Guest Post: How Nannies Can Take Good Care of their Health In-Between or Before/After Job Shifts

In reality, it doesn’t take much effort in order to keep yourself healthy during your time off as a nanny. Depending on the type of activity you endure throughout your work schedule, you may be getting a fair amount of exercise, but it doesn’t hurt to put yourself on a routine that will ensure that your health is at peak performance. Besides, it could be a great way to help you release stress and unwind between shifts and prepare you for the next day.

1. Portion Sizes – You don’t have to be on a diet in order to eat healthy. The key to maintaining a healthy weight while providing you with the energy you’ll need throughout the day as a nanny is portion control. When you sit at a restaurant and the waiter brings out a plate covered in food, you can be sure that it’s not consistent with portion sizes that people need. Usually, these sizes are two to three times more than what your body should be consuming. Many people who eat in this fashion normally don’t have the physical activity to burn off the excess intake. Although you may be quite an active nanny by chasing around children all day, you should still monitor your portion sizes.

2. Healthier Foods – Instead of snacking on saturated fats and dense sugar treats, switch to something healthier. If you have a sweet tooth, berries and pineapple could be a great substitution for “junk” foods and consist of brain-reinforcing materials such as anti-oxidants. In fact, you could bring snacks like these with you when you care for someone’s child. What parent would deny their nanny the ability to teach healthier eating habits to his or her children? Some children could use some kind of nutritional guidance and as a nanny it’s your job to make sure that the child is safe and healthy.

3. Five Minutes – Taking a few minutes of your day before and after a shift to exercise could help you prepare for, and wind down from, your day. Depending on the child, your day as a nanny could be filled with a variety of different stresses. Ten minutes from an entire day really isn’t all that much time, but it could help you greatly. Some will push themselves inside that five minutes in order to get as much of a physical workout as possible while others will take a more relaxed posture and practice yoga and stretching. Either way, the more physical activity you get, the better off you are.

4. Walk, Jog, or Run – Building stamina is important as a nanny. You need to keep up with individuals who literally have energy to burn and can easily wear out most adults. On your days off, why not set a route for yourself to walk, jog, or run? Not only will this give you a great amount of exercise, but you can build up your stamina in order to keep up with the little ones.

By maintaining a healthy routine of eating and exercise, you can help melt away the stresses from being a nanny and help keep yourself focused. Your dietary activities could greatly help you keep your composure by helping your brain process the information quickly and keeping your wits sharpened. Your eating habits can determine how your day will go and like the adage says, “you are what you eat.” Eat healthier and you’ll stay healthier.

Author Bio

Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of  Learn more about her


One thought on “Guest Post: How Nannies Can Take Good Care of their Health In-Between or Before/After Job Shifts

  1. Lee says:

    Great tips… I have a friend who is a nanny, and from what I can tell, stamina, focus, calm, and balance are critically important to avoid getting burned out on the job.

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