Grassroots Runs Launch in Over 80 Cities with 2,500+ Participants Worldwide


Pavement Runner, an award-winning running blog ( launches #BostonStrong, a grassroots “A Run for Boston in Your City” global campaign. The worldwide series of runs is taking place a week after the 117th Boston Marathon. Supporters from anywhere can run however many miles to demonstrate their love of the sport and most importantly their love for the fallen and the wounded. #BostonStrong has spread to over 80 cities with over 2,500 participants. To run and to read more, see

The running campaign was launched out of the chaos of the Boston Marathon bombing with reader’s request to join Pavement Runner (Brian Kelley) in San Francisco a week following the Boston Marathon. It was a simple request and within 48 hours over 150 people signed up to join him. This ignited interest nationwide and today there are over 80 cities participating, over 2,500 runners around the globe running between 3-4 miles in support and remembrance on Monday, April 22, 2013 at 6:00PM.

The official purpose for this global event is to have:

A run for us to unite and show our strength.
A run for those that were unable to finish.
A run for those that may never run again.
A run for us to try and make sense of the tragedy that has forever changed something we love.

“I feel like I need to do something. Something more than a donation. Something more than a blog post or a photo or a graphic,” said Brian Kelley, Pavement Runner. “I’m inspired by the community and how we have come together and shown our support, shed our tears and expressed our fears. With a simple look at your Facebook page, a refresh of your twitter feed or scroll through Instagram and you can SEE the love. With #BostonStrong we FEEL the love.”

The San Francisco event will be held:
Location: Crissy Field, San Francisco
Date: Monday, April 22, 2013
Time: 6:00PM
Distance: 3-4 miles
Facebook Event Page: RSVP here

For more information on this global event and to find a city and run near you please visit:


About Pavement Runner
Pavement Runner ( is an award-winner blog written by Brian Kelley about his life as a runner – ranging from 5ks to ultra-marathons. He is a father, husband, pop culture enthusiast and writes his posts with a pinch of humor. Some of his awards include Best Overall Running Blog 2012 by #RunChat; Top 10 Fitness Blogs for Summer by Shareaholic and Top 50 Fitness Bloggers by KRED.


2 thoughts on “Grassroots Runs Launch in Over 80 Cities with 2,500+ Participants Worldwide

  1. Timothy says:

    This is a great thing to see. It’s horrible to witness the acts perpetuated against our fellow runners and our sport. Wish I could be near one of the runs.

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