Master Cleanse Challenge

It never occurred to me that I would even hop into the Master Cleanse diet but ever since I tried the monthly one day detox from JujuCleanse; that spicy lemonade always makes me crave for it. I have always been a lemon water drinker, the taste of lemon appeals me.  After two months of not being able to day detox, I’ve decided to challenge myself and give this Master Cleanse a try.


Questions did rummage my thoughts such as: will it incur hyper acidity (it’s lemon, remember?) massive headaches and/or make me pass out?

After reading through reviews, testimonials and the instruction guide online; I figured that since the day detox didn’t give me the upset stomach nor had me pass out plus given that it takes days for a human to die for not being able to eat solid food, I was able to convince myself to see is to believe. Why not give it a try before I even judge it? It worked for a lot of men and women, there are tons of positive reviews, perhaps a day or three days cleanse would make me  legit to judge (let’s see if I’ll be able to surpass day 3)


My friend, Freia who’s going to get married in a few weeks has been undergoing the cleanse and swear by its outcome. My reason for getting into this cleanse is to give my body the reset since I’ve gone sick these past few weeks.

The goal is to eliminate the sweet tooth, give my body the reset it needs, lose a few pounds maybe but most of all, get these hormones find it’s balance.

The initial kit was bought in Healthy Options for PHP 1780 – the tea is good for the whole 10 days program, the salt, cayenne and maple syrup may be just enough but the lemon certainly needs to be refilled by either another bottle good for 3 days or just go ahead and buy lemons at your nearest grocer (make sure it’s ripe or just about to ripen)

Need some help? You may head your way to Healthy options and the attendants would gladly prepare the initial kit for you.

Meanwhile as I type this, I’ve had a cup of warm tea (it tastes really good!) and have been able to visit the loo for about 6x in 2 hours. It’s important that you get to drink the laxative the night before the cleanse and every night before you sleep to flush out more toxins from your body.

Care to join me?

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4 thoughts on “Master Cleanse Challenge

  1. Plano Personal Trainer says:

    How well has the master clense been working out for you thus far? I’ve seen hundreds of these recipes and I hear 1 good thing to about 50 bad. I’ve seen this particular one multiple times and hear great things about it.

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