FLY Project: 14 Days Recap, Welcome Back!

Today marks the 5th year since I conquered my first marathon. It did made me reminisce the discipline and commitment I’ve put into. If I was able to conquer it before, eventually, I’d be able to conquer it  again. 

I took so much time away from running and other activities which has left me not getting to update as much as I used to addictively post. Honestly, It feels great having to jot down what I’ve been doing these past few days which brings me back to sharing my life in cyberspace aside from social media.

I am gearing towards the third week on my #roadtotri #FLYproject (First Love Yourself) and it feels damn good celebrating everyday milestones.

The welcoming wasn’t easy. I couldn’t let my legs go and I was starting to feel defeated. I thought, Hey, how did I get here? I feel so damn heavy and I’ve put on so much weight. I fought with the negativity and argued, being consistent will make things easier.

Base training. Day 1. #FLYproject #roadtotri

Base training. Day 1. #FLYproject #roadtotri

On my first day, commencing the first week, I made sure I had the right tunes to get me hyped up. With the help of Spotify, Strava and Running apps, I got to tie my shoelaces on and had the volume on blast. The wind brushed through my cheeks, as I planted each foot on the ground – I found myself smiling. Admittedly, It wasn’t a smooth and easy run. I felt the stiffness, soreness and aches. Focused on achieving a kilometer, I’ve agreed with my body to take it easy and to take it one day at a time, focus on base strength training up until I get to comfortably finish a 5km once again.

Second Week Base training #FLYproject #roadtotri

Second Week Base training #FLYproject #roadtotri

On my second week, I endeavored to fight my laziness and tantrums by waking up as early as 5am and log-in mileage. I knew I had to take it easy as I don’t want to feel exhausted in the middle of the day at work; I’ve increased mileage from a kilometer to finally having to comfortably log 2kms. I had to observe myself  throughout the day if the morning schedule is right for me knowing I had to be at work up until 7pm. Although the first day had yawn moments, it has been starting to become beneficial.  I get to start the day with great intentions and confidence.

Third week. Base training #FLYproject #roadtotri

Third week. Base training #FLYproject #roadtotri

Last Saturday was the wow! moment. I came from work, had running clothes kept in my car and took it as the personal night out weekend. Instead of listening to r&b, EDM, rock and party songs. I settled on military cadences tunes which I used to listen to; a friend who’s in the military sent me tracks before – I couldn’t believe I was answering back to every word the Corps commander was saying and found myself finishing 3kms non-stop. It wasn’t the 3km, 18mins I used to conquer but it felt damn good progressing! 

From there, I knew I can do all things with consistency, patience and perseverance

I really appreciate all the support you’ve been pouring on my social media accounts. Every LIKE, comment and cheer makes a huge difference.  I would also want to thank the sponsors who kept on believing me despite knowing I have been out of scene for so long and have put on so much weight. Your love, support and understanding means so much.

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