The Working Girl’s Healthy Lifestyle Tips

You’re sitting on that office chair the whole day, checking your email, typing data, answering phone calls and having paperwork done. 8 hours of slouching, your fingers typing and your eyes strained from the radiation of the computer screen; you pack on pounds and get irritated on how your clothes slowly don’t fit anymore. I feel you. Have you ever thought about your posture, nutrition and the stress load you put yourself into emotionally and physically?

Things can be harder when you’re a girl. You’ve got tons loads of stuff on your bucket list and yet you’ve got to take good care of a household, career and the bills. For some, women worry about sports, getting a job, or fighting everyday to earn respect from others. Your position doesn’t define you nor should you let others treat you any less.

Instead of asking yourself “Why me?” why don’t you shutter all these challenges into “Try me!”. Let’s quote and dance it like Beyonce’ and that my friend is true. Without us women, who will be there to keep the house in order, take good care of the budgeting and manage a family outing? This is why every corporate world consists more of women: we make sure we get the job done and perform well. We can lift heavy weights just as much as how men does but men can’t carry the weight we take in everyday (Men, no offense, but don’t you agree?)

According to Cosmopolitan: We think it’s scandalous that women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the world’s food and yet own 1% of the world’s property. There are more millionaires than women in the current Cabinet and thanks to the equal pay gap, women effectively work for free from early November while men get paid until the end of the year. Aren’t we women awesome?

Now, how do we get to gather ourselves back together and not gain inches on our waist as we rule the world and make it a better place? read on.

1. Just like how we prepare our children’s lunch boxes, have yourself one and pack on nutritional goodies. Load on apples, oranges, melons and banana for that sweet tooth. If your office has a pantry and a refrigerator, you’ve got no excuse but load it more with water bottles (lightwater), coconut water, vitamin boosters and healthy pure juices – try carrot once in a while.

2. If you’re the type who starts the day at work, have your oatmeal readily available at the pantry. This is one of the best meal replacement you can have especially when you’re cost-cutting or have a deadline to meet. Add some raisins and cinnamon, yummy meal means happy tummy!

3. Get into a cleanse once a month whether a day cleanse or an entire week. It will give you the detox you need. In Manila, we have jujucleanse, abroad there are tons too. Its your health we’re talking about, don’t be too frugal about it.

4. When you feel like having ice cream, go for the lesser evil and have yogurt! Yogurt has a very good source of calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin-vitamin B2 and iodine. Yogurt also emerged from analysis research as a good source of vitamin B12pantothenic acid-vitamin B5zincpotassiumprotein and molybdenum. These 10 nutrients alone would make yogurt a health-supportive food. It’s yummy too!

5. Sit on the edge of the chair or sit straight. Stand every often, walk towards your colleague if you need anything rather than picking up the phone. When you’re talking to someone, get up and stretch. Every time you visit the loo – stretch, and make that 3-5 seconder squats count. You can always stretch your arms up high and move your body from side to side.

6. Tuck that tummy in when you’re seated, tap your foot to get tiny cardio in – every movement count.

7. Have your running gear readily available everyday and give yourself 10 – 20 minutes of interval runs to sweat before or after work. If you can have 30 – 45 minutes, better.

8. We are organizers and we operate on schedule. Insert “me” time by attending yoga class (swim or any activity near you) during your off day or when you find a window of availability. Pencil book it. you can also have a blissful massage to relax those stressed muscles.

9. BIKE! There’s something about women biking going to work. If it’s not that far, instead of bringing the car, you can just bike or walk. Save gas, log in mileage and you get to help not just the environment, your budget but also your health.

10. Quit dialing fast-food joints or if there’s no other choice but that: quit the burgers, soda and just have the pasta.  If you can have that salad, the better but make sure you ask them to have the dip on the side and not pour/consume the entire cup. Bid farewell to mayonnaise and you bid farewell to extra cellulite.

Let’s stand tall and empower more women. Let’s stay sharp and healthy, we can rule the world greater than better. Who run the world? Girls!


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