Almost Twirty.

Twirtyage denial the tail end of being twenty, almost thirty. 

I still can’t believe I’m already on the tail-end of being 20.

The lessons I’ve learned are quite a handful. Knowing that the year is about to end and a few months from now, I should already be making a fuss out of the new leaf I’ll be celebrating; I still can’t help but think about how I wanted to live in the new decade that I’m about to breathe in.


Quite plausibly daunting if you ask me.  Here are few tranche of lessons:

  1. There is a huge difference between a Friend and Acquaintances. True friends will just be there regardless if you get to speak with them everyday or just every now and then; they’ll be there to protect you and support you through and through however the acquaintances may fall either under the toxic friendship category (believes in hearsay or shoots you quite blankly) or those whom you can relate and share business ventures with.
  2. When people hurt or caused you pain, it’s okay to eject yourself away. You can still love them even though you don’t associate with them. No need to speak ill about them either.
  3. Explore to as much opportunities knocking. Get to know what you really want to do and what specific skill sets you enjoy most improving on.  I learned I’m far much better on grounds which includes helping. I’m more of a follower to those who knows better.
  4. Associate yourself with doers, optimists and the goal-getter.  Their influence is infectious.
  5. Anxiety can kill and can ruin your peace of mind. Pay your bills on time. Get rid of debt (or if possible, don’t have any) ASAP.
  6. Invest on the right things: Term insurance, Variable Life Insurance and Health Care. You’ll thank yourself later.
  7. You may also mailme and I’d be glad to discuss with you these goals.

  8. It’ll be nice to drive a cool car but it’s far much better to be practical. You’ll still get to the destination anyway.
  9. Stop complaining but rather do something about it.  Although it’s okay to ask for the opinion of others, at the end of the day you are ultimately the master of your own happiness, ventures and success.
  10. ASK. It will never ever hurt to ask especially those who holds expertise in a certain craft you wish to learn from. Not everything can be explained by searching answers on google.
  11. You’ll commit mistakes. It’s undeniable that you won’t. When that happen, admit and see how you can make up for it.
  12. Fail Forward. Get up and try again. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  13. Set personal guidelines for a reasonable work-life balance before committing to such huge commitments. You know your capabilities and abilities better. Sure, jump into opportunities but never fall for everything. This is imperative.
  14. Have the courage to fight for your rights (and this my friend, is not nor ever easy) especially when it comes to human rights and the labor code.
  15. Have a dog. It’ll teach you so many realizations you can’t seem to fathom.
  16. The best revenge is being happy with your life. Once you’ve found happiness, visit it often.
  17. Vices are temporary, getting cancer or health concerns is forever. Why start anyway? Live life less complicated.
  18. Focus on the goal, look into the straight path, keep an eye on the prize and you’ll get there. Regardless. Most of the time, the journey is more rewarding than the destination. Life is a journey.
  19. Stop talking, start listening and be open to correction. Once you’ve found your mentors, strive and be fueled by their trust in you.
  20. This must be a cliche but it’s true: Make Plans.  If you don’t have a plan, then you are planning to fail. Stick to it. Work it out.
  21.  Make time to reflect and celebrate yourself every now and then. Either you go out for a bike ride, swim, or run every now and then.  Have a vacation elsewhere or whatever that makes you at peace away from work obligations and other things. This is your time to rejuvenate

There are quite few more that I would like to share but these falls right for now.  You know what the teens say nowadays, YOLO!


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