Fun, Fit and Feat!

The week just flew and it has been a roller coaster filled with challenges, motivational push and a bucket of sweat trying to find the balance in working and working out on both career department and physical goals.

The month of June became the new January.

It takes 21 days in average in order for a habit get instilled in you and I am currently on the second week being extra mindful on my nutrition and adding more movement in my day. Working for the fitness industry has blessed me with the grounds to be inspired by fitness coaches and like-minded individuals who are prioritizing their health above everything else aside from their other obligations.

Joe Cross in Manila

Meet and Greet Joe Cross

To start with, there are no words on how GRATEFUL I am that Breville Philippines brought Joe Cross and was able to thank him personally for helping me get out of the prednisone a few years back; if it weren’t because of his documentation, I wouldn’t have the gull to hop into the vegetarian lifestyle.

You all should watch FAT, SICK & NEARLY DEAD.

Squats with Kettle bells challenge with Mr LotzaPizza

Kettle bell squats challenge with Mr Mascot, Dare?

Hosting for the launch of TRANSIT GYM made me a dare-devil and was challenged by a Mascot to do some kettle bell squats with him – of course, since it’s part of the job, I just grabbed a pair of kettle bells and went for it.

Oh, I was also able to teach few kids yoga to the kids who visited the gym!


Playing the Marketing Ball Field, the challenge has been rising and it sure is bringing me into heights I haven’t been into and I’m grateful being part of a team where FAMILY comes first and who treats each other like FAMILY.

No politics, just improvement. Optimistic stand point, nothing fancy

Disco Party Party

FLASH Fitness party

I am truly glad meeting people and working out with such fun, fierce and beautiful women who are also involved in achieving their personal goal and influencing more people. It’s inspiring and moving that there are those who finds the joy in sweating and moving.

I realized how SUPPORTIVE and HAPPIER people are when everyone get to find their center.

As for my goal, I’m a work-in-progress and I aim to finish strong. Why don’t you join me towards the quest to a healthier and fitter me? We’ll have more fitness parties arranged and perhaps a 10 days cleanse? Let’s do this!


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