Challenge: A month long TRA program to begin with.

I’ve heard about TRA Program 2 years ago when it was barely new and about to launch in the Philippines. Joey and Liza, now  happily married introduced me to the program and informed me that it’s a lifestyle change that they’re advocating: “No one should be dependent on the shakes. Our aim is to lower your  fat percentage, gain  muscle mass rather than just pure weight loss” said Joey

I was impressed on the presentation however the program wasn’t feasible to be on my plate at that time. Ever since I turned vegetarian, I’ve been hanging onto my principle that I should solely nourish and take care of my body the most organic and natural way.

Since I have been sedentary and work has been occupying most of my time, all that I had was my nutrition to adjust. My PCOS condition has been a huge challenge on losing the weight and getting my health on tip top shape. Along the way, I learned that I have so much food that I need to avoid (Dairy, White rice, Pasta, Tomatoes, etc) which leaves me with more carbs and just have the bulk of the protein from fish.

The other day, I felt the frustration. I have been vegetarian for 3 years now and yet I’m not losing the body fat percentage. My metabolism has been shot slow.

I learned I shouldn’t have Soy and Tofu; I am left with limited options for protein. I figured, If I were going to get back into running and swimming, these greens won’t do the cut and I will be needing more protein for muscle recovery.

Today changed everything. It took Joey and Liza 2 years to talk me through it on-and-off before I finally hopped in.

After all the references on google, I remembered TRA Program and Hurriedly messaged Liza and Joey, sought for their help and convince me once again about the program. I told Joey about my PCOS condition (which Liza also had previously) and vouched for such amazing testimony.

I was assessed. An awakening.  For someone who has done marathons, fun runs and wanted to get back into the groove of training, It was frustrating knowing my body fat percentage went up meanwhile my muscle mass went low which means, I may have been eating clean but I am slowly becoming fragile. No wonder I am starting to feel easily spent and easily stressed.


The goal is to get better (and sheer away from PCOS conditions), I will undergo a TRA PROGRAM for a month together with my fresh produce, Breville Juicer, and jump start my journey toward proper protein portions to support my nutritional needs once I hop back into training.

Have you had yourself assessed yet?


7 thoughts on “Challenge: A month long TRA program to begin with.

  1. Liza P.M. says:

    We’re excited to coach you through your program, kassy. To get the best results, it’s advised to do TRA for 90 days. It is possible to get remarkable results in 1 month but we will expect full compliance. Let’s do this! 🙂

  2. Jonalyn says:

    Hi! I am interested in undergoing this TRA Program. Can you give me some insights regarding the results of your 1 month under it? Thanks a lot in advance.

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