FLY Project: Monsoon is in!

It’s going to take awhile for me to get back to the distance I’m aiming and training for knowing my body is still adjusting and re-adjusting but with determination and persuasion, everything or anything is doable!

The summer finally gave it’s final push, our tropical country has welcomed the monsoon season.

On my 7th week, I worked on running intervals. I’ve progressed from jogging an entire 3km. Started to follow the Jeff Galloway Run-Walk-Run running method again and perhaps, going to push for another Marathon next year.  It’s been 5 years since The Bull Runner Marathon and my first international race in Singapore.  Within the weeks of logging in mileage, I have improved, cutting 8 minutes of my time from the first day, 35 minutes down to 27 minutes for a 3km and 35minutes for a 5km (3km jog, and 2:1 towards the last stretch). Hopefully, in time, I’ll be able to achieve 3km in 18minutes (my then PR) and 25minutes for a 5km.

Towards the start of my 8th week. Life as it happens was quite challenging but  thankfully, I was still able run 3kms with a 1.5km walk, 4kms run and lifted some weights, a 1000m catch-up freestyle paddles and a half-day Bodyblast Pilates program at Vivian Zapanta’s Studio in Salcedo Makati for some core work.

Just like in any program towards progression, one had to keep on challenging himself or herself in order to move forward and achieve goals.  This is where the new challenge hops in. I have signed up for V2Fix Challenge, arranged by Vivian Zapanta in collaboration with V Kitchen. It’s time to add body weights and pay attention to nutrition.

I’ll let you know how it goes with the program. Wish me luck!

Blessed by thy Bike: My First Trip (and off-balanced)

oct 6 rideThe sense of falling and not being able to stop it is the stuff that nightmares are made of when you’re out there for a ride.

It only took a few weeks before my solo ride happened after the hours and days spent on the trainer, trying to get a good feel of riding by watching episodes of Suits and Revenge.

I had to figure out how will I be able to fit in this beauty to my equally cute and functional Chery QQ without scratching the exterior of my car and breaking the frame of the bike as I find the perfect angle to perfectly situate it.

Here are the essentials I brought on my first ride:

  • Denon Exercise Freak
  • Spyder Helmet (Thanks, Kikayrunner!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Mobile Phone
  • Php 100 cash
  • I had a handy pump kept in the car

Here are the things I wish I had and learned I would need to have:

  • First aid kit
  • Tri shirt with pockets good enough to carry my car key and cash
  • Bigger water bottle
  • Cycling gloves

The Experience:

It was a cold breezy day in Ayala Alabang when I finally decided to have a dry run on how am I going to dissemble my bike, have its front tire re-assembled and acquaint myself on the function of the crank set, pedals and my thighs.  I had my Denon Exercise Freak paired on my phone, got my Sports tracker tuned in, the GPS on for the route and off I rode.

parts of a bicycle

Getting myself acquainted, I thought I screwed my front wheel too tight, I barely moved my ride going up the road. It was then I experimented on the stages of the crank.  I was enjoying my ride too much, I easily finished 10km and finished off with Britney Spear’s Work B*tch played at least thrice with much might as I went up the hill parts of the route.

Towards the finale, unfortunately, as soon as I slowed down completely, the dress rehearsal how to get off the bike got me off-balanced.

My Ego was crashed in front of people but off I hurriedly stood, pat myself, cleaned up the dirt on my knee and  took the bike as if nothing happened to buy myself a bottle of Arnold Palmer from the bazaar food truck.  Laughed by myself, it was the very first wound I had – on the very first day of taking it out on a solo trip, just right when I was about to end my ride.

I got home with a good story to tell albeit it had to cost me wounds on my knees and few scratches on my bike.

In this case, I had to learn how to get off the bike without falling off and get those crank even more acquainted as I change “gears.” depending on the road elevation situation.

Cheers thee Veggie Juice!

Grocery day
A Trip to the Grocery has never been this LIGHT

Typically when I head to the grocery, I sheer myself away from aisles which are filled with temptations such as chocolates and other things that may seem to look like are necessities, end up with a cart load of grocery  with a hefty bill but today, it has nothing but such a short sweet visit and I have never had this long conversation with myself thinking what to pair each vegetable at the produce section.

Planning meals right where the vegetable and fruit section are? Surreal! This has been the lightest and cheapest grocery bill I’ve ever encountered good for three days or probably more.

Today, I got myself a new juicer and prepared liters of juice good for at least three days supply fit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

My day 1 list on the menu:

  • Breakfast: MEAN GREEN composed of Kale, Malunggay, lemon, ginger, green apples and celery.
  • Snack: Apples, Bananas and probably Coconut Water
  • Lunch: SANGRIA composed of Beet, Carrot, Green Apple and Ginger
  • Dinner:  MEAN GREEN MOJITO composed of kale, celery, spinach, romaine, cucumber, green apple, lemon and ginger.

This seems to be a pretty enjoyable trip towards enabling thy self to a much healthier lifestyle. What will you be having this week? would you like to join me?

** 90 days fitness challenge: I incorporated squats, oh the dreadful squats. On my third day and achieved 71 squats instead of the suggested 60. I’m already overwhelmed by the thought that it’ll have to reach  250 by the 30th day.

Juicing: Meeting JOE CROSS in FLESH

Meeting JOE CROSS in FLESH courtesy of Breville

It has been three years since I last popped on 15mg prednisone, a synthetic corticosteroid drug that is particularly effective as an immunosuppressant drug. It is used to treat certain inflammatory disease such as allergic reactions from hives which I got from bed bugs back in New York and got me fly back to Manila instead of pursuing a life abroad.

Just like Joe Cross, the man behind the documentary: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; I detest being induced by such drugs and getting sick, it has given me such awareness on how to take good care of my body and learning why nutrition, eating clean and being vigilant on what you eat are of huge factor in living.

Slowly, I got up after months of depression and decided to cut the fat, wee away from the meat and just have fish and veggies as my meal and slowly gravitate back into running (which has brought me to numerous fun runs, ran for marathons and got me even more interested in fitness and health)

Joe Cross was the influencive man who supported my thinking that if external injuries can cure with proper care, the internal issues must also get cured — and it is only by nutrition. Food should be your medicine, not your enemy.

The juicing was quite a challenge for me since we didn’t have a juicer back then but instead, I ate tons of salads and fish instead. I’ve lost about 50 lbs so far and albeit on plateu due to lack of movement as much as I was running, logging so much mileage every week back then. I’m thanking the juicing entrepreneurs for introducing such food options to the public.

It’s been a year of juicing for me – a day or three days each month at least.

Meeting Joe Cross has reminded me of the journey I’ve gone through and with the support of the people around me, I’m ready to take the leap and go for more than 3 days to get my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome be cured. I’ve shun myself away from the medicines by making myself active on yoga but my body needs more nourishing inside and get my cycle regularized (my Doctor has been telling me to pursue my medicines but I strongly believe that there’s a better way to cure it, it’s not malignant)

Having my greens, logging yoga sessions and drinking so much water has already cleared me away from migraines, better digestion and other symptoms I usually get weekly such as fatigue and exasperation. However, the journey has been pretty progressively positive, I do feel and believe that if only I lose the weight targeting on the viceral fats, I’d be able to bid adieu to the PCOS I have been worried about since my family are prone of myoma (plus I do want to have kids in the future).

Thanks Joe for dropping by Manila, spreading the juice to the world and for being a living testimony who has shown the world that food truly is the medicine, nothing else but that and it’s never too late to take good care of yourself.

I’m so glad I was able to thank Joe in person and got to tell him how much he has helped me get up and just get going.

I’m going for a 10 days juicing challenge this month, care to join me?

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Spira Footwear Launches a Performance-Based Guarantee “Take the Spira Challenge”

Spira Footwear ( announced today a new initiative that allows participants to put their specialty running shoes to the test in USA Track and Field sanctioned road races nationwide. The campaign can be found at


The “We’re Betting On You” campaign is a partnership between Spira and HealthWagers, a Dallas based company that provides the back end support for the campaign. Upon registration for the Spira Challenge, each participant is provided a highly predictive finish time based upon past racing performance. The promotion is a fun way to motivate runners to train and perform at a peak level on race day, a natural tie-in with our specialty running shoes. The challenge even allows for participants to win monetary rewards depending on the runner’s individual wager made before accepting the challenge.

The Spira Challenge can be taken in any brand of running shoes, but if the participant elects to compete in Spira shoes, Spira will guarantee that the goal time will be met, or the participant may return their shoes for a full refund.

“We think the Spira Challenge allows for a far more meaningful race experience,” said Spira Founder and CEO Andy Krafsur. “Typically, there is only one winner in a race. This challenge allows everyone to be a winner and compete against their toughest competitor, themselves,” he said. “It also provides Spira with a platform to tell our story that most people will perform at a higher level with less stress and fatigue than in traditional footwear,” Krafsur said.

Coming from “InSPIRAtional Beginnings,” Spira was invented by runners for runners who simply wanted more enjoyable, longer and productive runs. All of the Spira running and walking shoes contain their patented WaveSpring® Technology located in the heel and forefoot in the soles which provide a combination of mechanical cushioning and energy return. The WaveSpring® is a laterally stable, very lightweight and compact spring that allows people to run and participate in activities for longer periods of time with less stress on the body along with helping to reduce recovery time and injuries. Because it is a mechanical technology, the WaveSpring® will not break down and provides a “new shoe” feel for the life of the shoes.

“We partnered with Spira because it is incredibly innovative company that has a product we believe enhances performance – story that ties directly to our vision of building a community of athletes who choose to better themselves” said Steve Harris, CEO of HealthWagers. I’m an endurance runner and can feel the difference in Spiras,” he added.

Recently, Spira was selected to play a critical role in a new initiative of the A & E Television Network and the crowdfunding site RocketHub called Project Startup. Last summer, Spira was seeking capital for the launch of a new lightweight performance running shoe, the Spira Stinger 2, when they turned to RocketHub (an online crowdfunding company) to tell its story and pre-sell the shoe to RocketHub’s network of supporters and enthusiasts. Spira’s campaign with RocketHub was highly successful with Spira selling almost 800 pairs of shoes and raising over $42,000 on RocketHub which allowed Spira to use that money to purchase the initial run of inventory for the Stinger 2.

The successful campaign with RocketHub also lead to the introduction to the A & E Network’s Project Startup, an extension of A & E’s “Real Life, Real Change” pro-social campaign, which is a multi-platform brand initiative including television vignettes, features on their website and other social media extensions that Spira will be included in.

For more information on Spira Footwear visit and to enter the “Take the Spira Challenge” go to

About Spira Footwear
Spira is a privately held Company based in El Paso, Texas. Its innovative products are distributed in the United Statesand several other countries around the world. It currently produces both running and walking shoes. The Spira website is located at:

About HealthWagers
Founded by employee benefit and corporate wellness professionals, HealthWagers was created as a different way to motivate consumers along their personal health journey. The idea came from the simple understanding that having meaningful rewards and validated results can be a great catalyst for change. HealthWagers is building a next generation health incentive platform that challenges, measures and rewards individuals to improve their health,

Team Challenge Tips


Even with the best intentions to get in shape or drop some weight, statistics show very few new year’s resolutions actually work. According to Time Magazine, 60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February which indicates resolutions are not being kept.

“I see it every year,” says Team Challenge National Coach Dave McGovern. “People really do want to keep their new year’s resolutions, but they just don’t know how.”

This year, let the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America’s Team Challenge provide the support and accountability that you need to reach your fitness goals in 2013. Below are Coach Dave’s top five tips for sticking with your new year’s resolution:

Create one, specific goal. Whether it’s to lose a certain amount of weight, to walk or run 5-6 days per week, or to complete a 10k or half-marathon, having a specific goal is a great way to stay focused. Make sure your goals are ambitious, but attainable for you with a bit of hard work and persistence.

Make small changes and don’t overdo it. The human body is very adaptable, and it’s designed to move. The key to starting a running or walking program is to make gradual changes to your current situation. Start by walking 15-20 minutes 3-4 days per week. Gradually increase the time you walk, and if you want to run, start adding a few minutes of running at a time, interspersed with 2-3 minute walk breaks. Over time increase the duration of the running segments and decrease the time of the recovery walks.

Track your progress in a training log. It’s a new year. Get a calendar, special book or use an online workout tracker like or Record your workouts every day, even if you take the day off. Track your mileage, how you feel, what you eat, how much you sleep, and anything else that has an effect on your training. Then—and this is important!—go back and read your diary from time to time! If things are going well, continue with the same plan. If you’re going through a bad patch, try to sort out what might be the cause, such as increasing your mileage too quickly, insufficient rest, poor diet, etc.

Tell others about your goal. When family, friends and co-workers take an interest in your goal and ask how your weekend long run went; do you want to tell them you ran farther than you’ve ever gone before, or that you finished off a bag of donuts while watching the Real Housewives Marathon? Accountability keeps you honest. Social media is a great way to update friends and family of your progress.

Make it fun! Training with others, varying your training routes, and rewarding yourself after milestone workouts are great ways to make your training more enjoyable. Finding creative ways to make your workouts fun is the key to sticking to your goal into February and beyond!

“I ran six days a week and followed the Team Challenge training schedule to the letter,” says Regina Orelli. “I was certainly not a runner when I started, but I stuck with the program and got encouragement from my teammates. Two summers ago, I completed my first Half Marathon in Kona, Hawaii! It was a miracle! Not only that I was able to run 13.1 miles, but that I was in Hawaii and I was 65 pounds lighter!”

About Team Challenge

Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s endurance training and fundraising program. Through Team Challenge, you can run or walk 13.1 miles or train for a triathlon while helping to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, two chronic and often debilitating digestive diseases that impact 1.4 million Americans. In 2013, Choose Your Challenge! We currently have 10 events scheduled for 2013. 6 domestic half marathons, 2 international half marathons and 2 triathlon events. From the vineyards of wine country to the beautiful urban backdrop of Chicago, what will your Challenge be? For more information on Team Challenge, please visit to register today!

Nestlé Fitnesse 14-days Challenge: The Flat Belly Program

Nestlé Fitnesse Cereal

Nestle Fitnesse, the Low-Fat Whole Grain Cereal has been promoting their 14-days challenge for years albeit  Kelloggs has the Special K, a similar program,  the first in the US sometime years ago (I remember requesting my Aunts from the States to send me huge boxes of Bran Cereal to participate in the challenge circa 98-99) what differentiates  Nestle from other brands, Nestle has been continuously progressive motivating consumers to have the right amount of fiber in their system and get into the lifestyle change through producing a Fitness  FULL DVD Les Mills workout pairing the 14-days challenge  readily available included in the box; a better package if you ask me for only Php 100 SRP.

If you’re a Fitness DVD junky like me, can’t seem to find time or have enough cash to spare for fitness studios; or needs an alternative other than your Zumba on kinect, this Les Mills DVD, a vibrant and energizing dance workout fusing together mambo, salsa and samba, BODYJAM™ Latin can surely give you a good sweat while having fun!

The Flat Belly Program

From what seemed to be just another DVD included in a box, Nestle also conceptualized a 3- step program for consumers to follow through a website called “ The Flatbelly Program”

Burn Calories

  • includes Tips on how to burn calories, bust through a plateau, how to back off to stay on track and whole bunch more.
  • sneak preview of the Les Mills DVD on video

Tone Your Abs

  • More tips on how to tone your abs
  • 2 floor/mat workout,  pilates inspired moves on how to work on that core

Eat Right

  • Stay slim secrets and few other tips including why you’d have to break for breakfast.

After browsing through the site, I realized how convenient it is and definitely not overwhelming for starters. Although the meal replacement challenge can truly be hard to follow if you’re the type who’s always out of your cubicle; the challenge will certainly turn on the ignition towards discipline. If you really want something so bad, you’ve got to work hard and go through obstacles. You’ll be surprised what and where this challenge may take you.

Easy-to-folow 14-days meal plan


30g Bowl of Nestle Fitnesse with 125ml skimmed milk,

1 piece of fruit, 1 cup of tea or Coffee


Balanced meal with vegetables, meat or fish or eggs, bread, dairy products


30g bowl of Nestle Fitnesse with 125ml skimmed milk

vegetables or low fat yogurt

If you’re like me who’s used to eating small portions, 6x a day, don’t forget to include roasted almonds, or any snack you desire just as long as you eat every 2-3 hours and not starve yourself to avoid overeating, overindulgence plus drink at least 2 liters of water in a day especially if you sweat a lot to avoid hunger pangs and the misconception that you’re hungry.

Nestle Fitness Commercial ad. circa 2010

Am I going to go for this challenge? Since I haven’t done this for years, this looks promising. Care to join me? have you tried the 14-days challenge? Tell me your story!

Disclaimer: Your individual experience may vary and you should not take any decision solely based on the views posted. Try it, see for yourself but consult a doctor should you have any health concerns.

Plana Forma Challenge: Mind Body

Survived the extensive highly effective and dynamic workout that is highly addicting, fun, intense and challenging to the core inspired by NY and LA’s Physique 57: The Plana Forma 4×4 challenge.

How did that happen? although I’ve always been up for challenges, 4×4 can be a little too much for someone who commutes around the metro for work engagements and sales calls. When there’s so much responsibilities pulling you in every direction during the day, the term “working out” seemed to be exhausting by the thought of it.

That’s 4 days in 4 weeks, 16 days. The unimaginable dance, pilates, yoga, and sports cross-training.

Truth to be told, once you find fun in your work-out, finding time for a half-hour to an hour-long workout won’t even give you a dash of difficulty to schedule. Here are a few ways to hack your timeline, or at least force yourself into making the time. After all, your health is important.


Kassy Pajarillo, Paula Peralejo , Erwin Feliciano, Raquel
The Challengers

You might be the introvert who works better alone or the type who’d rather just touch and go at the gym but  having to work-out with friends makes an intense routine fun; not only you acquaint each other more but it also gives you a discussion aside from the usual work flow.

You might even be surprised that you’ve replaced the booze and cigs for sweat and early nightcap.

Not only will it benefit your sleeping patterns but it will also make you have something to look forward to each day. We personally couldn’t get enough, we engage each other on twitter, motivate and encourage ourselves by exchanging personal notes and how we notice each other’s progress in each class. It’s nice to be monitored, without even asking each other to do so.

Happy Serotonin levels are up!

The encouragement you’ll get from your friends and family cuts both ways, too: when you miss a workout or miss your goals, everyone will see, so you have some real encouragement to keep up the pace. – lifehacker.

Pencil book it. Schedule.


Unlike our friendly Gyms wherein the thought that they’re open from this period to a certain period, Plana Forma requires you to sign-up on classes rather than just stepping in anytime. The diligence to pencil book your workout is just like booking your other engagements. You learn to be firm and stick on your schedule. Although of course,there are circumstances  which may block your way towards your engagement, you’ll eventually treat it as if you’re stuck in traffic and you’d be late for a few minutes – which means, you’d have to call in and reschedule to include you onto the next class.

Who would’ve thought a work-out actually also helps your character in dealing with time management and taking responsibility to your engagements?

After each class, you’ll be relieved you made it. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Even during your workout you get to insert the thought of productivity; not only were you able to exercise your body but you also was able to hone your management skills. Who hates late on engagements anyway?

While there’s no way to actually add hours to the day or make your daily routine any less hectic, there are ways to make sure you step back, find a little time to squeeze in some  valuable time to take good care of yourself— What’s allotting 55minutes after work? Before you know it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t find the time to exercise sooner.

You want results? You’ll get it at Plana Forma, plus more.

You can register for classes online at If it’s your first time to sign-up, you can pay for your class at the studio. Just bring yourself, your sticky socks (or you may purchase at the studio for Php 300) and hand over your ID; they have Locker rooms and towels readily available.

Stay tuned, will be posting more about Plana Forma and the recap from the 4×4 challenge forFTW Magazine.

Plana Forma

6F Jecoprime Bldg.
21st Ave. Mckinley Hill
Bonficio Global City, Taguig

Coaching and Launches

Regardless what life has in store everyday, I always make sure that I get to do some compound movements in the morning or before the day ends. Just like how much I have been craving for water instead of sweets, the workout is much needed whether it’s TRX, Yoga, a Jillian Michaels or Valerie Waters Workout, Curves or tons of walking if not running.

This year, I listed down my bucket list and swore  I’ll get into as much sporting activities as I can. One of which is to seriously get into coaching on swimming to finally sharpen my strokes and learn how to do the butterfly right aside from the usual freestyle and breaststroke.

Yesterday, for finally, I was coached and glad I’ve finally found one who can guide me through each strokes as if I’m a toddler who’s about to learn how to paddle. During the first few minutes, I was filled with compliments. Apparently, I’m a fast learner and this time, I have been less of the egoistic stubborn child.

I had a good breakfast after and analyzed how I started the morning. I can’t be any less grateful reuniting back on water again (although it’s not surfing, but swimming would help me in paddling!). I took a few more laps to practice what I was taught and went around The Village Sports to know more about their facilities.

Aside from the mini olympic pool,  The Village Sports Club  offers a variety of things: Yogilates, Hip Hop classes aside from the usual Gym; Basketball, Baseball, Futsal courts and to top it off, They also have a small oval you can run into around the field! I can finally train together with my brightly lit ON’s, my  Greene more than the distance of running my way there.

The Story from On running on Vimeo.


As previously posted, I am undergoing a lifestyle change together with Atty. Janina Fernando. Our first task for the week is to be mindful of what we eat, focus on the food portion and get to know our bodies more through the help of sleeping and waking up earlier than usual, gulping on more water and incorporating at least 30 minutes of compound movements, if not, a good walk.

I can’t be any prouder knowing the first 8 days, Janina, who has been steadfast firm on her journey towards getting healthy already neglected drinking sessions with friends, been sleeping earlier than her usual and has been mindful on all sorts of things (including her schedule).

A little this and a little of that won’t hurt! We’re not advocating any diet. She finally got rid of her weekly migraine! As for me, I have felt more accountable to what I do and my calendar is filled with X marks on what activity I’ve done so far.

We will definitely update you more about our weekly recap. If you would want to join me and Janina, you may email


Photo Courtesy: Ena Terol

Aside from the Lifestyle change buddy program I and Janina are undergoing my life has been progressing together with my amazing doers and big thinkers friends behind the soon to be launched, FTW Magazine.

If you have time, pass by TriNoma on your way to work or back home, please don’t forget to drop by TriNoma Activity Center on the 15th of September, from 5:30-8:30pm, for the REEBOK EasyTone Launch and FanCon, REEBOK: The Toning Experience. We have tons of surprises in store for all of you Reebok fans and converts! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and you get to sign up through the facebook event page, you might be in for a surprise!

There are kick off tasks you shouldn’t miss, so, head to Facebook and get yourselves updated!


Health Check & Boxing

Body Fat Analysis
Body Fat Analysis

Yesterday I was able attend another session at the ring. What I love about having trainers around and being able to have a work-out buddy is that I get more adrenaline rush not to procrastinate. I get to pour out my best to move.

We were asked to jog around Madrigal Business Park on a refreshing friday afternoon. If only I knew I could’ve had my nike band on my wrist however I felt that it was only a kilometer route. Afterwards we went back at the ring.

While Anne was together with the trainer, I went ahead for a 3 minute jump rope session, few punches at the hanging speed bag and tried to channel Hilary Swank punching on the huge punch bag.

Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby

Thank heavens for the Million Dollar Baby movie, I was able to note down few tricks which was to tighten the core when punching and to breathe nicely for much power punches ( that I’ve yet to practice and master )

I had 2 rounds of punches together with my trainer which was exhausting! The uppercut – jab – hook – cross in random was breath taking! I swear, I lost out of breath and my energy was drained out which had me more inspired on working out on my endurance.

During the break I went to the reception to have my Body Fat analysis.  I took a long breath before the outcome was given to me – I swear, I hate measuring up and trying to figure out these kind of things but only truth would make me more determined.

I was asked to weigh which got me raged – the scale said I gained 10 lbs ( I was already down to 135! how could it possibly go up to 145?! ) but of course it was also my fault since I haven’t really been running as much as how I used to but the analysis gave me more answers.

From a 48% body fat analysis back in 2008 when I first started, 33 % before I hibernated from running, I am down to 30% which makes me 6-7% away from my first Body Fat percentage Goal (24%)

My then 33 BMI has went down to 26.5 which makes me 5-6 away!

concluding that I have gained more muscle mass and lost fat in my body but I will still need to work on my weight since MUSCLES doesnt FLOAT on WATER plus it’ll be hard to run with the wind as well.

Realistically, I’ll aim for my weight to go down to 120 lbs and just get myself going if I’d still look healthy back to my old weight of 105-110 lbs.

I have already settled for a 8 week project; disregarding the weight on the scale but rather on what is internal plus my endurance, stamina and strength when punching, paddling to surf, catching a wave and measurement on my clothes (not to forget getting rid of this protruding belly).