FLY Project: Recuperating, re-introducing and reduction.

On my Fifth week.

The days were filled with catching up on school load – an exchange of thoughts online, spending more time with my eBook reader and not having to log mileage as I was trying to recuperate from a bad flu. My nose had most of the workout, and days well spent on over-longed savasana.

Just add Lemon!
Just add Lemon!

As much as possible, I didn’t want to self-medicate and pop on any manufactured medicines. Instead, I resorted on having a slice of lemon back in my system and gulped on liters of water throughout the day.

My tastebuds were almost close to non-existent, gulping on plain water wasn’t even palatable. Irked sniffing, coughing, with drowsed eyes and a red nose. I knew I had to do something other than  sleeping and sitting around.

I bought myself two pieces of lemons which served me for a week and enjoyed its health benefits.

Did you know that our body needs to be fueled at least 60% of your body weight? Every organ in our body is dependent on water in order to function properly.

As I let the water flush down the toxins in my body, the lemon, which is low in saturated fat and sodium became a good source of folate, potation and vitamin C. Since I wasn’t able to work-out, the Potassium somehow helped on maintaining the protein on my muscles and did wonders as the Vitamin C repaired the tissues in all parts of my body by blocking the damages caused by the free radicals and the virus I was recuperating from.  Lemon water also helps your digestion, which results also to weight loss.

The entire week also had me bid adieu on having rice on my plate. From having my usual cup of rice in every meal, I finally was able to taper down to just a few spoonfuls to finally not having any. This, my friends, is a leap.

Full Lotus Lift
Full Lotus Lift (Padmasana)

Towards the end of the week, with the excruciating heat of the weather. I settled on self-practice: 5 Sun-Salitations,and surprised myself with a full-lotus position lift. I knew I had to be well prior the weekend as I have scheduled and was looking forward to riding my bike again, and be at the playground where I first trained for descents, rolling hills and conquering up-hills.

Thankfully, I fully recovered the moment I woke up at 3am for the bike ride and giddily achieved a 20km loop.

You see, motivation and progress happens the least you expect it yet it’s truly up to us on how we’ll be able to find and have it.

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