Preventing Heat Exhaustion During Physical Activities

Whether you are vigorously cleaning the home or dedicated to a regular routine of exercises, preventing yourself from getting overheated is important to your health. Heat exhaustion can quickly lead to heat stroke which can cause an incredible amount of damage to your internal organs. Essentially, you can cook yourself from the inside out. How can you prevent yourself from experiencing such a detrimental condition when being physically active throughout the day?

1. Know Limitations – You may want to be vigilant in your physical activity and want to be in peak condition, but overdoing your routines and activity could increase your chances of collapsing. You need to know just how far you can push yourself without causing internal injuries. It doesn’t matter if you can burn so many calories if you’re hospitalized from heat stroke.

2. Keep Hydrated – Making sure your body has enough liquids can essentially decrease your overall body temperature. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty in order to keep water flowing into your body. Depending on the physical activity, you will use it faster than you may think. Sweat is not the only aspect of replacing lost water when your body temperature begins to rise due to physical activity.

3. Dress for Success – Wear lightly colored and lightweight clothing when being active. This is especially important if you’re outdoors. Sunlight is reflected from light colors and could greatly reduce the amount of heat that your body is subjected. Loose fitting clothing could also be ideal as it will provide breathing room instead of acting like insulation.

4. Regular Breaks – Take regular breaks in a shaded area in order to recuperate. Subjecting yourself to intense levels of discomfort and heat is not the same as being “tough.” Depending on your personal body type and the ambient temperature, your threshold for healthy exercise could be lower than another person. This doesn’t mean you are weaker, just that your body needs to cool down more often before you pass out on the floor or pavement.

5. Eating Fruits and Veggies – Fruits and vegetables are high in water content as well as providing a great deal of nutrition for facing physical activity. Another aspect to consider is that fruits contain high levels of anti-oxidants that can help prevent long-lasting damage from the sun if your activities should be outside. This is aside from sustaining higher energy levels longer than you would on an unhealthy diet from the fast food window.

6. Time of the Day – If at all possible, schedule your workouts to coincide with cooler times of the day. Some activities such as sporting events may be unavoidable. However, your own private time should be during times when the temperature will not pose as a problem for your particular activity. Many people prefer to work out in the mornings as it is a way to keep cooler while getting the blood flowing before the day starts.

Heat exhaustion can easily be the first step to taking an emergency room visit. According to the CDC, 675 people die each year from extreme heat related illnesses in the United States. Play and work smarter, not harder. Fitness shouldn’t involve risking your life because you need to push yourself in order to achieve results. Don’t be a victim to heat – especially since it’s easily avoidable.

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Tri it again, Next Time.

I missed Tri United 1.

No, I didn’t flake on it because I didn’t wake up early nor deliberately missed it because I forgot to travel out of the city. I missed it because I had to be honest; I didn’t train enough to survive the sprint even though all the coaches and friends were cheering me on that it can be done.

Kaya yan! Train lang ng train!” those were their words stuck on my head.

pool1Decision Point

When I finally get to swim an entire 700m without stopping and losing a single breath, and when I finally get conquer that hill I’ve been trying to climb.

A week before, I almost made it to an entire 700m. I logged 400m straight, on a very comfortable pace. COMFORTABLE PACE? They’re all competitive. WHUT!

The hill? Still half-way through.  Hey, at least I was able to climb a little.

Okay, maybe I missed it because I felt overwhelmed after I saw the start-list. Having to review the number of people whom I will be racing with,  it was far better to be safe than drown or the possibility to get injured.

Okay, I was intimidated. Face it.

I had a conversation with myself: “This is a triathlon, not a 5k.”  I know I shouldn’t linger on the ‘what if’s” but this sport needs preparation and loads of execution. Triathlon teaches you discipline, patience and understanding of oneself as well as your capabilities and surrounding.

It must’ve been a sign.

Just days before the Tri United 1, my bike’s chain rings won’t switch to the bigger plate. My swimwear decided to tear. Was it coincidence? Nah. So, I used my old designer swimwear and settled to practice with my indoor mag trainer. An hour and half every so often.

So, It was a No Go for me and Tri United 1. On a good note, At least, I lost 5 lbs.

Tri it, Next time.

Angela Villaceran, Yours truly and Liz Ejercito-Dimaandal.
In-between my lovely teammates: Angela Villaceran, and Liz Ejercito-Dimaandal.

Together with the wives and teammates from PURO TRI, I agreed to sign up for another race. We’re going on a relay for K-Swiss SubIT.  I’ll be riding a 40km stretch. Will take it slow and steady, one discipline after another. Perhaps, baby steps on courage may do the trick.

Universal Sports Network Presents Boston Marathon “Run as One” Series March 10 – April 21

Universal Sports Network, the exclusive national television and digital media home of the Boston Marathon, announced today the launch of the “Run as One” series. The 15-episode, short-form video series will air run of schedule and be made available online at beginning today, March 10, and continue through the live coverage of the 118th Boston Marathon, which begins at 8:30 a.m. ET on Monday, April 21, 2014.

In honor of the perseverance and triumph of the human spirit, the “Run as One” series tells the personal stories of those directly affected by the tragic events of the 2013 Boston bombings. As told by survivors, first responders, medical personnel and race officials, these moving first-hand accounts demonstrate strength of character and a resilient will to move forward.

Among those profiled in the series are survivors Nicole and Mike Gross (Charlotte, NC), Marc Fucarile (Stoneham, MA) and Heather Abbott (Newport, RI); Boston Marathon race director David McGillivray; world famous father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt; former New England Patriot and cancer survivor Joe Andruzzi; Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz, former City of Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino; and Dr. David R. King who finished running the marathon just before the bombings occurred and then immediately began performing surgery on the injured at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Our efforts to examine the impact of the 2013 Boston tragedy involve telling personal and emotional stories of both sorrow and triumph,” said Universal Sports Network Senior V.P. of Content Robert James. “We needed to uncover the heartbeat of the city, and chose local Boston production company Moody Street TV to help capture the essence of the race, and its meaning to runners and non runners alike. Through Universal Sports’ Boston Marathon “Run as One” series, we showcase the perseverance and resilience of the survivors and City of Boston as a whole, while looking forward in a positive light with all eyes toward the 2014 race.”

In addition, Universal Sports is working with all of its distribution partners to provide their customers with free previews in order to access event coverage for the week leading up to and the day of the Boston Marathon. Affiliates offering free preview windows during the month of April include Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber, satellite providers DIRECTV and DISH and numerous regional cable and IPTV operators in markets across the country.

“We are appreciative of how all of our distributors have enthusiastically stepped up with national marketing, promotion and free preview campaigns to help support this significant event in helping to make the 2014 Boston Marathon even greater,” said Anne E. Droste head of distribution for Universal Sports.

To find where Universal Sports is available, please visit our channel finder at

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Reebok unveils new ‘delta’ logo as the sportswear company moves from professional athletes to fitness buffs

In what’s only the second major change to the brand’s logo in its 121-year history, Reebok is debuting a new delta logo to be used on the company’s Crossfit gear.

The change is part of the brand’s move away from associating itself with professional athletes and towards what spokesmen call the sport of fitness.

‘For 30 years we’ve been successfully making products for elite athletes in every imaginable sport, but what we haven’t been able to do is inspire enough people to move,’ said Reebok Chief Marketing Officer Matt O’Toole in a promotional video on YouTube.

Scroll down for video

Makeover: Now they have opted for a 'Delta' symbol that looks very similar to that of the airline company by the same nameMakeover: Now they have opted for a ‘Delta’ symbol that looks very similar to that of the airline company by the same name

‘It’s an invitation for all of us to take part and fight against complacency for everyday people not just super stars and elite athletes,’ he said.

Founded in the United Kingdom, Reebok apparel featured a Union Jack flag from 1895 until 1986. It has featured a vector log ever since, but that insignia will now be phased out on all products with the exception of Reebok Classics, Ad Age reports.

The new delta logo will get a broad release on both footwear and apparel later this month.

Though Reebok has long partnered with and endorsed professional athletes in basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, and hockey, it has repositioned itself in recent years. It gave up its NFL sponsorship deal in 2012. It has also bowed out on deals in favor of parent company, Adidas.

New look: Reebok's new Delta shoes will focus on reaching the fitness market

New look: Reebok’s new Delta shoes will focus on reaching the fitness market

Health conscious: 'What we haven't been able to do is inspire enough people to move,' said Reebok Chief Marketing Officer Matt O'Toole

Health conscious: ‘What we haven’t been able to do is inspire enough people to move,’ said Reebok Chief Marketing Officer Matt O’Toole

As professional connections dwindled, Reebok turned to making itself known as a brand for Crossfit, yoga, dance, and aerobics.

‘The Reebok Delta has three distinct parts each representing the changes — physical, mental and social — that occur when people push themselves beyond their perceived limits and embrace an active and challenging life,’ Reebok said in a press release.

After years of slow sales, Reebok saw a retail jump of 5 per cent in the most recent quarter. Executives claim the brand would see growth for the full year.

A Triathlon to Celebrate Athleticism and Filipino Culture

Why join a triathlon? More than the exercise derived from swimming, biking and running, a triathlon is a means of challenging one’s self to surpass the usual limits of strength and endurance. While admittedly an individual sport on the day of the race, training for a triathlon can also be an enjoyable group activity where like-minded friends can motivate each other to achieve higher levels of fitness and energy.

The First Bataan International Triathlon (Bi3)

Bataan International Triathlon

As worldwide interest in triathlons continues to grow, the good news is that the organizers of the Subic International Triathlon are set to hold a new sporting event. Called the Bataan International Triathlon (Bi3), it is set for November 29-30, 2014 in Bagac, Bataan.

More than just an athletic event, we want the BIT to showcase nature and cultural heritage,” says Raymund Magdaluyo, race sponsor and member of the Bi3 organizing team. “We hope to make this activity grow so that the brand becomes recognized internationally as something that is distinctly Filipino.

Magdaluyo explains that set against the backdrop of Bagac beach with its light gray sands, the gently rolling hills of Bagac and Balanga, and the painstakingly restored heritage houses and buildings of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, the race course will stand out as a distinctively picturesque sight that will be attractive to more people. “Our goal is to encourage more people to get into fitness. But whether one is a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, one will not fail to appreciate the historical significance of Bataan province in Philippine history.”

Cultural shows and tours for athletes and their guests are integrated in the Bi3 calendar. The Bataan Provincial Government, the Municipality of Bagac, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Pepsi and Seafood Island are partners in the event.

Race Categories

Several race categories are open to encourage more athletes of all ages to join. These include: Largo (1.5 km swim, 55 km bike, 11 km run); Rapido ( 750 m swim, 30 km bike, 5.5 km run); Karera de Bagac (30 km off-road bike race); plus Junior Aquathlon categories for 6-8 year olds (300 m swim, 100 m run), and 9-12 year olds (500 m swim, 500m run). A Junior Aquathlon course for 13-16 year olds will require 1km of swimming and 2 km of running.

Awards and Prizes

All top 3 Male and Female Category and Team winners will receive trophies, medals and gift packs. The top 3 competition winners will receive trophies. Cash prizes for the Elite Category (Male and Female) are 1st Place-Php10,000; 2nd Place-Php6000; 3rd Place Php4000.

Likewise the top 3 male and female winners of Karera de Bagac will receive trophies, medals and gift packs. Cash prizes for this category are Php 7000 for 1st place, Php5000 for 2nd , and Php 4000 for 3rd place.

Early Bird Registration ends on June 30, 2014. Register through and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and the hashtags #langoypadyaktakbo #bi3


Universal Sports To Air Coverage of 2014 ASICS LA Marathon

Get yourselves updated and watch the coverage of Universal Sports Coverage on March 9!                           

  Network Also Announces April “Marathon-A-Thon” Programming Highlighted by the Legendary Boston Marathon on April 21

Universal Sports Network, the year-round destination for Olympic, endurance and action sports, will air the 2014 ASICS LA Marathon this Sunday, March 9, at 3 PM ET. The network’s exclusive national TV coverage will showcase the 26.2-mile race featuring 25,000 runners traversing from stadium to sea, as they run from Dodger Stadium to the Pacific Ocean. The course has been certified by USA Track & Field and serves as a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. 


The Network also announced April’s “Marathon-A-Thon” schedule highlighted by its exclusive LIVE national coverage of the 2014 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21, starting at 8:30 AM ET. In addition to the 118th running of the Boston’s epic event, April’s Marathon-A-Thon features the 2014 Paris, London and Rotterdam races and encore presentations of some of the world’s best marathons every Monday from 8 PM to 2 AM ET.


Universal Sports Network Broadcast Schedule: 2014 Marathons

All times Eastern – Subject to change 


Date                                      Time                                                      Event

Sun., Mar. 9                        3 PM ET (SDD)                                   2014 ASICS LA Marathon

Sun., Apr. 7                         2:30 AM ET LIVE                                2014 Paris Marathon

Sun. Apr. 13                        4 AM ET LIVE                                      2014 Virgin London Marathon*

Sun., Apr. 13                      10 AM ET (SDD)                                 2014 Rotterdam Marathon

Mon., Apr. 21                    8:30 AM ET LIVE                                2014 Boston Marathon*

Sat., May 31                       11 AM ET                                             2014 Stockholm Marathon

Sun., Sep. 28                      TBD                                                        2014 BMW Berlin Marathon*

Sun., Oct. 19                       TBD                                                        2014 Amsterdam Marathon


* World Marathon Major


SDD=Same Day Delay


About Universal Sports

Universal Sports Network, a partnership between NBC Sports and InterMedia Partners, LP, is the premier multi-platform media destination for Olympic-related sports programming in the United States.  Offering more than 1,200 hours of original programming each year, Universal Sports has exclusive rights to world and national championship events in a wide array of sports, including swimming, track and field, gymnastics, cycling, skiing, figure skating and rugby. Whether on television, online, or on the go with mobile and tablet applications, Universal Sports offers a four-screen experience to fans of global sports every day of the year. For more information, please visit

Icelandic Glacial™, the super-premium natural spring water from Iceland, is inviting Americans to experience the “Icelandic Way” of life with the launch of its “Pursue your Passions” campaign , beginning on January 28th.  Iceland is a land of red-hot volcanoes and frozen glaciers. This beautiful, raw environment influences everything from the arts to the culinary tastes and strength of Iceland’s inhabitants. Icelanders live their lives without compromise and are passionate about the pursuit of their goals. This is evident by the disproportionate number of world-class athletes, world-renowned chefs and great artists that hail from this tiny island country. Icelandic Glacial is celebrating that determination with an ongoing series of contests that allow consumers to experience the “Icelandic Way” first-hand.

Icelandic Way

The first themed part in a year-long campaign series will celebrate Iceland’s fearless Viking heritage by focusing on strength and fitness.  Iceland’s Viking ancestors settled in a land where volcanoes and glaciers clashed. Because of this harsh environment, they developed a legendary will to survive and cultivated a culture of strength and fitness.  Participants in this first series will have a chance to travel to “The Land of Fire and Ice” to train with two-time CrossFit Games competitor, Frederik Aegidius, as he prepares to compete for Iceland in the 2014 games.  Frederik found inspiration in Iceland’s high-caliber athletes and strong dedication to health and fitness.  This coupled with the country’s notoriety for placing well in the games led to his decision to compete for Iceland this year.

“Icelandic Glacial is very proud of its strong heritage, and we want to share the benefits of this culture with consumers.  Currently, there is a lot of interest and curiosity about Iceland and we want to use this campaign to inspire people by showing them how Icelanders live their lives,” commented Jon Olafsson, chairman and co-founder, Icelandic Glacial.  “We’re very excited to partner with Frederik for the first part of this ongoing series.  The passion and dedication he exhibits for his sport is a great example of how to pursue one’s passion without compromise. It will truly be an eye-opening experience for someone to have the unique opportunity to personally train with him in Reykjavik.”

Beginning on January 28, 2014, U.S. consumers are invited to visit the Icelandic Glacial Facebook page to submit an overview detailing how they passionately pursue strength and fitness and why they want to train with Frederik in Iceland.  The entry phase will close on March 23rd and then the public will be invited to vote for the best candidate to send to Iceland to experience fitness the “Icelandic Way.”  While in Iceland, the winner will have three training sessions with Frederik at his box in Reykjavik.   To inspire consumers pursuing their fitness goals, Frederik will also post a series of tips and videos throughout the campaign on the Icelandic Glacial Facebook page.

“I am thrilled to represent Icelandic Glacial during this campaign to connect people with Icelandic heritage.  I am continuously inspired by the country and the passionate way its athletes tackle their goals.” commented Frederik Aegidius.  “I’m also eager to work with the winning participant in Iceland – being immersed in the Icelandic culture and surrounded by athletes who are completely dedicated to the sport is a life-changing experience.”

# # #

About Icelandic Glacial™

Icelandic Glacial™ is the super-premium natural spring water from the “Land Of Fire and Ice.”  Home to glaciers, spouting geysers, volcanoes and raging rivers, Iceland is one of the world’s cleanest ecosystems.  Icelandic Glacial™ is bottled at the source from Iceland’s legendary Ölfus Spring, which was formed more than 5,000 years ago and is shielded from pollution by an impenetrable barrier of lava rock.  The spring produces water so pure that nothing is added or taken away.  As a result, Icelandic Glacial™ possesses exceptional balance featuring a naturally low mineral content and a naturally high alkaline pH level of 8.4.

The Ölfus Spring is constantly replenished by rain, snow and ice-melt from the nearby mountains.  As such, it has been deemed certifiably sustainable by Zenith International, Europe’s leading beverage consultancy.  Icelandic Glacial™ is further distinguished as the world’s first certified carbon neutral natural spring bottled water for product and operation.  Icelandic Glacial™ uses 100% natural green energy to fuel production delivering a premium bottled water to discerning consumers around the world while maintaining a “net zero” carbon footprint.

As a testament to its exceptional purity, Icelandic Glacial™ has been selected by Christian Dior as the exclusive hydration agent in the Diorsnow line of skin care products.  Icelandic Glacial™ is distributed in the United States by Anheuser-Busch InBev which holds a 20% ownership stake in the Company.

For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @IcelandicWater and

Petroleum Jelly Alternative: Waxelene Now Sold in Over 8000 Retail Outlets

Retailers and consumers have embraced the eco-friendly petroleum jelly alternative

Waxelene, the petroleum jelly alternative, today announced it is now being sold in over 8000 retail outlets across all 50 states and Canada.

Waxelene can be purchased through multiple on-line and in-store locations including select Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Natural Grocers, Pharmaca, and the most recent addition, CVS/pharmacy stores.


“Waxelene was originally adopted by those who are strongly health and eco-conscious,” said Todd Cooper, CEO of Waxelene. “But the natural and organic ingredients combined with its efficacy for the treatment and relief of dry skin, diaper rash, and more has really appealed to a wide range of consumers. We have been working hard to make Waxelene easy to find and placing it on shelves in CVS/pharmacy stores will help us reach a much broader audience.”


With the summer approaching, consumers will want to be sure they stock up on Waxelene. The sun and surf can be tough on the skin. Waxelene’s Summer Skin Care Guide provides some examples of how this petroleum jelly alternative can be used to address common summer skin issues:


Waxelene is not just a replacement for petroleum-based products, it is a major improvement because it is noticeably more effective. Waxelene’s ingredients, vitamin E oil, beeswax, organic rosemary oil, and organic soy oil, are delicately balanced to synergistically care for your skin.These all-natural ingredients are combined using a patent pending aeration formula to create this amazing texture that won’t clog pores. Knowing that it is made in the USA with sustainable ingredients makes consumers feel good about using it every day from their head to their toes.


Visit the Waxelene website and type in your zip code on the Retail Locations page to find the location nearest you.

About Waxelene

Waxelene is the eco-friendly alternative to petroleum jelly. It has the same protective, waterproofing, moisturizing and soothing properties that doctors love, but contains no petroleum or hydrogenated oils. Waxelene’s ingredients include natural beeswax and oils like vitamin E and organic rosemary which soak in and nurture skin cells. Waxelene’s patent-pending aeration process gives it a silky smooth texture that won’t clog pores. Committed to the environment and healthy living, the makers of Waxelene endeavor to become more sustainable every day. From using natural and organic ingredients, to packaging in recyclable glass jars (no plastic!), to implementing energy-efficient practices, Waxelene is striving to do its part to prepare for a petroleum-free future.


Sweaty Betty: Fashion Meets Functionality

ImageMore and more women are incorporating activities to unload stress, give time for themselves and get their health back to tiptop shape. Gone are those days when loose shirts and sweat pants used to dominate studios and gyms; women choose what’s presentably fashionable and has more functionality rather than just a pair of workout apparel. In United Kingdom, Sweaty Betty has been the top notch choice of apparel. The Natural Fabrics and seamlessly engineered details of the key components of the yoga ranges; the sensitive fabrics and Q-skin technology ensures confidence in practice.

The Yoga designs connects to the hue of the earth: neutral palette. With the wide range choice of sporting activities; the apparel’s flexibility is abundant.

Get to use sleek and comfortable clothing according to your desired sporting activities: Indoor, Outdoor training, Triathlon (Swim, Bike, Run), Dance, Tennis and Snow cover-ups.

Regardless if you aim to lose weight, gain flexibility, or get to firm up that toned body. A women’s motivation comes on how good they look in the outside as much as they aim to get better inside.

Still seemed to be confused on what clothing you’d need for your activities? You may read through the depository of advises Sweaty Betty has under the Knowledge section.  A brand tailored for her, for You.

Why Its Important for Athletes to be Insured, Covered and Safe

Insurance doesn’t have to be merely for possessions should an accident occur. For athletes, insurance can be a method to promote sustainability during an injury or a way to pay for treatment should something happen. You should never gamble with a lifestyle and need to do everything you can to prevent yourself from retiring early due to physical complications. Why is this insurance of your physical attributes so important?

1. Paycheck If you’re paid for your physical abilities such as professional sports or the like, your ability to play may affect your income. The worse you play because of a physical injury, the less desirable you are. No one wants to hand over a great deal of cash to someone that can’t play up to his or her expectations. As an athlete, your body is your most important possession and not keeping it well maintained and safe could alter your way of life in ways you may not even realize.

2. Early Retirement – Too many injuries of a certain kind or a severe crippling circumstance can end your career as an athlete. Too many individuals, both professional and amateur, have had to retire earlier than they wanted due to the inability to perform required functions. Although some of these athletes had a safe fallback plan such as a secondary career in order to pick up the slack, many did not. Without certain physical coverage, you may not be able to get the treatment you need should something bad happen. Some plans will even compensate some of your pay in order to help you get back into the world of employment.

3. Unforeseen Circumstances – Insuring yourself is more than just merely protection against accidental injuries such as tripping over a bike and breaking your leg. It is protection against the other human elements. Most people don’t believe they’re going to be in an automobile accident until someone runs a stop sign. You shouldn’t put such complete and utter faith in humanity’s ability to be observant. An ice-covered road and a car traveling at 30 miles per hour can easily put an end to your athletic career.

4. Casual and Amateur Athletes Beware – You don’t have to be a paid professional athlete in order to be subjected to the same injuries. Perhaps you trip and break your ankle during a jog around the block. Injuries can happen virtually anywhere and without proper insurance, your household income could be diminished by your time off from work. Regardless of the activity, putting physical strain on your body always runs a risk of injuring your body.

5. Emotional Distress – For many athletes, their activities are an integral part of who they are. If they are unable to perform these functions because of a lack of safety or proper medical treatment, it can be very emotionally taxing. You shouldn’t feel weak in the eyes of your peers if you are taking steps to ensure your safety. Realize that preventing injuries will keep you in the activity long after your peers have to retire early because they wanted to be “tough.”

Insurance of any kind is always a good idea. Life has a way of making things happen regardless of how many precautions you take. Professional and casual athletes alike should never put such a detrimental view of their physical attributes by not being safe or insuring against accidents.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Reed is a freelance writer and a resident blogger at Liveinnanny. She particularly enjoys writing about parenting, childcare, health and wellness. In addition, she is an expert consultant on issues related to household management and kids.