On Excuses & Resolutions: Online Fitness and HCG Diet

I know I’ve mentioned in my past blog post in August that I’ll go on a reboot and post more often. Heck, I promised to post as often as I used to back when I have started this blog early 2000’s. However, as much as I have tried to get back in the groove, I kept moving health a notch down from the priorities.

Today, I just really wanted to accept that things are the way they are and I have to evaluate my priorities. I used to tell myself and everyone to consider gym time or your fitness time like how you set appointments and engagements with clients. You are your first client, you are your business. What happened?

I’ve had those excuses:

” I get up early, I drive my way to work, spend hours in traffic and by the time I’m on my drive back home from work, the gym has already closed” with that excuse recurring, I solved it by enrolling at a gym near my home which opens at 5AM and closes at midnight.  I thought that has been covered.

“I always get home exhausted, the bed is the first thing I’d rather be in.” but, with those thoughts lingering while I’m on my drive home, I end up lounging catching up on tv series up until 2AM or tinkering on my phone reading articles from random social media shares. I thought,   What if I have a bike trainer? I’ll just hop on my bike and spin while watching tv series. Good idea, isn’t?

I got myself a bike trainer. Have things changed? I was successful for a few days but with the limitations and restrictions at home, the bike trainer had to be placed elsewhere. There goes my brilliant idea.

I tried to practice yoga at home but with the noise, restriction, and limitations; the practice would be more than a challenge. Heck, the chaos at home is a long shot to resolve.

Went back to running, was successful for a few weeks but eventually I just couldn’t make it at home before sunset and the traffic was just too much to handle. Leaving work late would mean around 9PM which means, I’ll be able to get home before midnight. That wasn’t a good idea either.

I loved running.

I thought, back when I started training for a marathon; the marathon was non-negotiable; even if I was on night shift, I’d still make way to log the mileage according to plan. It may have been ridiculous but I eventually quit my job and based my decisions according to my training schedule.

Was it ridiculous? No. It motivated me more and taught me more in terms of goal setting and going through the process than I thought.

Again, after going through in and out of the corporate world. Late 2016, I decided to go full time on being a solopreneur.  I couldn’t stand being within the four corners of an office (my office even had my bike trainer and my yoga mat – my colleagues may have thought my room have turned into a playground). I wanted to work within my terms and accomplish tasks accordingly for my clients’ needs. I have been successfully out of employment for 9 months today, and still adjusting on how to get all the engagements and workload accomplished.

Today, I have been successfully out of employment for 9 months, and still adjusting on how to get all the engagements and workload accomplished but this time around, as I get older with a future ahead of me to prepare for; these excuses need to get in the back seat.

Just like how one prepares for a campaign and work on making an event happen, a game plan needs to be covered.  Since personal trainers may cost an arm and a leg and my schedule is still yet to be defined, I got in touch with an online trainer who could help me with my body transformation goals.

I love how communication’s been easy with whatsapp messages, twitter exchange and email for lengthy discussion with Amy (@amyvictoriafit). We met through twitter and the relationship just rolled from there. She has been guiding me through my nutrition and even gave an access to her Personal Trainer App (My PT hub) for my workout!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 4.57.02 PM.png

Since we live in different countries, we decided to track my macros and food intake through MyFitness Pal even if her PT hub can also do the job.  She’ll upload your workout week by week for you to follow, it comes with a reset timer of 30 seconds each set and it also has a repository of motivational progressive photos as you go through week after week.

What I love about Amy, as much as we’re concerned with the weight on the scale – we prefer to base it according to Non-scale victories and how my body adapts from strength to inches lost.

I have been in and out of her program but she has remained patient and has been a friend you can endlessly rant to regardless if you’d just want to whine about how you feel.  A person who listens and someone who cares.

She calculated my macros, which is close to the ketogenic diet I have been following since January 7, 2017 – Low carb, No sugar!   However, since I am still trying to find the right management for my PCOS – I’m giving myself a reset and go through another round of HCG Diet as suggested and prescribed by my OB-GYNE for 40 days and then, I’ll hop back to Amy’s nutritional program to complement my fitness routine.

Luckily, I found a supplier who sells HCG locally – The Slim Firm.  The protocol isn’t for the faint heart, one should understand Dr. Simeon’s protocol and be 100% committed.

The HCG Diet, an extreme diet that involves injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is the hormone women make when they are pregnant. Previously, the HCG Diet was defined by a 500-calorie diet paired with daily injections of HCG.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 5.08.07 PM.png

500 calories? That’s ridiculous! The FDA will never approve of the calorie count but having to go through one cycle in January;  once you’re on the protocol, following the no beverage and food 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes after the drops, by meal time, you won’t feel hunger nor the appetite to eat your usual. Also, as you follow the protocol, it makes you more aware of the food you’re having, depleting the carbohydrates and sugar you’ve been used to of having.

Focusing on the non-scale victory, following the protocol, I’m more keen on regulating my cycle and the poundage on the scale would be the cherry of the entire effort (but, of course, to know HCG’s working and for it to work, you should track poundage).

Here’s to posting often and letting the world know of my efforts. Would you want to be my accountability buddy?

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