A very barre3 morning

Everyone seems to be looking for that routine which will make you move without growing on boredom, achieve or see results after each class and have that energy or feel more relaxed after each session. Being in and out of group classes and have grown tired of the same old gym routine;  let me introduce to you barre3.

13 July 2012: together with Z, finally!

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barre3, a total body workout which lifts your seat, tones your thighs and burns the stubborn fat hanging onto your body for quite sometime. A class combining yoga, pilates and ballet joint together aiming a common goal – protect your joints, tone and achieve that body you want together with proper stretching to create long, lean and mighty muscles.

If  you’re familiar with Physique 57 or Plana Forma as we have it in Manila, Philippines – this exercise, barre3 is the one without steroids.  Meaning, the slow movements are there but the intensity surely is lighter than the other but has the same technique when it comes to making those untouched muscles worked on.

barre3, located in Alabang and other parts of the metro has schedules that may suit your needs albeit for the working women, I suggest they open more flexible hours especially those who work late night shifts or end their day later than the usual.

When I tried barre3, I was reminded more on yoga poses during beginners class and of course working on the seat and thighs made me scream out loud – the thighs has always been my weakness hence it needs to be worked on, big time.

Things you need:

  • Towel
  • Sticky Socks (you may also purchase for only Php 250)
  • Water Bottle
  • Extra clothes

The Class

You start with having light weights (unlike in Plana Forma you work on two kinds of weights: light and heavier weights), rubber pads if you don’t have gloves to prevent you from slipping and a ball for the seat and thighs. You situate yourself in a corner, your own spot and start with a light cardio which reminds me of standing aerobics.

later on, you stretch further and get to work on some yoga moves in a momentum.  The upper body, lower body and core will be worked at all at the same time and even if you excuse yourself from using the weights, your own body would certainly help you tone up.

During the middle of the exercise,  I felt really dizzy – another reminder to quit on caffeine and get ample sleep but I hopped back in the class and gave my best to sweat.

A 30-55 minutes inch whittling session; barre3 would certainly give you the sore and the kind of sculpting you need. You end with the downward dog and breathing exercise, namaste.

I have yet to experience the intermediate class but definitely whether it’s beginners or intermediate, I have to work on the thighs and get this core worked on.

It may not give you the ballerina’s or dancer’s body overnight but definitely it’s going to let you achieve your goals – if you’re diligent enough and if you chose to be wiser when it comes to your nutrition.

Care to join me for another barre3?

Lower Ground, Alabang Town Center,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
phone: 836-3184 ; 850-3490
email: staff.ph@barre3.com


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