Life Improvement: Benefits of Running You May Overlook

Running can be more beneficial for you than you may realize. While there are many people that use running as a cardiopulmonary exercise, the activity can go far beyond that of simple stamina and calorie burn. It can also have effects on the mind and soul. It can be more than just moving your legs in rapid succession as you are able to center yourself during the process. On top of the benefits, it is an activity that doesn’t cost you a single dime to gain from.

1. Concentration – Running doesn’t take much effort from your mind. It is a natural movement of our legs and we don’t have to put much thought into it at all. This gives you time to process events in your mind. Problems or concerns that you need to deliberate can be done while you’re on the move. Not only does this give you time to help come to a conclusion, but it makes the run seem like it takes less time. For those who fear jogging or running because it lacks entertainment, this is a good practice to keep the mind occupied while reinforcing your physical condition.

2. Longevity – Many may scoff at the idea of being chased by zombies. Although this particular circumstance is highly unlikely, regular running can help keep your stamina up in a variety of real-world situations. In the event you are chased for whatever reason, you’ll develop the stamina to outrun your assailant. Shopping will take less time as your feet are used to traveling at an increased paced. Tasks that involve constant movement can seem less of a chore as your body has been conditioned to handle them. Even sexual stamina can be increased by running regularly.

3. Relaxation – Some may say that there is no better way to relax on the couch then after a long and hard run. This is because your body is obviously exhausted which makes the relaxing much more pleasing to experience. Some will run on a tread-mill prior to sleeping for it burns the remaining energy to help induce a better night’s rest. Instead of tossing and turning, your body is simply too tired to move. However, this could have adverse effects as some feel invigorated after a run. As everyone is physically different, this will completely be up to your own personal needs.

4. Training – Then there is the obvious reason for running and that is to condition your body to rely on additional stamina for training. The benefits of running for sporting activities doesn’t merely focus on cross-country or marathon activities. Any sporting activity that is going to rely on constant grueling movement can be trained for using running or jogging methods. Whether you are a cross-country marathon runner or locked into a tennis court, body conditioning from running will benefit your cause.

Even a simple jog around the block can have an impact on your lifestyle. For those who are tied to an existence of sitting in front of a computer all day, a quick run or jog can keep your life in perspective while providing the movement you need in order to keep from getting atrophy in the lower half of your body. Keep your mind and body healthy with simplicity by setting up your own regular run.

About the Author:

Ken Myers is an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups. He is a regular contributor to You can get in touch with him at


2 thoughts on “Life Improvement: Benefits of Running You May Overlook

  1. Matt says:

    So true these points. Especially number 1. Exercising while we have things on our minds is a good way to help the brain process them better. It helps reduce the stress they are causing too. We were born to run! Not drive cars!

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