Do You Yoga?

If you’re anything like me who couldn’t transport herself to the nearby studio to practice and would rather save time for elsewhere or work load other than braving the traffic and stop lights; home practice isn’t that bad.

Of course, there’s a huge difference being in the studio with fellow yogi’s for an extra motivational push and posture guidance; yoga being a non-competitive practice shouldn’t be too much on your shoulder.

I have been on and off since High School but it is only until after College when I realized I should’ve been more consistent back then. I had 5 hour breaks, more time after dismissal and definitely had long weekends compared to how it is now that you’re a working fella.

Strangely, I’ve become more consistent now than how it was. If I was able to do it within the four corners of my small room – you can, too.

Wanna set up your own yoga sanctuary? Here are the things you need:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga towel (if preferred)
  • Space fit for your yoga mat to lay
  • Yoga blocks and straps, if necessary

You can also add some ambiance:

  • Speakers
  • load up your iTunes with relaxing tunes
  • dim the lights or have candles (be careful!)

If you’re the type who needs guidance; go ahead and feel free to tune in to YouTube and search through YOGA videos ( I suggest, Tara Stiles Yoga) or if you prefer being guided, Divine Wellness can teach you in real time by interacting through the reliable webcam.

Sometimes 7 minutes is all you need upon waking up and log in another before going to sleep. – Some Sun Salutations may be just right. You can also do side-to-side stretches as you head yourself to the loo; do some back bends in the office or by basically practicing pranayama as you go through your emails or if you need a minute break from a stress loaded assignment.

Yoga is anywhere, and can be done everywhere.

No matter what kind of practice you prefer, If you can attend a class or two in a week or a month, do so. It’s good for you.

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