Denon: Exercise Freak!

I’ve used and tested tons of earphones. Bought the cheapest and most expensive ones; happy during the first few months but terribly disappointed once the in-ear cushion gets worn out or lost, worst when it can’t be replaced ever again.

I have lost the interest on earphones, learned how to run few kilometers without music on until eventually I just stopped logging mileage and didn’t want to look for “the one” for an earphone anymore.

But things do change and technology keeps on improving. Straight from Denon USA, they have tapped a distributor in Manila, Philippines which gave me the opportunity to try out and give these lightweight wifi earphone a spin.Denon Exercise Freak

Did I just read that right? It’s lightweight? wifi? and it can actually answer calls straight from pressing a button from the earphone plus get to ask Siri to call in someone from your contact list? You gotta be kidding me! It’s sweat proof also!  No wonder they named this pretty little thing the EXERCISE FREAK.

Don’t you just hate it when those earphones loosen up just when you were about to have a good time on the road or in the middle of a sprint? Getting worried on having your earphones peeled off and the cord getting wrapped around you as you stride? Well, you’d have to bid adieu on those concerns.

DENON, one of the most trusted names in the audio equipment has just the thing when it comes to convenience. It’s Super comfortable, I tell ya!. It has a built-in amplifier and control wheel which can control your mp3 player and calls right from your earphone.

Unboxing it was quite an experience, too.

UNBOXING denonThe EXERCISE FREAK comes in a hardbound box case, an in-detailed key features and functions written on the back of the box and the guide on which DENON app should you download for the specific model.

there are about 6 Denon apps to choose from and upon trying it all, what pairs this DENON AH-W150 is the Denon Sport. Just search on it on your apple iOS app then everything else is just a matter of having your Exercise Freak charged and used.

Denon no sounds Because the in-ear headphones features, you’ll be amazed on how fast the wireless bluetooth 3.0 connectivity is on your iphone, how it responds quickly upon pressing the push play or volume button and how useful it is on answering or hanging up on phone calls.

Have I already mentioned that it has this special reflective band on the back to help keep runners safe at night? Yup, that’s right.

The in-ear headphones are well snug to your ear, you’ll barely get to hear the noise outside but enough to hear the horn of the cars for your safety.

Upon using the Denon Exercise Freak, not only was I able to use it as an earphones per se — it actually helped me practice yoga by just having my podcasts playing on my phone, listening to my favorite hypnosis app to lay me to sleep and it actually won’t fall off when you continuously jump and down for jumping jacks or when you move so much on squats.

Denon Ohm

When paired via Bluetooth to your device they can sit up to 10m metres from the source. In the gym your device can sit in your bag nearby, on the floor in the gym or on the treadmill.

It may look like two hearing aids which fits perfectly and hides behind your ear just right. The sound is clear, crisp and clean with the right amount of bass which won’t tire your hearing.

Since it’s snug, I noticed it won’t give that mark, scratch or bruise your ear due to the sweating.

The only thing I didn’t like about this gadget? Wish it were waterproof and can actually be used underwater.

The app can log your workouts, map your runs using GPS, track your pace and calorie consumption, view friends’ maps live and share your achievements online and on social networks.

Go ahead, pair it with your smartphone! It last for about 7 hours on a full charged battery, and enjoy!

** Denon Exercise Freak approximate SRP is Php 7,500


8 thoughts on “Denon: Exercise Freak!

  1. Ann Masen says:

    Hi I was wondering where you bought your headset? I saw it last week on the list of top 10 bluetooth headsets and I’ve been wanting to get one for myself. Can you let me know where you got it? Thanks!

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