Wind Burn on my Cheeks Remedy

wind burnUnpredictable weather. Living in a tropical country,we should’ve been used to this already however due to climate change; sometimes it’s burning hot during the day and then there will be pockets of rain, sudden cold and chilly weather and then would be scorching hot in-between.

Our body, as much as it can adopt to how the weather is. We also have to help it recover.

If you’re having these red inflamed clusters on your cheeks, you should take action before it worsens into these rough felt like butterfly rashes. Mind you, it’s not pretty and can’t be hidden by concealers.

After having to use different kinds of moisturizers throughout the years, as much as you would like to be loyal to a brand, if it has gone immune on your system; you’d always have to find an alternative to help your skin not have these concerns.

Here are products I’ve discovered which are specially formulated:


Physiogel cleanser and Physiogel Moisturizer

This is what I use on the first layer after I wash my face with cold water and dried with a warm soft cloth. Physiogel  has natural lipids similar to the skin’s physiological lipids to protect and restore healthy skin. It’s non-comedogenic, contains no colourants, no perfume and best of all, it doesn’t have any preservatives.


VMV Hypoallergenics: Creammmy Rich Intensive Moisture Milk (dry skin)

Created by a renowned dermatologist -dermatopathologist, this moisturizer skincerly has collagen and spf 15.  Just like what it says on its packaging – this moisturizer surely soothes, and intensely hydrates your skin, buttered with virgin coconut oil and glycerin.

VMV Armada

VMV ArmadaArmada Face Cover SPF 45

One of the newest products of VMV Hypollergenics perfect for summer and tropical use. After applying the two moisturizers, it’s best to apply this Skin-lightening, full-specturm, indoor and outdoor sun and light screen to give your skin an intensive protection against skin darkening and melasma.
You know what they say: prevention is better than cure.

vMv samplerRed Better Flare-up Balm

What I love about VMV, they’re generous when it comes to samplers especially if you’re always on the go and you just need a moisturizer that’ll come in handy.  This product is what I use when my face has already reached its inflamed state and starting to itch. Upon application of this balm, expect that your skin will comply and recover right away.

I would like to remind you that although these products has been working for me perfectly doesn’t mean it may also work for you, however, knowing that it’s hypoallergenic, it does pass our skin’s rightful PH level.

Here are few more things for you to consider and remember:

  • Always wash your face day and night with cold clean water (if it’s alkaline, that’ll be best!)
  • ONLY use a soft face towel upon drying of your face
  • Once the make up you tried has this burning sensation, WASH YOUR FACE RIGHT AWAY.
  • Don’t wear make up often but if you do, make sure you go through the cleansing process.
  • Use what your skin is comfortable with. If it’s flaring up, that’s not the one for you.
  • Sheer away from any cosmetics that has alcohol and paraben.
  • have your regular facial pampering day and diamond peel to vacuum those dead cells.
  • Drink lots of water and skin-nourishing foods.

Hope this post helps!


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