Subic Fitness: Transit Gym for the Triathletes and Fitness Curious Crowd

Transit Gym

The Transit Gym is set to open its services on 8 June 2013 for athletes and those who would want to adopt and experience the use of fitness equipment to supplement their lifestyle.

One of the highlights of the Transit Gym is the bike rack wherein triathletes may park their bikes securely in order for them to eat and freely go around Harbor Point Mall without worrying an inch about their well-invested ride.

Acquired anything from the Mall? Present the receipt and get a free pass.

Together with Chris Sports and FTX Fitness Exchange, the team of trainers and the best in the fitness equipment, Chris Sports will be operating from 10AM TO 9PM at the promenade of Harbor Point Mall.

Transit Gym will be open throughout the day for athletes, guests and curious folks who would want to try the kettle bells, rip60, sklz and incorporate a good stretch or work out after a good road training guided by the trainers to ensure safety and support.

FTX Fitness Exchange Managing Partner, Reijo Del Prado said: “We want people to realize that fitness is for everyone and get rid of the misconception that you need to train for hours to keep fit. We want people to engage the healthy lifestyle by encouraging them on short activities together with us and the triathletes are the best in inspiring and motivating any crowd.”

“For the triathletes, this is our way of extending a solution to what seemed to be missing – security for the bikes and get to eat or be with their family within Subic freely without worrying. We aim to bring people together, support and motivate,” He added.

Transit Gym will be offering exercises people may engage in. The personal trainers and attendants will conduct personal fitness programs and signature circuits for the curious crowd or those who are already into fitness.

Bike Lodge

Photo by: Kassy Pajarillo

“This is also our way of encouraging athletes and letting them know that we support Fitness. We are also arranging the biggest fitness festival, which will be held on November 15 to 17,” said Connie Fortich, FTX Fitness Exchange Manager and rip60 Fitness Trainer Ambassador.

For more information, please visit and follow TRANSIT GYM on Facebook and on Twitter (@TransitGym)


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