Breville Philippines: Juice On!

When Kat Azansa, our Juju cleanse Nazi started the Juicing in the market; I have been consistently juicing monthly for over a year and a half now. This year, Joe Cross, the man behind the infamous  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary has been touring all over the world introducing and sharing the goodness in juicing. He’s a living testimony, lost over 100 lbs eating clean and made a lifestyle change. He proved and showed the world how Food should be your medicine, not an enemy.

Joe Cross Kassy PajarilloJoe was the reason, he has been a big influence in my life on why I finally decided to sheer away from red meat, have more greens and fish sometime in 2007. It’s of such great pleasure having to meet Joe in Flesh last May 2013.

The juicers in Manila was hard to find back in the day but that didn’t stop me. Salads were my remedy, running and choosing the lesser evil up until finally, it was all that I opt for in every meal.  As a result, I have lost about 50 lbs fighting to naturally get back into my normal weight ( I have about 15 lbs to shred more ) and I no longer have those steroids to induce in my system. I’ve got my polycstic ovaries (PCOS) concern to conquer but with healthy living and eating clean, I know it’ll be conquered.

This year, It’s of a great news that more and more people are getting into the juice and the healthier kind.

Thanks to our friends from Breville Philippines who has been consistently arranging screening of Joe Cross documentary and promoting the healthy benefits of Juicing.  Here I am, happily shopping for produce and juicing with my new Breville Power Juicer.Breville PRoduce

Juice on!

You may follow me on instagram as I post recipes and document my life through the quest and advocacy towards healthy living. Meanwhile, Here’s a video of me interviewing Mr. Eric Magsipoc of Breville Philippines about Breville’s juicers, Joe Cross’ Mean Green and what else are in-store for Breville Philippines

Get to know more about The Subic Fitness Festival 2013 through


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