FLY Project: Monsoon is in!

It’s going to take awhile for me to get back to the distance I’m aiming and training for knowing my body is still adjusting and re-adjusting but with determination and persuasion, everything or anything is doable!

The summer finally gave it’s final push, our tropical country has welcomed the monsoon season.

On my 7th week, I worked on running intervals. I’ve progressed from jogging an entire 3km. Started to follow the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run running method again and perhaps, going to push for another Marathon next year.  It’s been 5 years since The Bull Runner Marathon and my first international race in Singapore.  Within the weeks of logging in mileage, I have improved, cutting 8 minutes of my time from the first day, 35 minutes down to 27 minutes for a 3km and 35minutes for a 5km (3km jog, and 2:1 towards the last stretch). Hopefully, in time, I’ll be able to achieve 3km in 18minutes (my then PR) and 25minutes for a 5km.

Towards the start of my 8th week. Life as it happens was quite challenging but  thankfully, I was still able run 3kms with a 1.5km walk, 4kms run and lifted some weights, a 1000m catch-up freestyle paddles and a half-day Bodyblast Pilates program at Vivian Zapanta’s Studio in Salcedo Makati for some core work.

Just like in any program towards progression, one had to keep on challenging himself or herself in order to move forward and achieve goals.  This is where the new challenge hops in. I have signed up for V2Fix Challenge, arranged by Vivian Zapanta in collaboration with V Kitchen. It’s time to add body weights and pay attention to nutrition.

I’ll let you know how it goes with the program. Wish me luck!

FLY Project: Recuperating, re-introducing and reduction.

On my Fifth week.

The days were filled with catching up on school load – an exchange of thoughts online, spending more time with my eBook reader and not having to log mileage as I was trying to recuperate from a bad flu. My nose had most of the workout, and days well spent on over-longed savasana.

Just add Lemon!
Just add Lemon!

As much as possible, I didn’t want to self-medicate and pop on any manufactured medicines. Instead, I resorted on having a slice of lemon back in my system and gulped on liters of water throughout the day.

My tastebuds were almost close to non-existent, gulping on plain water wasn’t even palatable. Irked sniffing, coughing, with drowsed eyes and a red nose. I knew I had to do something other than  sleeping and sitting around.

I bought myself two pieces of lemons which served me for a week and enjoyed its health benefits.

Did you know that our body needs to be fueled at least 60% of your body weight? Every organ in our body is dependent on water in order to function properly.

As I let the water flush down the toxins in my body, the lemon, which is low in saturated fat and sodium became a good source of folate, potation and vitamin C. Since I wasn’t able to work-out, the Potassium somehow helped on maintaining the protein on my muscles and did wonders as the Vitamin C repaired the tissues in all parts of my body by blocking the damages caused by the free radicals and the virus I was recuperating from.  Lemon water also helps your digestion, which results also to weight loss.

The entire week also had me bid adieu on having rice on my plate. From having my usual cup of rice in every meal, I finally was able to taper down to just a few spoonfuls to finally not having any. This, my friends, is a leap.

Full Lotus Lift
Full Lotus Lift (Padmasana)

Towards the end of the week, with the excruciating heat of the weather. I settled on self-practice: 5 Sun-Salitations,and surprised myself with a full-lotus position lift. I knew I had to be well prior the weekend as I have scheduled and was looking forward to riding my bike again, and be at the playground where I first trained for descents, rolling hills and conquering up-hills.

Thankfully, I fully recovered the moment I woke up at 3am for the bike ride and giddily achieved a 20km loop.

You see, motivation and progress happens the least you expect it yet it’s truly up to us on how we’ll be able to find and have it.

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Cheers thee Veggie Juice!

Grocery day
A Trip to the Grocery has never been this LIGHT

Typically when I head to the grocery, I sheer myself away from aisles which are filled with temptations such as chocolates and other things that may seem to look like are necessities, end up with a cart load of grocery  with a hefty bill but today, it has nothing but such a short sweet visit and I have never had this long conversation with myself thinking what to pair each vegetable at the produce section.

Planning meals right where the vegetable and fruit section are? Surreal! This has been the lightest and cheapest grocery bill I’ve ever encountered good for three days or probably more.

Today, I got myself a new juicer and prepared liters of juice good for at least three days supply fit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My day 1 list on the menu:

  • Breakfast: MEAN GREEN composed of Kale, Malunggay, lemon, ginger, green apples and celery.
  • Snack: Apples, Bananas and probably Coconut Water
  • Lunch: SANGRIA composed of Beet, Carrot, Green Apple and Ginger
  • Dinner:  MEAN GREEN MOJITO composed of kale, celery, spinach, romaine, cucumber, green apple, lemon and ginger.

This seems to be a pretty enjoyable trip towards enabling thy self to a much healthier lifestyle. What will you be having this week? would you like to join me?

** 90 days fitness challenge: I incorporated squats, oh the dreadful squats. On my third day and achieved 71 squats instead of the suggested 60. I’m already overwhelmed by the thought that it’ll have to reach  250 by the 30th day.

The Recipe for a Healthy Lifestyle

What goes into living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? The recipe includes more than just fruits and vegetables – it takes a whole grocery list of lifestyle tips to properly care for your overall health and wellness. Luckily for us, the Dana Point Turkey Trot and Aviir Diagnostic Laboratories have mixed up the best concoction of nutrition tips, fitness facts and stress-preventing tricks to keep up a thriving and healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Tips

Control Your Portion Size
Judging serving size is a learned skill. For example, one serving of pasta is 1/2 cup, or about the size of a hockey puck. A serving of meat, fish or chicken is two to three ounces, so roughly the size and thickness of a deck of cards. Proper portioning takes practice.

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits
Choose recipes that have vegetables or fruits as the main ingredient, such as vegetable stir-fry or fresh fruit mixed into salads. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help you eat less high-fat foods, such as meat, cheese and snack foods.

Select Whole Grains
Replacing processed grains or snack foods with a serving of whole grains can be an excellent source of heart healthy nutrients. Remember, popcorn is a whole grain, just go easy on the salt and butter.

An Occasional Treat
Don’t be afraid to treat yourself every now and then. A candy bar or handful of potato chips won’t derail your heart-healthy diet.

Fitness Facts

Exercise Controls Weight
When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn. You don’t need to set aside large chunks of time for exercise to reap weight-loss benefits, just get moving.

Exercise Boosts Good Cholesterol
No matter what your current weight, being active boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides.

Exercise Improves Mood
Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that will leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Exercise Raises Energy Level
Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, which gives you more energy.

Stress Tips

Avoid Negative Self-Talk
Avoid negative “self-talk.” Avoid the “what-ifs” or focusing on things you do not know or can’t control.

Manage Work Stress
Switch from caffeinated to decaffeinated coffee or herbal tea. Take a break during the workday to take a short walk or relax outside your work environment. Practice a relaxation exercise for five minutes.

Deep Breathing Exercise
Close your mouth and breathe in naturally through your nose. Inhale deeply and slowly (count to three). Breathe out through your nose. Repeat until you feel your muscles relax and your breathing slows down to a more comfortable rate.

Stress Saving Staples
These are just some of the ways you can manage your stress, other activities include yoga, team sports, individual sports, reading, and many other mental and physical activities.

Guest Post: A RUNNER’S ROUTINE – Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Race Preparation

Brought to you by the Dana Point Turkey Trot and CLIF Bar

Back when I was in the US, Clif Bars has been a staple during my exploration around the cities and when I run especially when you’re trying to conquer the butte.

To some, running is the ultimate high. The paced one foot in front of the other feels like home. To others, running reigns synonymous with the weight of the world.  Whether you’re a seasoned jogging long-distance specialist or a newly initiated slow-paced courier, special TLC to your body’s health is a must. In preparation for the 35th annual Dana Point Turkey Trot, race-day sponsor CLIF Bar polled its team athletes and nutritionists to put together the top five runner nutrition tips.


1.       Caffeine. Typically given a bad rap, caffeine, taken in moderation, will actually help improve your performance on a run. Caffeine gives you the extra boost, keeps you clear of that “batteries are draining” feeling and helps you enjoy the activity. Moderation for most runners sits between two to three cups of drip coffee per day, but keep in mind that every body is different. Take the time to know your body – ask yourself, where do you feel best and what did you just put in your mouth that made you feel that way? Team CLIF Bar recommendation: CLIF Shot Energy Gel for an extra caffeine kick to maintain energy between breaths.


2.       Stay Hydrated. Hydration is the trickiest part of fueling running as every cell in your body thrives on fluid. Your hydration mantra: drink fluids early and often. Water is important, but a mistake is assuming you can get by on just H20, especially when your runtime totals more than an hour. This is where electrolyte drinks come into play. When making your hydration selection, make sure your sports drink has sodium as the main mineral player – this will keep your body and emotional state at full efficiency. Team CLIF Bar recommendation: CLIF Shot Electrolyte Drink to counteract both electrolyte and fluid loss to help prevent a race day meltdown.


3.       Carb Up. Carbohydrates should make up about 2/3 of each meal. Carbs are the most important source of fuel for your muscles and your brain. Pick and choose carbohydrates that are high in fiber, such as wheat bread, pasta, bran cereals, oatmeal, CLIF Bars, potatoes and popcorn. Team CLIF Bar recommendation: The original CLIF Bar in Oatmeal Raisin Walnut.


4.       Powerful Protein. Protein is necessary to repair and rebuild muscle. Approximately 1/3 of each meal should contain this powerful prop. To help counter the wear and tear of training and racing, rebuild with foods like grass fed beef, antibiotic-and-hormone-free chicken, low mercury fish, lentils, cheese and soy. Team CLIF Bar recommendation: CLIF Builder’s bar packed with 20g of compete protein.


5.       Meal Planning. Eat frequently and eat a variety of foods. Make sure you eat three meals each day and two or three healthy snacks in between. This will help prevent energy highs and lows throughout the day and make you more energized for training runs. Team CLIF Bar recommendation: Try a CLIF CRUNCH granola bar for a snack break – a favorite; Chocolate Peanut Butter.