Work & Exercise: It works hand in hand.

What makes you happy? How often in a day, in a week or within the month have you laughed out loud or have felt uber grateful? Were there more bad news rather than encouragement?

What do you do to shrug off work concerns?

Many people struggle to be optimistic especially in the workplace. When I got myself employed again, I realized how much people actually get to be encapsulated by their environment; they become territorial. The work place becomes the feast of their thoughts,the oxygen they breathe and the capsule which makes them live. We can’t blame them, loyalty is better than betrayal however sometimes, when one becomes too embraced and comforted by their circuit; people without knowing become combative over newbies or those who are new.  I guess it’s natural but no matter how much others say that “Politics” is normal in any environment, I beg to disagree, and I would still want to believe that people can actually coexist and be kind with each other. I believe that everything can be discussed, there are solutions. There’s no need to stab each other’s back.

The past 6 months wasn’t as perfect as I thought. Disappointments are part of any work load, mistakes and challenges makes you a better leader and follower however when people becomes the concern; managing people can be a little bit more exhausting.

The past 6 months has truly been a learning ground and I’m grateful for all challenges and opportunities bestowed. I have been continuously reminded that trials with sheer determination, motivation and persuasion can be conquered.

If there’s a will? There’s a way!

If people get to suck you in towards hatred, disappointment, jealousy, envy and other negative emotions. It’s time to evaluate your workplace and the principles they live in. If you can live with people putting words in your mouth, stay. If you can’t , stand up and raise the concern. If they become more combative rather than understanding, have another reality check – is this the environment you’d really want to work with?

Ain't he but a character?

So, what makes you happy?

Is it when you continuously learn from what or where you’re currently in? Coming home being welcomed by your dog? Your mom’s home cooked meal? There are thousands of reasons for one to become happy.  Pessimistics won’t stop not until you fall apart; Don’t include yourself on that capsule where people opt to hate, talk ill or gossip on senseless things.

These past few weeks,  yoga seem to be the best resort for me to meditate on everything that I do. The challenges on trying to do inversions, falling, the bruises and everything that comes in the practice is humbling. I, for one, realized that although it’s difficult, there are always modifications which means, when difficult people still tend to become difficult, there’s always other ways in order for you to handle the situation however when you keep on falling and kept on getting bruised; it’s about time to take a pause and practice other forms up until you strengthen up for the certain goal.

Picture 7

It’s amazing how yoga actually bring me tons of realizations and when I get to run, I am being reminded by patience to keep on going up until I reach the desired kilometer.  After every realization and reminder, I sleep soundly at night with a peaceful heart and wake up looking forward to better, brighter days.

If things still push you to shove, evaluate. Always evaluate.

What about you? Have you ever realized or were you ever reminded by the type of sport you’re in certain things that matches your work dilemma?


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