Daily Dose of Jillian Michaels: Fit those Skinny Jeans

These past few months has been quite a struggle getting back in action since I have been preoccupied with work and other priorities; when you’re juggling through different hats and your time seems to be tough to manage, short but sweet workouts are the best thing that you can do – remembering the motto “every single movement counts

Privileged and grateful to be provided by the Social Manager of Everyday Health, Jillian Michaels’ newest online venture – Daily Dose on youtube; where Jillian discusses health and current events. It’s a video version of her wildly popular podcast. If you reside in the USA, The show goes live everyday at noon in the ET. On the show today, Jillian demonstrates how to get your thighs in shape.

If you’re like me who needs and detest working out on your thighs, few repetitions of these 3 moves would certainly take a step towards sculpting that thighs.

You can also attend to Plana Forma or Barre to boost these home exercises or simply use the video as guide and add more repetitions . It’s surely going to take a long time but it’s going to be definitely … worth it!


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