Crossfit Real FLEX!

Skip the treadmill and cross training machines. Shift the gear to the WOD (Work out for the Day) of high-intensity workouts that mix gymnastics, track and field skills and bodybuilding, resting very little between movement. Sounds easy? easier said than done.

One empty weekend, after all the rescheduling and planning with Crossfit Manila, I finally was able to go for what everyone’s been raving about – the challenging work out you have never done before. The hours you’ve spent in the gym is nothing compared to the first 3 minutes you spend on Crossfit.


Can you see the workout on the upper right corner of the image? It sounds easy to do within 10 minutes, right? Hating push-ups and bur pee’s, I survived 7 rounds and called it quits. The rest of the group who I was with were walking around the area, one felt nauseous that he needed to step out for a breather and felt like fainting and the others, well, still tried to conquer the entire 10 minutes.

We all felt the intensity and shared our experience, that was the longest 10 minutes.  I still couldn’t forgive myself for not being able to survive longer.


I've yet to hop back, Miggy!

The first 3 minutes made me a firm believer that Crossfit truly is a workout like no other and understand why most of the Crossfit devotees been saying that it truly is that workout that will challenge your capabilities and overall being – Get fit, even if it kills you.

For a Reebok Ambassador and someone who’s into trying all sorts of activities there is, Crossfit has been by far the most challenging activity I have ever gone to. All those devotees I’ve met swear by and say CrossFit has enabled them to challenge their bodies in ways they never thought possible and I am one of them who would want to conquer the entire 10 minutes of the introduction WOD and endure my body to as hardcore workout there is.

Is it for every beginner out there who has never ever gone to the gym? Yes, but you’ve been warned. This is one workout you certainly need to be aware about your body’s concerns, tell them if you had previous injuries in order for them to help you go through your workout.

Want to know who’s wearing Reebok during that day I had that mind-blowing, energy consuming, endurance challenging workout? College buddy; The Pinoy Big Brother Housemate, Host turned Restauranteur Kian Kazemi, check out his zigs!

Kian Kazemi swears by Reebok

Crossfit definitely is far from the feminine touch but it definitely makes us women challenged – who says that woman can’t lift weights and carry themselves?

If you’re just like me or those devotees, why don’t you come with us on April 13 for something exciting!  Crossfit and Reebok will be launching finally in Manila and we’d love to celebrate with you by introducing something strong and powerful.


Are you strong enough?


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