Tri it again, Next Time.

I missed Tri United 1.

No, I didn’t flake on it because I didn’t wake up early nor deliberately missed it because I forgot to travel out of the city. I missed it because I had to be honest; I didn’t train enough to survive the sprint even though all the coaches and friends were cheering me on that it can be done.

Kaya yan! Train lang ng train!” those were their words stuck on my head.

pool1Decision Point

When I finally get to swim an entire 700m without stopping and losing a single breath, and when I finally get conquer that hill I’ve been trying to climb.

A week before, I almost made it to an entire 700m. I logged 400m straight, on a very comfortable pace. COMFORTABLE PACE? They’re all competitive. WHUT!

The hill? Still half-way through.  Hey, at least I was able to climb a little.

Okay, maybe I missed it because I felt overwhelmed after I saw the start-list. Having to review the number of people whom I will be racing with,  it was far better to be safe than drown or the possibility to get injured.

Okay, I was intimidated. Face it.

I had a conversation with myself: “This is a triathlon, not a 5k.”  I know I shouldn’t linger on the ‘what if’s” but this sport needs preparation and loads of execution. Triathlon teaches you discipline, patience and understanding of oneself as well as your capabilities and surrounding.

It must’ve been a sign.

Just days before the Tri United 1, my bike’s chain rings won’t switch to the bigger plate. My swimwear decided to tear. Was it coincidence? Nah. So, I used my old designer swimwear and settled to practice with my indoor mag trainer. An hour and half every so often.

So, It was a No Go for me and Tri United 1. On a good note, At least, I lost 5 lbs.

Tri it, Next time.

Angela Villaceran, Yours truly and Liz Ejercito-Dimaandal.

In-between my lovely teammates: Angela Villaceran, and Liz Ejercito-Dimaandal.

Together with the wives and teammates from PURO TRI, I agreed to sign up for another race. We’re going on a relay for K-Swiss SubIT.  I’ll be riding a 40km stretch. Will take it slow and steady, one discipline after another. Perhaps, baby steps on courage may do the trick.


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