Blender Bottle Sports Mixer

You must’ve had at least paired your workout with one or two of these Blender Bottles which comes in together with this spiral oval whisk to make your desired beverage have that extra smoothie texture. After retiring my old sports bottle,  I was blessed on having to test a new Blender Bottle called the Sports Mixer.

It still carries that patented wire whisk – it won’t rust nor chip even if you’re just having water.

What I like about the Sport Mixer, it has a non-slip grip and a better cap to seal your container plus it’s easier to mix ingredients as it has measurement markings on the side. I have yet to explore on how I am going to use my Sport Mixer but it has definitely provided me the beverage I need especially in the morning or in-between meals.

This is by far one of my favorite products of all time!  This bottle does not leak like many others that I have tried and makes it easy to have my protein shakes on the go.

Available in 20oz and 28oz, 11 color and black/color combinations. BPA and Phthalate free and dishwasher safe

Here’s a handy dandy recipe you may have for breakfast, if you opt to have a light dinner or snack after working-out:


1 cup of Yogurt  (your desired flavor)

2 cups of Non-fat Milk

1 serving vanilla powder (or protein powder of your choice)

I also mix my morning or in-between meals tea using the Sports Mixer. No need to plug-in that electronic device or make that cup of joe frothy.

Tea Ingredients:

1 Star Anise

Dash of Thyme

Dash of Rosemary

Warm Water

Coffee Ingredients:

3-in-1 coffee pack

2 cups of Yogurt for that frappe kind texture

It’s been overly used at work, I will then have it a spin when I’m out and about for a good run or some quality time at the gym. I’m sure this piece is going to perform well!

Thank you Blender Bottle for sending me such an amazing product! Truly every on-the-go person’s essential product to make healthy living even more convenient.


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