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Do you want to send your product/ gear for a personal testimonial/insight review or have anyone or anything to be talked about which constitutes running, sports, weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle? Do you have a question that you can’t possibly post in the comments section? Don’t hesitate to contact me for event coverage, product reviews, advertorials, ad placements; suggestions and violent reactions, too

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Bikila Vibram Five Fingers ( Running )

Ford Everest (Birthday Weekend)

TRX “Get with the Movement”

Jillian Michaels Yoga MeltDown 2010

Jazz onto the Ocean (Surfing)

TRX Suspension Training

Your first Yoga

Playing the disc with the Ultimate Warriors

King of the Road Review

Chris’ Sports:better equipment, better games (Press Release)

Jillian Michaels Fitness Wisdom

Virtual Active: To Bring the Outdoor Trail Running Into Homes and Gyms Everywhere (Press Release)

RPGRPG: Metanoia (2010)

Lemon please, Smart C+!

Belle de jour 2011: ’tis the season for power planners

RPG: Metanoia (Movie Review)

Nido Fortified: Science Discovery Center

The Gem Collection – A Compilation of Wisdom ( Book Press Release )

TRX Fitness Anywhere TV Stream (Press Release)

Virtual Active – An Environmental Route

Milena’s Cakes

Twestival Manila 2011

Run Against Human Trafficking (press release)

Spenco® PolySorb® YUMI Toe Post

Curves Food Drive

Qplus releases new wellness products (press release)

If you can skip the shoes – Go Barefoot!

Tiger Tail Rolling Massager Review

Hydration and Yoga (Lightwater)

On-Running, Initial test run

Flow with Bow (Yoga)

Yoga+ Remedy to Rhinitis

YOU ARE AN IRONMAN: How 6 Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the World’s Toughest Triathlon (book)

Reebok Easytone: Take the Gym With You

Manila, are you ready to Stomp?


Be Bikini Ready ( Health & Fitness – Business Mirror )

Staying Fit with a Busy Career ( Health & Fitness – Busines Mirror )

Fun New Movements in Town (Health & Fitness – Business Mirror)

Philippine Hideaways ( Asian Traveler Magazine)

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