Wear Yourself, Nothing Else.

I was having a conversation with myself on my drive home after a long day at work filled with engagements and sealing deals. I realized that when it comes to speaking and dealing with people, although it’s important that you dress appropriately and arrive on time; the best thing you can wear is yourself and the best charm you can show off is your smile and how genuine you are when it comes to representing the brand, the company and how passionate you are in achieving your goals and theirs.

Invest in improving yourself by opening your eyes to the surroundings, meet new people and believe that their goodness is what’s shining upon them. Learn from your mistakes, the mishap in the past and forgive those who may have bullied or caused you harm. Let today speak for tomorrow.

Educate yourself, there’s so much more to learn from. Don’t be scared to try and experience new things – the best way to learn and to grow is by being in it.

Work out: practice yoga, sweat buckets from spinning class or log in a short walk/run at the park to release some healthy happy hormones, detox and rejuvenate. Listen to Bill Wither’s infamous “Lovely day.Treat your body kind, feed your mind, nourish your soul.

Love yourself

How would you like to wear yourself? Choose to be kind, radiant and light. Love, respect, prioritize and choose to live for yourself. Thrive than survive.

Wear yourself.


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