Onto The Happiness Project

Somehow I will have to break the long silence. I haven’t been updating nor blogging as much as I used to; it’s such a shame that I call this as my fitness diary and yet I don’t get to log in BUT having to start the year right, 2013 has truly motivated me to get into work on so many beginnings that I am determined I’d be able to accomplish — I have the entire year to work on my goals, right? It’s time to replenish the bucket!

Before the turn of the new leaf, during the holiday vacation, I took a long overdue solo time and tuned into the Happiness Project – literally and figuratively.

The Happiness Project

I was glued, you’d be lucky if you were able to peel me off my bed or was able to separate me from a good read.

There were so many thoughts rummaging in and out that I had to thoroughly think through options and decisions that I was about to commit. Setting goals isn’t just about the thought of knowing what you want to do but it’s also about having to synchronize your heart and mind to set yourself to it and nail it.

Alongside, I hopped back to Yoga. I certified myself as a Kids Yoga teacher even though I knew I won’t be able to practice it as much as all the guru I know who live, breathe and earn from yoga but having to attend and go for the certification training drove me to practicing yoga everyday for at least 20 minutes if not an entire 55 min session.

Starting fresh, the first month of January has been filled with lessons, challenges and weight loss. I wasn’t able to take good care of my health 5x a week as much as when I was freelancing for an entire year hence I have to turn on the ignition and get the groove started.

CHANGE is good.

We’re about to end January, what have I accomplished so far? being the girl who despise and hate the scale, I took a deep breath and talked myself over with some words of affirmation and comfort before I saw the numbers. COURAGE.

– 8 lbs. Eight-heavenly-pounds.

How on earth did that happen? My goal for the month was to drink more water, the way I used to drink up about 3-4 Liters a day and start/end the day with a 20 minute intentional yoga mixed with a few minutes of pilates to either wake myself up or put me to sleep.

Effortless. That was just amazing!

To celebrate the sweet news, I was blessed with the arrival of such gorgeous made for movement NAYAD Aqua Sportswear which suits all the fun and adventurous “S” you can think of .. uh,  Sweat, Surf, Swim, and Stretch.

What were you thinking? Skate, Soak, Serve? Why not!

My customized pair will undoubtedly get to try as much movement – The top can even pair a cover up instead of a tube.

Why don’t you check it out yourself? What do you feel like wearing right now?


Take a deep breath, Inhale. That’s what’s exactly what I was given. Looks like the women behind Nayad already read through my mind and felt my energy – pink, flowery, comfy! 

I’ll definitely give this a spin, I’m due for a surf, it’s been 10 months and counting! My pretty Nayad and I needs to get stoked! but for now, off I head for a good yoga and pilates before I logged billable hours, again.

* Thank you, Kate and Jennifer for sending me this fantabolous pair. I’m excited for more 🙂


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