Juju Eats: Fast Food, Reinvented.

We live in a society wherein fast food joints are readily accessible. People strive to lose weight, aim to feel better and get their health under control but in a country where agriculture is abundant; it’s strange that we lack what we are rich on – organics.

 Juju eass combo

Where there is a need, there is an opportunity and this is what the folk of Juju Cleanse, David and Kat Azanza come in. A year of conceptualizing and business planning, Juju Eats was born.

“We find balance to the food we eat. It’s a lifestyle, which we also teach our kids. We aim to let people eat healthier and get to know the benefits of eating fresh organics from their own experience,” said David.

To Go Juju

People has this notion that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive but what one may not realize is that eating salad and the healthier choices every day offers a handful of benefits other than knowing it’s the simplest option anyone can commit to without the guilt.

Juju Eats located on the G/F BCS Building, 2297 Chino Roces Ave. Ext Makati City offers 10 classic salads to those whoa re always on-the-go and more than 5000 combinations you may whip on by following the DIY 5 simple steps: Size + Base + Freebies + Extras  + Dressing, just like how you would want your postpaid network serve you.

“It’s simple. You may opt for a bowl or a wrap and add as much to your hearts, or tummy’s content. You may also grab a bottle of your favorite juju cleanse if you’re on the go, or need a quick nourishing”, said Kat.

Calorie conscious? Here’s my favorite part of Juju Eats — The Nutrition site wherein you’ll know the approximate amount and details on what you’re eating.

A heaven in the heart of Makati where vegans, vegetarians and fellas who would want to switch or is living a healthy lifestyle’s hub. An answer to what the society needs.

Now that’s what we call, fast food.

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