AsthmaSense Cloud App.

Have you ever experienced an asthma attack? Yes or no, lack of air seems unfair. The lining of the airways become inflamed and swollen, potentially closing completely. The surrounding muscles tighten making it increasingly difficult and painful to breathe. It is often described as a terrifying experience.

This is an asthma attack.

An estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from asthma1 and about 25 million of those are in the United States2 alone. For those that do not suffer from the chronic disease, it is hard to understand what it is like to go through an attack.

To better understand, one can “experience asthma” by following the simple, quick and safe steps outlined below.

Breathing through a straw allows you to experience what it’s like to have an asthma attack. You’ll find out why better asthma monitoring means better asthma management.

Steps for Experiencing Asthma*:
1. Use an average size drinking straw.
2. Sit in a chair and tightly seal your lips around the straw.
3. Pinch your nose and breathe only through the straw for one minute.
4. Repeat while walking in place and running in place.

*Stop this experiment if at any time you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.

What did your experience feel like? Did you notice it was difficult to take a satisfactory breath as you progressed through the experiment? Did you feel a sense of nervousness?

What you experienced was similar to that of an asthmatic having an attack. Attacks can vary in length and severity.

Once an asthma attack is experienced, it becomes more clear as to why managing asthma is so important. The American Lung Association states that monitoring symptoms is an important step in controlling asthma.3 The AsthmaSense® Cloud smartphone application created by iSonea Ltd. (ASX:ISN) has been developed to assist asthmatics and caregivers of asthmatics with better and easier monitoring and management of their asthma.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms, the application essentially turns a smartphone into a personal monitoring device allowing asthmatics or their caregivers to track medication usage, symptoms and triggers easily and accurately.

AsthmaSense Cloud’s enhanced features include:
Safe storage of a user’s asthma profile and event history in a cloud-based data warehouse;
Protected access and easy data recovery if one’s phone is replaced, lost, stolen or damaged;
· Tracking system to identify potential risk patterns and trends in asthma symptoms, medication use and testing results;
Interactive medication and testing reminders as well as medication usage records;
The ability to maintain multiple user profiles with a single application; a benefit to families with more than one person suffering from asthma.

AsthmaSense Cloud may be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon application stores.

For more information, please visit or


3 thoughts on “AsthmaSense Cloud App.

  1. Arganaut says:

    I like your idea of using a straw – it’s better than using a paper bag to prevent hyperventilating and makes a good demonstration.

    Look up “Buteyko method” in wikipedia. Apparently during an asthma attack you are hyperventilating, even though it feels as if you can’t breathe.

    When you say “Did you feel a sense of nervousness?” that’s what it’s all about.

    What I do when I get my sinuses clogged up is to go to sleep with my head under the blankets. At first I used to get panic attacks because I couldn’t breath – or thought that I couldn’t breath.

    The important thing is to re-breathe your used air so as to get a high level of carbon dioxide in your lungs. That gives your body permission to start using the oxygen, because it thinks it has too much oxygen if there is too little carbon dioxide waste gas. So you can die of lack of oxygen with lungs full of it.

    I always wake up breathing freely with the clogged sinuses gone – they are my body’s attempt to make me breathe less, and having my head under the blankets, or breathing through a straw has the same effect.

    Don’t worry – you won’t suffocate – Houdini demonstrated that you could be sealed inside a coffin and re-breathe the air in the coffin for ages.

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