Turn on the IGNITION in the Metro

As a serial entrepreneur there are a handful of task list one should accomplish beyond creating and developing an idea. Pursuing a business and putting it into legitamcy oftentimes prevents an entrepreneur from pursuing their passion or if not, at least, it may hinder and eat their time, resources and motivation. If you are part … Continue reading Turn on the IGNITION in the Metro


Icelandic: Water Infused with Courage

Icelandic Glacial™, the super-premium natural spring water from Iceland, is inviting Americans to experience the “Icelandic Way” of life with the launch of its “Pursue your Passions” campaign , beginning on January 28th.  Iceland is a land of red-hot volcanoes and frozen glaciers. This beautiful, raw environment influences everything from the arts to the culinary … Continue reading Icelandic: Water Infused with Courage