Health and Wealth


BUSY IS A GREAT GOOD THING! That’s what I always tell myself and anyone who responds to every how are you’s; With a smile on my face, despite knowing life’s changing and we aren’t the ones who used to carry the “young, wild and free” flag, we all eventually started to take responsibilities a notch high on the priority list.

However, being Busy often leads us to figuring out how to balance a healthy lifestyle. It sounds easy to just write down the grand plan, meditate and be strategic (especially every new year) but once life happens; these plans may just turn into dust and be a challenge we’d eventually put on a back seat.

How do we balance work, life and other things? You just really have to do it and acknowledge your stature, know what are the things you can eliminate, do, or those which can wait.

I’ve acknowledged that eating out will forever be part of me especially knowing I’m the only vegetarian in the family (preparing meals at home? tried, never succeeded). Eating out means I’d have to spend more, if I want the good kind or give in to more calories if I want the fast food kind.


Instead of looking into it as a problem, I divert it all into solutions. I’d eat out, cut it into half and share it OR have the half for the next meal time; I’d also always go for the kids meal (If there’s any) or have the half wrapped for a doggie bag.

Spending wasn’t much of a problem then since my thinking was at least I’m taking good care of my health; however when you’re working on a budget? every single centavo matter.

What do we do? You make the pen and paper as your friends and figure out an everyday budget with a little savings on the side with an allotted bucks to pay for overdue debts.

Never resort to the credit card and if ever you need to? Make sure you’ve got the cash in the bank for money transfer.

Health and wealth go-together. It’s not easy to lose poundage (keep your health in top shape) and earn more for the rainy day but with trying and willingness to continually adjust? Every single effort can go a long way.

What do you do? How do you balance health and wealth?


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