Blessed by thy Bike: My First Trip (and off-balanced)

oct 6 rideThe sense of falling and not being able to stop it is the stuff that nightmares are made of when you’re out there for a ride.

It only took a few weeks before my solo ride happened after the hours and days spent on the trainer, trying to get a good feel of riding by watching episodes of Suits and Revenge.

I had to figure out how will I be able to fit in this beauty to my equally cute and functional Chery QQ without scratching the exterior of my car and breaking the frame of the bike as I find the perfect angle to perfectly situate it.

Here are the essentials I brought on my first ride:

  • Denon Exercise Freak
  • Spyder Helmet (Thanks, Kikayrunner!)
  • Water Bottle
  • Mobile Phone
  • Php 100 cash
  • I had a handy pump kept in the car

Here are the things I wish I had and learned I would need to have:

  • First aid kit
  • Tri shirt with pockets good enough to carry my car key and cash
  • Bigger water bottle
  • Cycling gloves

The Experience:

It was a cold breezy day in Ayala Alabang when I finally decided to have a dry run on how am I going to dissemble my bike, have its front tire re-assembled and acquaint myself on the function of the crank set, pedals and my thighs.  I had my Denon Exercise Freak paired on my phone, got my Sports tracker tuned in, the GPS on for the route and off I rode.

parts of a bicycle

Getting myself acquainted, I thought I screwed my front wheel too tight, I barely moved my ride going up the road. It was then I experimented on the stages of the crank.  I was enjoying my ride too much, I easily finished 10km and finished off with Britney Spear’s Work B*tch played at least thrice with much might as I went up the hill parts of the route.

Towards the finale, unfortunately, as soon as I slowed down completely, the dress rehearsal how to get off the bike got me off-balanced.

My Ego was crashed in front of people but off I hurriedly stood, pat myself, cleaned up the dirt on my knee and  took the bike as if nothing happened to buy myself a bottle of Arnold Palmer from the bazaar food truck.  Laughed by myself, it was the very first wound I had – on the very first day of taking it out on a solo trip, just right when I was about to end my ride.

I got home with a good story to tell albeit it had to cost me wounds on my knees and few scratches on my bike.

In this case, I had to learn how to get off the bike without falling off and get those crank even more acquainted as I change “gears.” depending on the road elevation situation.


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