27 and counting

When I was 15, I once thought that I’ll be engaged by 25 and be married at age 27. I’m already 28, in a 2-year old relationship and still very much single living the life of a singleton who’s life just started together with obligations and responsibilities that are yet to be met.

I didn’t know what I was going to be; I was thinking of becoming a broadway actress (Highly active with all the productions back in Grade-school until High School) , a Pedia Surgeon Doctor, Nursery Tutor or perhaps a culinary expert on French and Italian cuisine. Although my background has led me to different paths leading to what I thought I was going to be; there were still moments when I’ve wished I didn’t hesitate on the years I will have to face and could’ve just went straight to law school. I also dreamt on becoming a CEO or General Manager of a Hotel Chain but along the way, the job descriptions I’ve encountered and worked for revolves around the hospitality business and other interests such as sports and overall wellness.

The hopes and dreams of becoming a hospitality guru is still there but without having to organize my own life and home, there should be a lot of work that needs to be done. Built my own business, the courage to affix all paperwork and legalities were met and though being a proprietor taught me a lot when it comes to business ethics and meeting goals. There are a lot in the real world which can’t be taught in school.

I’m 27, single and just had her life started.

Call me a late bloomer but others call it advanced. I have been worried about the education of my future children, the costs when I file for my maternity leave and even the amount of insurances that needs to be availed in order to raise a family. Having to save and spend on insurances and the like makes me feel like a grown-up. I’m sure it’s going to be a fun roller coaster ride when I cross the bridge when the time comes. Someday, I will have to take good care of my own family but while the future still haven’t presented itself; I’m already taking all the initiative and pursuing as much advancement I can avail.

Life and health insurances, bonds, stocks and equity; memorial plans and retirement.

Sometimes I wonder about the choices I made; what If I married the man I was madly in love with yet wasn’t proud that we were back in touch? What if I accepted the scholarship at the Isle of Man back when I was in transition to college? How about the scholarship from the reality show? If I tried harder to cope up with homesickness when I was in Wyoming? there are lot of what if’s.

I’ve made peace with yesterday. Facing reality today, where am I heading? I’m about to attend to Graduate school, my own expense and savings. Paying for premiums and attending to monetary obligations and learning tools I found I’m good at. I have proven myself that fear is good and facing them makes it more worthwhile rather than asking life on what if’s.

There’s still visa’s to take good care of, assets to earn and other life decisions that needs to be thoroughly be thought of.Hopefully this year will be fruitful and goals will be met.

I’m nearly almost there. Working on the bucket list, until then, I’m just glad I’m not married yet.


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