Nat Geo Earth Run 2012

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARTH! Thank you for the wonderful environment and for letting us live in this world even though there are people who’s been harsh, rude and inconsiderate.  We’re trying our best to lessen our carbon footprint but for today, we’re celebrating your birthday.

I haven’t been running as often as I used to since my Doctor advised me to take it easy on running, focus on nutrition and manage my hormones before I put my body into action again.

I gained 15 lbs in a month due the medications, so here I am again trying to get rid of the non-caloric ballooning. I was able to manage before, I can burn the poundage again. It’s going to take a long time but with an active lifestyle, bet hopefully I won’t even notice.

Being back on the road brought so much delight that I wanted to conquer a farther distance; but the lesson I witnessed and learned during Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon kept on reminding me that although yout mind is all set for the distance, if your body hasn’t prepared for it- better take the shorter course and enjoy the moment.

So, from the 10k distance we downgraded to 5k.

Since we claimed our race kit on the day itself and we only had few minutes to rush from the parking to the claiming area; we only took our bibs and forgot to attach the D-tag. Stupid! we only realized it after the race. Uh, haven’t we been running that much, we forgot about it? Eek!

Thanks to our Garmin, at least somehow we were able to record the time and distance. Sadly it was a horrible 40 minutes 5k but a sweet continuous run along the steep and congested road – who said the running boom is about to fall apart? There seemed to be more and more people nowadays who’s into running. I don’t even recognize these faces anymore!

Aside from logging in mileage once again, the best part was having to test run my new Real Flex Yellow shoes which I named Twinkle. It was too cute, I couldn’t help but run proud in every step and was eager to pair it together with my Reebok Long Bra Pink Top, Smith Optics Shades and my other newest fashionable gear: Head wear with Visor.

Although I was a little worried if the sun was going to hit hard on us, the head wear not only was fashionable and chic, it certainly gave shield and absorbed the sweat plus the visor helped cover my face from the sun’s harmful rays.  If you’re the type who get a little irritated and feel the burn when you’re wearing a cap or just the visor, it’ll be best for you to invest on these head wear!

It was a breezy comfortable run with the right ensemble; my new Reebok long bra top surely allowed me to move without worrying about the sweat and chaffing plus although it’s summer, it did took good care of my sweat by allowing it to breeze through out of the fabric. The same goes with my Reebok leggings.

Reebok apparel kept on getting better and better plus even more fashionable as ever!  I can’t wait to go shopping for more clothes soon and get to wear my other Real Flex shoes which I will show off, soon!

Over-all, I was one happy little girl. Congratulations National Geographic and many thanks for the continuous love Agatep!  Happy Birthday Earth! 🙂


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