Chi Walk-Run Fitness Program

There are countless programs available that teach how to train for distance, but few teach how to walk and run safely and injury free. The Chi Running and Chi Walking programs, combined into the Chi Walk-Run Program, teaches the safest and most effective technique-based training strategies to Walk-Run a 5K distance – and learn a new way to move for a lifetime. On the 9th … Continue reading Chi Walk-Run Fitness Program

Vibram Five Fingers in Boracay

I own at least 3 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers and I would like to thank my boyfriend for the birthday gift and Vibram Five Fingers ( Cherry ) for the pairs I use fervently when I’m at the beach surfing, or strengthening my calves and ankles during training runs. These pair of Vibram Fiver Fingers come in handly especially those who are on the … Continue reading Vibram Five Fingers in Boracay

Just In: Spenco® PolySorb® YUMI Toe Post

I am honored receiving a pair of this YUMI Toe Post to experience and be relieved before the new ProForm insole debut its launch in the US this June. Meanwhile, these may be ordered online or purchased in retail stores. The Spenco® PolySorb® Yumi Total Support Sandal is a women’s toe-post sandal that provides orthotic support. This flip flop has built-in arch & heel support for … Continue reading Just In: Spenco® PolySorb® YUMI Toe Post

Gone, Insomnia! Be Gone!

I missed another good fun run but that didn’t lead me on missing out witnessing my 2 fellow runaholic friends on their 16k during the One La Salle fun run however after that event, that night had me force myself, convince myself that I will find sleep and nothing can stop me all because I really wanted to get back to running but I’ve got … Continue reading Gone, Insomnia! Be Gone!

Up and Down side of working together with your feet

UPSIDE You can run virtually anytime and under any conditions. It’s a good way to be alone and think. Or you can spend time with a partner. You can also take it indoors on a treadmill or gym track. It burns a ton of calories. Even a modestly paced jog burns about 8 calories a minute. Downside Pounding on the road over long periods of … Continue reading Up and Down side of working together with your feet

Jillian ran with me :)

OMYFUDGE! I was towards the latter end of an episode, dressing up for my work-out gear after procrastinating my errands. I thought – “FINE! FINE! FINE! I will go ahead and purchase a new sensor” and though it may be not the same jillian but at least I get to have another of her but will never have the same sentiments of having to start … Continue reading Jillian ran with me:)

Their living testimonials

On Cycling, wellness, running, walking and shedding off those 200 pounds down to their ideal 100’s.    “Stopped eating red meat, pork, and processed foods, including all the simple carbs–muffins, bagels, cakes–she used to chow on, replacing them with whole fruits and vegetables. “I live by the motto ‘If it doesn’t grow out of the ground, I don’t want to eat it,’” she says. Two … Continue reading Their living testimonials

Goals and Resolutions: Distance Completed #1

Look, I have finally found an alternative to my well missed Central park which is near A.I.M at Legaspi, Makati. After my 11am- 7pm shift, I took a quick jog around the cross streets and have found the runners park. Even though there wre droplets of rain, I, together with the other runners, marathoners and health concerned still paced our stride. During my previous post … Continue reading Goals and Resolutions: Distance Completed #1

Break the Fast

Jillian sure did congratulated me. I woke up today really early although I still wanted to get back to sleep. I haven’t really been blessed with a normal working schedule and my body kept on adjusting; I figured why shouldn’t I keep something stable?  I went to my closet wore my jogging wear, had my swimming tank top on, zipped on my army hood, requested for my workout … Continue reading Break the Fast