RECIPE: Mushroom Veggie Burger Patties

Last month I was told by my OB-GYNE that not only do I have Polycystic Ovary, my other ovary is likewise Cystic hopeful that it won’t grow any bigger hence it should be monitored and well taken cared of. I have been alerted and since prevention is better than cure, I’m just really glad that I have already switched to a healthier lifestyle albeit it’s still a … Continue reading RECIPE: Mushroom Veggie Burger Patties

Nestlé Fitnesse 14-days Challenge: Review

Replace your usual oatmeal or heavy breakfast to Nestle Fitnesse and dinner for a fibrous meal. Sounds easy? it sure is possible however if you’re the type who’s always on the go or couldn’t help but have dinner engagements, that surely seems to be a problem but if you plot down a game plan – your chances of fulfilling may increase possibility. How did I … Continue reading Nestlé Fitnesse 14-days Challenge: Review

Timpano Italian Chophouse: Marathon Menu

There’s this restaurant I’m definitely going to visit if and when I get to fly myself out of the country again. They specially designed to cater to marathoners or those who fuels themselves with complex carbohydrates. Timpano Italian Chophouse, located at 7488 West Sand Lake Road, will be serving up a special all-inclusive “Marathon Menu” priced at $32, developed to keep in mind the many … Continue reading Timpano Italian Chophouse: Marathon Menu

Raw Diet: Veggie-Nut Burgers

I don’t believe in dieting but I am here to try out healthy and yummy edibles. The year hasn’t been too adventurous since I turned my back on beef and pork but I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just greens, tofu, mushrooms, fish and fruits. Today, I tried out a new recipe that doesn’t require a skillet lest any form of heat and oil. … Continue reading Raw Diet: Veggie-Nut Burgers