Chi Walk-Run Fitness Program

There are countless programs available that teach how to train for distance, but few teach how to walk and run safely and injury free. The Chi Running and Chi Walking programs, combined into the Chi Walk-Run Program, teaches the safest and most effective technique-based training strategies to Walk-Run a 5K distance – and learn a new way to move for a lifetime.

On the 9th of November 2011 on Lifetime Television in the United States will release the newest resource to help people run and walk pain and injury-free of the worldwide leaders in natural running and technique: Chi Running and Chi Walking.

Launching on O2 Media’s hit morning TV show ” The Balancing Act” on Lifetime, the newest Chi Run DVD and Training Program blends all of the best aspects of the Chi Walking and Chi Running Programs. Great for beginners, fitness enthusiasts, those recovering from injury, and those who prefer Walk-Run events ( or prefer the walk-run interval), the Chi Walk-Run Program offers a safe, effective and guided experience for people at any age, size, and fitness level.

Thanks to Lit Ornubia and Jaymie Pizarro who has introduced Chi Walking during my pre-marathon debut for The Bull Runner Marathon,this practice has enticed me to get back into running through right movement to prevent injury and over-exhaustion.

For those who’s in the United States, The segment, which features Danny Dreyer, Founder of Chi Walking and Chi Running and Liz Frost, Certified Chi Running Instructor, will premiere on November 9th,  and again on December 14th, as a 4-part segment on the new ‘Fitness 411’ series, airing on Lifetime Television.

“The Chi Walk-Run program makes fitness easy and accessible. Designed for every fitness level, the Chi Walk-Run program takes participants from the couch to a walk-run 5K in 8 weeks, with natural movement techniques that make this program safe and effective,” says Dreyer.

The Chi Walk-Run program incorporates movement principles borrowed from T’ai Chi to improve posture while increasing energy. “T’ai Chi is a form of martial arts, but you don’t need to know anything about it to reap the benefits of the Chi Walk-Run program,” he adds. “You’ll develop core strength, burn fat and get the benefits of running with the ease of walking.”

On my comeback to running. This Chi Walk-Run program certainly would guide me to the babysteps I needed back to gaining mileage after I had to forcefully take running on the backseat. I’m glad that I’m privileged to be blessed by such program to guide me through.

Friends, do let me know what you think of the segment! Hope it’ll help you through, too.

Thanks to Darsey of Chi-Living! Can’t wait to receive my copy!

The program will teach you the foundation of both the techniques, while you: 
• Burn fat
• Tone your muscles
• Prevent injury
• Look & feel great
• Enjoy your workouts
• Tone your abs

Vibram Five Fingers in Boracay

I own at least 3 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers and I would like to thank my boyfriend for the birthday gift and Vibram Five Fingers ( Cherry ) for the pairs I use fervently when I’m at the beach surfing, or strengthening my calves and ankles during training runs.

These pair of Vibram Fiver Fingers come in handly especially those who are on the go and couldn’t afford to pack extra stuff on their backpacks.

This summer, friends from the Team Vibram Five Fingers are heading to Boracay as they battle it out with other celebrity teams during the beach games!

Good luck and have fun, you guys!

Just In: Spenco® PolySorb® YUMI Toe Post

Women's YUMI Toe Post

I am honored receiving a pair of this YUMI Toe Post to experience and be relieved before the new ProForm insole debut its launch in the US this June. Meanwhile, these may be ordered online or purchased in retail stores.

The Spenco® PolySorb® Yumi Total Support Sandal is a women’s toe-post sandal that provides orthotic support. This flip flop has built-in arch & heel support for all day comfort. It is the only contourd sandal with the Total Support Footbed wherein you’ll feel the fantastic support and stability of Spenco’s best-selling replacement insole in the comfort and simplicity of  slip-on sandal.

A perfect match for the beach, around the house and even better after sports training. The “Spenco Yumi” will provide all-day comfort and arch support, with its impact cushioning and motion control it helps reduce pronation and supination – a common problem associated with flat, slab-style sandals.

The PERFECT sandal for alleviating plantar fasciitis & arch pain.

Features & Benefits of the Women’s Spenco Yumi Total Support Flip Flop:

  • Total Support stability and comfort, in a slip on sandal.
  • Total Support Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation
  • Orthotic Arch Support and deep heel cupping promotes stability, alignment and motion control.
  • Soft strap and premium materials provide lasting comfort and wear.
  • EVA surface custom molds over time to conform to the unique shape of the wearer’s feet.
  • Metatarsal Padded Arch Support offloads pressure from the ball of foot to help relieve forefoot pain.
  • TPR Rubber, EVA Injection, Polyester webbing, PVC, PU Nubuck, 4-way Stretch Polyester, EVA Closed Cell, Inside Lining: SBR Rubber Foam.
  • Thickness at Heel: 12.80mm (1/2in),
  • Thickness at Forefoot: 12.30mm (1/2in)
  • Cost: $39.99
I will be writing more about this pretty Yumi Toe Flip Flop – it’s too cute to ignore and too comfortable not to be used after logging in mileage or for each outdoor sports adventure.
Many Thanks to Shannon Blood of off madison ave. and Spenco Medical Corporation for keeping our feet in mind to keep these in top running shape together in celebrating April National Foot Health Awareness Month

 For more information, click HERE

Gone, Insomnia! Be Gone!

I missed another good fun run but that didn’t lead me on missing out witnessing my 2 fellow runaholic friends on their 16k during the One La Salle fun run however after that event, that night had me force myself, convince myself that I will find sleep and nothing can stop me all because I really wanted to get back to running but I’ve got to follow orders accordingly.

I couldn’t deny that I felt a bit depressed about me not having to run together for my Alma Matter. When I was younger, it was one of those All out La Salle fun runs that got me into running, back in 3rd Grade.

THERE WERE A LOT OF RUNNERS! I’m IMPRESSED!! How I wish I was able to catch marga and get to meet the other runners whom I get to exchange blog thoughts with. Happy feet!

I need to at least have 2 straight weeks of consistent proper sleep time and wake up just right at 5am, get used until then, I’ll be able to get back to running. I’ve got to take my multivitamins, iron and b-complex together with my vitamin c.

So, as I listen to my body and what was asked for me to do. I shall focus on my calories, portion control and hopefully have more resistance training together with few squats as I have been detesting doing them. This girl, needs strength and Leg power to stride more.

I can feel that by the time I’ll be back to running, I will be back to scratch and struggle through but I’d have to confess, I took an almost 3km brisk walking out in the rain last night. I felt tightening on my right leg, my muscles are bursting out and people has been saying my legs are chunky bulky! “Those aren’t womens legs, You’re having huge massive ones! Stop running too much!”

Nope. I am not going to quit nor will I ever stop running too much

I’d like to believe it’s just a misconception that women get gigantic legs however as I see them, Yes, my legs are forming out to have muscles now. I’d like to believe that soon as I get rid of this excess 25 lbs that I’m carrying, the last poundage that I’d have to work out on; these legs are going to tone up, firm up and be back sexy the way that I foresee myself having those fabolous runners legs ala Cameron Diaz or just like these Olympic distant runners who made my jaw drop.

It’s my 2nd day, I have been falling asleep at around 9pm and been waking up early 5am.

For now, being grateful of receiving Tracey Mallet’s Sexy in 6 minutes from the weightloss challenge I have won over, I’ll have my breakfast, read through it and have few sessions with my 5 lbs dumbells.

I can already picture myself running until the sun rises hence I’ll fall in love with my sunrise again. Let this sleep keep on coming, I’ll have early morning runs.. until then!

Walkaholic? Runaholic?

rubber shoes      Easy tips to make exercise a part of your daily lifestyle.

1. Always be ready. Keep a pair of walking shoes and socks at work and by the door at home, so an impromptu stroll is easy.

2. Dress right. Choose loose, comfortable clothing that gives you plenty of room to move your arms and legs. A good pair of walking or running shoes, with socks, is also a must. They don’t have to be expensive — but don’t skimp on comfort to save a few pennies, either. (Just think of walking shoes as your cheapest form of health insurance.) Replace your shoes when they become worn down.

3. Enrich the experience. Listen to your favorite music while you work out — research suggests it will help you stick with your regimen longer. Or try talk radio, podcasts or books on CD. You can also make your walks a destination in themselves, by trying a new course every once in a while — perhaps a local park, lake path or arboretum instead of your usual neighborhood walk.

4. Mall-walk. Indoor walking eliminates the “bad-weather” excuse and it’s a great place to meet a friend and socialize as you move. To avoid temptations to buy at the stores (not to mention the fiendishly aromatic cinnamon buns at the food court), leave your wallet and credit cards behind.

5. Find a walking partner. Besides having someone to talk to and make the walk more interesting, a partner helps make you more accountable. You’ll be less likely to skip a walk if you know someone’s waiting for you. If you feel unsafe or self-conscious walking alone, a partner can make all the difference

Up and Down side of working together with your feet

running shoes


  • You can run virtually anytime and under any conditions.
  • It’s a good way to be alone and think.
  • Or you can spend time with a partner.
  • You can also take it indoors on a treadmill or gym track.
  • It burns a ton of calories. Even a modestly paced jog burns about 8 calories a minute.


  • Pounding on the road over long periods of time leaves you susceptible to overuse injuries.
  • Doing too much, too quickly opens you up to injuries such as shin splints.
  • Some people find jogging and running a bore.
  • Some runners don’t like to go unless the weather is nice. Some love racing outdoors but can’t stand a treadmill.

Jillian ran with me :)


I was towards the latter end of an episode, dressing up for my work-out gear after procrastinating my errands. I thought – “FINE! FINE! FINE! I will go ahead and purchase a new sensor” and though it may be not the same jillian but at least I get to have another of her but will never have the same sentiments of having to start because of her.

I thought, I’ll pull out the table, where I keep my mac, sophia. It was the only place I FAILED to look on after having to let my room vacuumed, cleaned and re-organized — kaboom! THERE WAS JILLIAN! JUST HIDING INSIDE THAT TINY HOLE where my mac is actually on!

WUhooo now I have spare dough which I saved for a new pair supposedly for  Nike Resistance Bands! c”, THANKS JILLIE!!

Damn Jillian, You scared me and did pumped me up all at the same time!! I’m off for a reunion.  Time to update my runaholic diary.


Their living testimonials

On Cycling, wellness, running, walking and shedding off those 200 pounds down to their ideal 100’s. 


“Stopped eating red meat, pork, and processed foods, including all the simple carbs–muffins, bagels, cakes–she used to chow on, replacing them with whole fruits and vegetables. “I live by the motto ‘If it doesn’t grow out of the ground, I don’t want to eat it,'” she says. Two weeks in and already down 5 pounds.”



“Hit the gym and began cycling and walking 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week. She also rethought her food choices. Never a believer in dieting, She didn’t count calories; instead, she focused on eating more vegetables and watching her portions. By the time she went home for Christmas 3 months later, she was down to 145. Adding weightlifting to her workouts helped her lose the last 25 pounds. “


“cereal, apples, chicken, salad, and more than 15 glasses of water”

Goals and Resolutions: Distance Completed #1

Look, I have finally found an alternative to my well missed Central park which is near A.I.M at Legaspi, Makati. After my 11am- 7pm shift, I took a quick jog around the cross streets and have found the runners park. Even though there wre droplets of rain, I, together with the other runners, marathoners and health concerned still paced our stride.

Congratulations on completing goal 1

During my previous post towards having to complete 12 miles in 4 weeks I proudly will announce that I have completed the my goal distance in 2 weeks instead of 4 . I was behind 3 runs from my 12 runs goal but tonight I accomplished 7 runs which made me 4 runs ahead of my target.

2269 calories7 runs ahead

Knowing tmy mini goal of burning 3500 calories, from being behind of 102 calories – I am awesomely ahead now by 152 calories! Not only that, I also have met another surprising accomplishment of having to work-out on my longest training, yet of 4.43 miles in 1:11″58, 16’14″/pace which made me burn approximately around 451 calories with the only downfall of not having to achieve 600 calories.

Although it was an interval work-out of jogging, brisk walking, steady pace and 30-90 seconds sprints and run; having to feel better with much more energy, endurance and stamina makes me a happy bunny.  God lord knows how grateful I am for Nike plus innovative collaboration together with Macintosh ipods.

Jillian has been training me well, I’m hooked!

Break the Fast

Jillian sure did congratulated me.
No Excuses, break the fast!
I woke up today really early although I still wanted to get back to sleep. I haven’t really been blessed with a normal working schedule and my body kept on adjusting; I figured why shouldn’t I keep something stable?
 I went to my closet wore my jogging wear, had my swimming tank top on, zipped on my army hood, requested for my workout water bottle, grabbed my sun visor and tucked my military baseball cap then soon after had Jillian ready for a good morning routine.
Research and studies show that it’s so much better to work out right after you wake up with an empty stomach. Not only was I challenge for an early morning jog, but also I snapped myself postponing my very much awaited  breakfast. I struggled through but after I strode for a jog, i had my focused on and ran my thoughts away.
I terribly am out of shape but that didn’t stop me. I knew I was such a turtle, who cares? I will be able to gain my endurance eventually. There’s no turning back nor stopping!
After a mile I decided another round. I did a 2 miles brisk walking with a little jog twist and a 30 seconds sprint on my way home.
I sure did enjoy my morning challenge but as far as I’m concerned? I really do need to do this often. I jog terribly, I’ll re focus and stick to a mile jog goal, few km walk and set mini goals although of course still dream big of having to get back to the oval, get to join a runners club and have this lifestyle kicking!
Weight loss goal? Now, if this isn’t awesome? I tell you, I burnt a lot which is the next best part. This 135 lbs should get its scale down moving! I’m done with my 15 lbs loss plateu and ready for the next 15 lbs.
Rev up metab! Ah, I can finally have my oatmeal!