Better to TRY to TRI: Why Not?

9 months seem like a long time –  no, actually, it is a long time of me not having to update my activities nor was I able to tie my shoelaces, dress in my favorite Reebok activewear and got myself on the road to either  Swim, Bike or Run.  Sure, I had occasional Yoga sessions and home practice but not having to be actively out everyday was excruciatingly depressing.

My #roadtotri was held due to work engagements.

Often times life happens, it eats you up and you tend to just suddenly neglect, forget or become too tired to actually add few more minutes for a HIIT training or any other activities side-by-side or on top of your to do lists. Wrong, totally wrong.

Those days are over. It’s time to get back in the game and have myself as a priority.

Blessed and graced to be in a company wherein your overall well-being and activities are encouraged. I’m definitely getting myself back on track

Back Again.

I’d like to call it as a F.L.Y PROJECT – FLY, an abbreviation which means First Love Yourself or to move or be hurled quickly through the air – flourish!

So, this is me, my first post in a long time which would document my life. It has been proven that once you get yourself heard and have that accountability feeling, it’ll be more likely you’d be able to actively be in your element and make things happen.

Same drill: Follow me on twitter: @kassypajarillo, hashtag #flyproject or email me through for Press Releases, Product Reviews, Announcements or anything fitness and lifestyle related. 


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