Reebok & The Yoga Rebel


Late last year, I have been truly grateful that I was able to get in-touch with the Yoga Rebel, Tara Stiles. It was a random twitter message which turned out to be an exciting and

lengthy conversation about yoga, breathing and apparel.  I have been following her videos online, logging 7 minutes minimum every night and never had I missed a day without at least 7 minutes.

I’ve already lost 7 lbs to date. In a month. Thank you, yoga!

Along the way,  Tara disclosed that she will be introducing an apparel which will make all Yoga enthusiast excited. I knew she has been a Reebok woman (same as how I have been supported by Reebok on Running) but towards the end, I was privileged to know that she, together with Reebok, will be launching her “Who Made The Rules” comfortable yoga apparel which she designed herself.

I blushed and gleefully thanked her for sharing the exciting news. I couldn’t disclose it out to friends not until she get to announce it but I sure was already hyped up which made me even more excited about the practice.

By March 1, which is today, She will have the first line out in the market. Globally. Isn’t that amazing? There will be more exciting things which will happen throughout the campaign of the line but one thing’s for sure .. It feels damn right good to be a Reebok Woman and it hasn’t failed me nor any of my activities.

These clothes are breathable cottons, baby booty soft, and really playful colors and so much fun, you’re not going to want to take them off! I pretty much only take the sweatpants and leggings off to shower, and I wear the Get Downward tank top everywhere. The sports bras and tank tops are great fitting and have delicate details in feminine straps and a cute triangle cut out at the base of the neck.

– Tara Stiles

I’ll share more, soon. For now, I’m editing and composing my questions for Tara and I to share.  Is there anything you would want to ask Tara? comment below or you may also message me on twitter @kassypajarillo

You may find the glossy interview  HERE


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