Yogi Glossy: Conversation with Tara Stiles

Dancer pose Tao Portion-Lynch style.

Dancer pose Tao Portion-Lynch style. Make Your Own Yoga t-shirt and leggings from Tara Stiles’ new line with Reebok.

Tara Stiles, a model turned unconventional yoga teacher of Strala Yoga in New York City, profiled by the New York Times as the “Yoga Rebel” has shrugged off the criticisms from purists by asking, “Who made these rules?”  and now, has successfully brought a great partnership together with Reebok promoting and supporting yoga, as a movement,  for all.

As I previously mentioned , Tara and I have been exchanging emails and twitter messages about yoga and her sweet announcement about the collaboration together with Reebok. Now that she was able to personally announce it for the world to know and wear; Tara, being the great motivator and teacher that she is with me virtually and for being a Reebok running ambassador then myself in Manila – I  am delighted with her permission to share to you what I’ve learned about Tara Stiles Yoga journey.

To those who sent in their questions, I have included them. Thanks for contributing!

Fitness Diary: How long have you been practicing  yoga?

Tara Stiles: My first memories were yoga like. I saw a lot of colors as a kid, synesthesia like. I taught myself how to meditate and spent a lot of time doing things like that as a kid. I was formerly introduced to yoga in my teens while I was in a ballet program.

Fitness Diary: What made you try yoga? Which practice did you try and which practice had you hooked and told yourself you’ll do this more often?
 It was just there in the program. I was drawn to it because the experience was like when I meditated as a kid. For me, yoga has always been like an element, something that is there, waiting to be discovered by us.
 Fitness Diary:  What made you realize that yoga is the best fit for you and this chosen yoga practice?
Everything about the practice made sense for me as a lifestyle. Also choosing my own path within the practice made a lot of intuitive sense for cultivating the life I want to live.
Fitness Diary: During the first day of your practice up until this date, what keeps you going to practice?
I know the affects of the practice and I’d be silly not to practice.
Fitness Diary:  When you started, were you really this flexible already and strong? What was the first yoga asana (pose) you tried and progressed on? 
I was always pretty flexible naturally, physically and psychologically. I used the practice in the beginning to build stability and strength on all levels.
Fitness Diary: Diet. Were there changes? What changed? 
Big changes. Gummy bears to Greens. I’ve always loved spinach though, but giving up the gummy bears was a change.  Now I’m really into plants.
Fitness Diary:  What is your favorite 7 mins or quick practice at home asanas?
Depends on how I feel. If I need to move some simple sun salutations and big movements and inversions do the trick. If I’m overwhelmed, hip openers and forward bends work.
Fitness Diary:  Why do you recommend yoga?
Want to feel better, live healthy, have lots of energy, calm mind, focused energy, oh, and look fantastic? Do yoga regularly.
Fitness Diary: When you started and continued to pursue yoga, what were that changed? Emotionally? Physically? Mentally? Overall wellness? 
I gained a better sense of how to communicate my inspirations and feelings into the tangible.
Fitness Diary: Were you trying to recuperate from any health concerns at that time which yoga cured? 
Yoga has in my opinion prevented me from anything that could have gone wrong with my body and mind so far.
Fitness Diary: What was your inspiration on designing and styling the reebok yoga clothes? How did this collaboration came up with? 
I wanted to create comfy clothes that feel amazing and look great too. Clothes that you literally want to wear all the time that reflect my easy going approach and attitude and are also, of course, super fun and fresh. It is really amazing with Reebok, this is their first big entrance into yoga so we got to create something from the beginning.
Fitness Diary:  Who made the rules? Why such campaign?
Why not? We get so caught up in what we think we should do from all directions of life, creating a who made the rules theme reminds us to follow our own intuition and create our own path. It’s quite empowering don’t you think?
Fitness Diary: How did yoga change you?
Yoga has always been there with me. It’s changed with me more like a dance than changing me.
Fitness Diary: Any advice for newbies, enthusiasts and Yogini practitioners? 
Just start today already! 5 minutes. Search on YouTube. there is something for you I promise 🙂
Tara Stiles and Reebok

Tara Stiles and Reebok

Tara has been guiding me for a month or two now and have already lost 7 lbs by following her short and sweet videos, correctional virtual guidance when I seem to have a hard time on my poses or seek for progressive moves for my practice. It is no wonder that people love her and although the purists disapprove — Yoga is for sharing, isn’t?  Who made the rules?  Thanks Tara! You’ll definitely going to be my first stop once I visit New York again!
You may get to know more about Tara Stiles through her BLOG, TUMBLR, TWITTER or through her videos on YOUTUBE.

7 thoughts on “Yogi Glossy: Conversation with Tara Stiles

  1. Val says:

    Hi! Wow! I never thought that Tara Stiles’ fans reach here:) Pretty nice to have some connections.

    Id been a follower her since last year and tried it and I  see some results such de-stress and relaxation. However, i have question that I want to know if this yoga really helps me to discover my purpose. Because last month, i had a spiritual awakening in me by accident through yoga poses and also see 7 colors of light aligning in a straight line and fly around different yoga poses  in my mind’s eye during yoga meditation or corpse pose . But I don’t know what’s all about but the awakening is too powerful and i feel like you know everything. There are times it repeats like that or keep expand inner awareness for the first time. I hope Tara can suggest and provide some enlightened answers.   🙂 thank you and excited to hear her answers:)

  2. tara stiles says:

    Hi Val. keep practicing and I’m sure you’ll find the answer to your question about discovering your purpose. Great thing about regular practice is you are practicing listening to your intuition, which is your best guide. Hope that helps. Keep at it, breathe deep, and have fun! xo Tara

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