Kassy Pajarillo

I chose RUNNING specifically was because — as Murakami so eloquently put it –my competition is the most formidable foe of all; ME. The person I have to beat is that girl I was last week. The person I was yesterday.

My background in running started in 1992 February 9 when my Dad took me to a Fun Run held at De La Salle Santiago – Zobel in Ayala Alabang Village Muntinlupa where I graduated my elementary and secondary education. Because of the acknowledgement medal, I found myself running around the school’s soccer field oval as a Track & Field Varsity team member/athlete in between swimming, tennis and other sports. Albeit, I wasn’t competitive or aware of setting Personal Records (PR), among all the sports, the love for running reigned.

Being on a hamster training (running on the treadmill) at the gym back in college, trying out capoeira, and cross-training incorporating Bikram Yoga, casting a route back on land started in 2006-2007 when I flew in to Jackson Hole Wyoming, USA for an internship program to cure my homesickness and stress living alone abroad. I found the passion back when I flew in to New York City, living the dream running around Central Park and walking endlessly around blocks and curves in the city that never sleeps.

Flew back to Manila due to allergies wherein the medicine non-calorically ballooned me to such unpleasant weight, the awareness to all trainings, goal-settings and personal records arrived in 2008. Until then, I found therapy to running as I conquered depression and self-battling issues and cross training through Surfing, TRX , Yoga and Zumba.

From what seemed to be just an ordinary diary of my thoughts in running and losing weight to make myself more accountable, the Runaholic was born.

PROUD to be Philippine’s first Reebok Ambassador

CURVES International Philippine Ambassador

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Email: runkassyrun@gmail.com

26 thoughts on “Kassy Pajarillo

  1. Hi Coach Dean,

    I found your blog when looking for runners’ blogs and I’ve been enjoying your articles/posts ever since.You have an impressive running resume and it’s obvious that when it comes to running you know what you’re talking about.

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    We can return his help. I noticed you are a very talented writer and I know you are very passionate about it. We have a guest posts section opened on our workouts blog, at runreviews.com/treadmill-workouts/. If interested we can post one of your articles on our website so this is a win-win situation.

    There are 2 other sections where we can promote your blog link: the 101 Running Tips and the Most Influential Runners.

    I hope you will enjoy your experience on our site and no matter what you decide I assure you it’s a great pleasure following your blog.

    Thank you for looking into this. I hope to receive your feedback soon.


  2. Hi Kassy,


    WHAT : National Geographic Channel’s Earth Day Run

    WHEN : April 18, 2010, Sunday, 5:30 a.m.

    WHERE : SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

    WHO : Students, athletes, celebrities, professionals and media are invited to participate in this exciting fun run.

    In celebration of Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary, National Geographic Channel is excited to announce its very first NatGeo Earth Day Run on April 18, 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia. This fun run is open to all interested runners who are willing to participate in the 3k, 5k and 10k races.

    Proceeds will go to building sustainable eco villages to withstand environmental disasters like last year’s Ondoy flooding and to support a global competition to rebuild climate resilient communities designed for a greener environment.

    Through this event, NatGeo aims to promote Earth Day and its global mission to inspire people to care about the planet. Help save the environment. Join the NatGeo Earth Day Run!

    Those who are not participating in the races can still come. Breakfast will be served and interviews with the winners will be held after the awarding ceremonies.

    We invite you to participate and cover this exciting and newsworthy event. We will contact you shortly to confirm your attendance. See you there!

  3. Hello there! Found your blog through Ulla’s blog! Your pic got my attention, even though I don’t surf, I looove the idea of surfing. LOL. I’m just afraid of sharks that’s why I don’t try it. BUT I do looove the beach. It’s so awesome to read about your journey to reach your healthy ideal weight. I have found a love for running as well and it has help me get in really good shape, esp. when I train for big races. Good luck with all the running! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!!

    1. Hi Shiela! I wish I can also drop by your blog but you didn’t leave the address? 😦 Thanks for dropping by my site! yes, I run and I surf (But of course still a surfer in progress) Don’t worry about the sharks, they’re too far away! GO FOR IT! Where do you reside?

      Hope to read more from you!

      1. hi there Kassy! Oh that’s weird, i thought my name would have the link to my page. Here’s my blog address: http://www.foodieonthemove.com

        I’m from Texas. To be more specific, south texas like the tip of the United States but the south. lol. I live 20 min away from the beach, South Padre Island. Not a great place to surf but people still do it. Are you currently in Manila? I was born in Quezon City. I moved here in the States in ’93, I was 9 years old. Good to see another fellow Pinay who loves to run. You are the first one i’ve stumbled upon. I can’t wait to read more from you!!! 🙂

      2. Pretty lady, you just previously celebrated your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have a great karma this 2010 and more good vibes! 🙂 I already have you on my blogroll, good to know you’re back running and yes, let’s train together! 🙂

        You were born here? you are half filipina! Oh Hi there!! 🙂 I lived back there in Wyoming and been visiting the land of hot texas when I needed to go shopping. Haha I miss running trails around the butte!

        tell me more! 🙂

      3. Pretty lady, you just previously celebrated your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, have a great karma this 2010 and more good vibes! 🙂 I already have you on my blogrolll, good to know you’re back running and yes, let’s train together! 🙂

        You were born here? so you are half filipina? 🙂 I lived back there in Wyoming and been visiting the land of hot texas when I needed to go shopping. Haha I miss running trails around the butte!

        tell me more! 🙂

  4. thank you for making me look at a diferent prospective on weight control and maintenance. i guess regardless if men or women weight control is harder as we get older. but your on your way to the perfect running weight ! – regards

  5. “my competition is the most formidable foe of all; ME” hmmm makes me want to re-asses my dislike for running lol.

    I love working out and pretty much anything that’s physically challenging but running just isn’t my thing lol. Trying to force myself to get more into it though since I need to lose weight again and it’s so popular here in the Philippines.

    A lot of my friends like to join fun runs and I usually get invited to run with them. Wish they’d schedule the runs at night tho, I always hate waking up so early for them lol.

    Cool blog you have here Kassy :).

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