my capabilities, compartmentalizing and zooming in to what matters. I left the employment world once again for academe. Sure, I have been entertaining opportunities, declined few and been sending out my CV to the industry I am  hoping to hop back into after the long hiatus but the time just hasn’t arrived yet. Since there are bills to pay, I’ve been teaching business english to a number of Japanese CEO’s from 8PM until midnight. A girl needs to earn for her credit card debts, mobile subscription and all the healthy stuff she’d need to indulge herself into, not to forget, catching up with few friends and acquaintances I haven’t had the time to spend with when employment vacuumed me in.

Yesterday however taught me a lesson. I pushed myself and fueled myself with only caffein to boost. Driving the metro had me felt as if I was floating in a bubble, disturbed by every turn and my parking skills had me questionable. I attended a couple of meetings, which thankfully, I was fully conscious however once I got back into driving and when I attended my Pilates class; my body started to tremble. Controlling my powerhouse was such a chore, my mind and body weren’t cooperating and it was tougher to coordinate my movement.

You see, Pilates combines mindful movement. Yes, it does reduce stress, calm the mind & relax your mood. Yesterday was away from high intensity workouts, further away from alleviating the adrenaline hence trembling from the caffein was an unbelievable chore – I haven’t felt mindfully exhausted from trying to win over my body’s condition.

Remembering the short routine my pilates trainer made me do yesterday wasn’t even complicated yet it felt as if I was doing burpees or something torturous.  After the routine, I had to stay longer at the studio to observe and nurse myself up until the trembling wore out. Girl, it was no joke. I’m never going to have black coffee ever again (The last time I had was 2 years ago and it had me passed out from Bikram Yoga practice).

My trainer at VIVIAN ZAPANTA PILATES STUDIO kept on asking me “How are you?” and I think, I kept on answering him a drunkard response “I’m OoOookaay.”

Sure, it was impressive that I was truthful to my commitment and followed my appointments however as much as we know how to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s learning how to live the lifestyle that’ll make you actually live it.

The key takeaway from the experience was to work out, eat clean and sleep accordingly. If you skimp on one, the rest of your days will be negatively affected which would mean, you’d have to recover more days than one.

nocturnal working

My body has been sore from the straight days I have been challenging myself, working out on my breathing, working on my hips alignment, lengthening my spine and at the same time giving my powerhouse all the attention; not having to sleep right and depending on caffein can be incredibly frustrating.

The feeling was indescribably annoying. Your heart racing, mood-swings has turned its jolt from being cranky, hungry to frantic.

If you want to even be more truthful to your commitments and engagements, you’d have to be both mindfully alert and physically great. In order for one to achieve that is only when you get to give the reboot your body needs.

How much sleep do you get? As of typing this blog post, my eyes is also battling from feeling tired yet my mind is actively wanting to blog more, share what I’ve learned and my will-power saying, there’s no room for dilly-dallying.  It’s a little bit piercing.

Going deeper on to the topic. We all do know that sleep is related to diseases and risk of death. Today’s generation somehow foresee sleep as a sign of weakness, an interruption to success (Remember the cliche: sleep is for the weak? Aye aye, Guilty!) yet for someone who’s quest is to FLY (First Love Yourself), it is essential one get to mindfully know the serious side-effect of not having to sleep, the full restful one.

Serious lack-of sleep side-effects includes some of the following:

  • Diabetes
  • heart-attack
  • organ failure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

Aside from the reasons above, lack of sleep actually dumbs you down. It affects how you decide on things, you become more impulsive, and more prone to accidents. You’ll have a difficult time concentrating, communicating your thoughts, calibrating your emotions and less likely to be qualitatively productive; worse, it can lead to depression (plus the caffein? Awful combo!), increase in blood pressure and have a hard time controlling your cortisol leading to higher BMI.

All these thoughts rummaged in as I felt like a caffein drunk individual. It was such a relief I was able to hang out at my former colleagues’ office to calm myself down, gulp on glasses of water and was able to calm my heart rate down. I safely got home, after an entire day of struggling and combating with the sleep deprived plus caffein punch.

From hereon in, I vow to sleep by midnight, right after the work obligation and not to fuel myself with black coffee ever again. If I’m focusing on the FLY, then one needs to be mindful in all aspects – including sleep.

Have you been restful or restless?

Get a Good Rest, Nod Off.

Sleep is in fact the most rejuvenating and refueling way to get through the day and gauge on productivity. When people get less than 6 or 7 hours of sleep each night, their risk for developing diseases begins to increase. Ask any athlete or active men and women, sleep is by far one of the most important task for all of us to comply in order to fully recover and progress.

Not only does sleep reduces stress, boosts weight loss and would make you alert on your tasks; the benefits of sleep has embodied as a tool to keep your heart healthy, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation and risks from depression.

Aside from the suggested hours of sleep each night to make your heart healthier, People need to be aware of their melatonin; a hormone that makes us sleepy and protect us from certain cancers such as breast cancer and colon cancer. The reason why sleep is done at night and in a dark room, the dark help our body produce melatonin it needs – having the lights on including the energy nearby from your gadgets reduces the level of your melatonin.

A relaxing sleep helps regulate your stress hormones, decrease risk for heart attacks and strokes; Sleep also is one of the best anti-aging tool to decrease cause of deteroriation of your body as you age. One of the best relaxation techniques is the art of calming yourself: lie down flat on your back, spread your palms wide open facing the sky and have both arms placed on the side of your body; breath deeply — inhale, exhale. Clear your mind from worries, and listen to your breathing; you’ll be surprised, you’ll fall asleep effortlessly and rejuvenated the next day.

If you’re the type who’s conscious about your weight; the reason why Sleep is essential to weight loss is that sleep is directly engaged to your hormones called ghrelin and leptin affecting your appetite; and only sleep can regulate both.

As for “Power naps”, the effective and refreshing alternative to caffein can also protect your health. Aside from saving yourself from the calories in a cup of joe, taking a nap takes no effect on your heart from palpitation but rather works much on your stress by improving memory, cognitive function and your mood.

By having enough hours, your mood levels up together with your serotinin, the natural chemical in your body controlling depression and risks by the damage of stress.

How else can you get to sleep better? keep a regular schedule and make an effort to do so until it becomes a habit. The bed is for sleeping and nothing else but that. Set a regular bedtime by going to bed the same time every night and try not to break this routine on weekends; if there’s a need to stay up late, change your bed time and help your body adjust – count backwards from the goal time you intend to wake up. Make sure it’s at least 6-8 hours. Never settle for less.

If you need to make up for few lost hours of sleep, get your siesta in. you can’t pay off sleep the entire day from an entire week’s lost hours but instead, take it one day at a time and get into your natural sleep-wake rhythm back. Resist caffein after 3pm or settle for chamomile if you feel you’re still hyper and energetic to snooze.

Ways to Relax your way to Sleep

  • Read a book, use a soft light when on you’re using your iPad or Kindle.
  • Take a warm bath on lavender body wash.
  • Listen to soft music or any connected to nature.
  • Do some easy stretches like Yoga.
  • Write your to do list for the next day.

Another cure for insomnia is by spending more light outside during daylight, have more light into your home or workspace by the time it’s nearly bed time, set the mood by decreasing energy around you then doze off completely. You may also read a book just to calm your nerves and that wandering mind.

Have a good rest, get your body well acquainted on the cue; nod off.

Lessons Pre-Superbods

I caught RENT the night before the Superbods race today which made me come home late. I missed the drinking session with my friends but that’s the price I had to pay since I’m committed to my sport and didn’t want to sabotage myself once I get to the early morning race.

Seriously, I have never been like this in such a long time. I picked running over the rare good night session with my friends.

Here are few lessons which made me relearn again:

1. Sleep 8 hours, day before and 2 days before the race. sleep is not negotiable, and an accumulated sleep deficit can lead to serious consequences both for our health and our performance.
2. Do not have caffein day before or night before the race
3. If you don’t have ample time to run, walk as often as you can or squeeze even 10 minutes brisk walking and sprinting.
4. Hydrate, everyday. Finish at least 10 glasses of water every single day to avoid muscle cramps.

I haven’t had much routes all through-out the week but it was a good thing that I did squeezed few minutes even for breezy walks in the morning. I should get back to running more mileage and do strength training for my endurance and stamina. It doesn’t happen overnight but working out on it everyday sure does give huge difference.

I felt this sudden numbness on my right leg towards the last 2km of my 5km route. I had a hard time walking and running, I tried to sprint once in a while and it sure felt gruesome. I’ve yet to know the reason behind it but it surely didn’t stop me from reaching the finish line.

I’m just glad I finished what I started and that struggle didn’t stop me from going.

Quick Post: INSOMNIA!

I love to sleep (who doesn’t?) and my friends can attest to that ( have me lay down on a beach inclined bed, I’m out from this world in a nanosecond) but these past few days I have been extremely deprived from a blissful 8 hours of rest from the actual timezone I currently breath at.

sleepdeprivedUsually I’m ready to pass out , conk in by 10pm but rather I still stay up until midnight but I do have my very warm cup of coco to make doze me off, it worked ONCE but the next day, I was up until 5am and then 8am not until today the worst of 10am. Do I really need to sleep now that everyone in the world is actually moving their ass and had already fueled themsleves with breakfast not to forget almost preparing up for Lunch? This is ridiculous. Good thing I am now unemployed or else I could’ve gone delilah over this situation although my body clock has been cursed because of the erratic schedule I was on every 2-3 weeks back when I was working at the hotel ( damn graveyard shifts ).

I will pop on melatonin, see where it’ll take me later tonight but in the meanwhile let me drop myself on my bed, plug on my ipod for itunes (which effectively helped me to sleep after 2 hours the other night) and pray deeply that my parents won’t wake me up all because I have to do household chores.

Holy Cow, I am even due for a 2 mile training later tonight according to my Nike+ Coach and I have a race to prepare myself for in the next 3 days! I’m quite guessing that this inomnia may have been because of the energy I get after intense training since I am trying to push myself hard for the past 4 trainings I run myself on for a route? I really don’t know.

HELP ME GOD. This is bad for my metabolism, endurance, performance as well as my immune system (which I am dearly taking good care of). HELP!

Insomnia & Surf rant

surf runThis is terribly bad. I have been reading about SURFING for beginners and all these introductory paragraphs but I couldn’t even seem to write on my drafts. Yes, I am persuasively trying to write an article about my first surfing trip and how much I have gone obsessed on all these information on the internet on how I’m ever going to improve on my step ups’ or my pop-ups, being grateful that I’m actually running and building my endurance as I get into the world of fitness and health however as much as I am very much interested on my new found sport aside from running; Surfing is quite a bit terrifying ( at least in terms of writing about it)

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning as I type this, I’ve got after lunch and dinner dates to attend to later today, I wasn’t able to join the surfing trip since I figured I have to dedicate all the time for my article however as much as I have been filling up my brain on factual thoughts and tips on what I’ll personally do to my flexibility, core strength and over all fitness; sleep is very much interconnected to every step of the way.

I swear, I really do think I’ll wake up just right before the dinner gathering

In terms of running, I’m having thoughts or at least having this obsession on how I’m ever going to improve on my time finishing a route regardless if it’ll be a mile or a kilometer. Sure, Sleep is a huge factor on performance but aside from that, besides not skipping meals and taking one day at a time consciously, Weight loss is also one of my concerns.

Surfing, Running and Weight loss are juggling left and right; FOCUS is very much needed however all these are side by side connected.

I reviewed my ONE MILE runs and it turned out that my performances are either on 11 minutes + or 13 minutes s+ wherein the supposed One mile time should no longer beyond 5 minutes. Phew, I sure bet have a long way to go in terms of training my stride and having to catch on my breath.

There’s no such thing as giving up for me. I CAN DO IT!

Finally, I can already feel I’m about to conk out. May this be a healthy 8 hour sleep and may I be able to attend to all my engagements on time.

30 lbs lossHave I mentioned? After the Surf trip of ultra paddling, the 35 feet Waterfall jump and the runs I had, despite of the fact that I have been gulping on soda; I have lost another 3 lbs in 11 days which means I am now carrying a 130 lbs body leaving a 30 lbs off weight loss. 25 lbs more to go and major sculpting since I notice my body is starting to look awfully straight.

I need le curves!