Pilipinas Darating Ako: Tunay na Ligaya!

The only distance I’ve been preparing for are merely 5k’s albeit I have been attending other activities within the 2-3 months I was away, getting back on track made me feel like a toddler learning how to walk and run. Undergoing the Couch to 5k program, because of the itch to get back on the road and get to run with fellow runners; during my seventh week, I took a 5k fun run during Condura Marathon and on the my eight, I was caught by surprise on-site when I was given a 10k race kit instead of 5k.

I took the race kit nonetheless and thought of the Galloway method: I’ve done this before, I can do it again. Towards the 5k turn around point, I almost took a U-turn to continuously run the entire 5k stretch as planned but fought over my mind and pursued the road. Fear and being impatient shouldn’t stop me from logging in more mileage, so, since the weather was fully cooperating and the sunrise was just too nice to miss, I just ran and took that time as an opportunity for me to evaluate myself and burn more calories.

I needed the sweat and train my patience anyway. Good thing I was able to switch duties with my colleagues or else I would’ve gone straight to the office feeling the sore and won’t be able to perform my sales duties.

Team Reebok & Friends

It was lovely having to see Team Reebok once again and friends ( Kikay Runner, Team Diadora, Team USB and Without Limits)

How was the run? I finished with a smile on my face as if It was my first time running and seeing that finish line arch.  It was rejuvenating when these 2 boys and a girl were trying to outrun me all throughout the race, even in the middle of the Buendia Flyover – not that I’m fast (I was running in between 7:30 – 8:22 pace)  nor considering myself as competitive but the experience itself was a motivation which also gave me the assurance that running still is a tool for any of us to have fun and prove our self-worth.

Thank you to Philippine Dental Association for granting me and Team Reebok race kits to enjoy your celebration. I wondered where my relatives and Dentist friends were though?

Shirt from OneLifeCat, Apparel & Shoes from Reebok Philippines, Shades from Smith Optics (Urban Athletics)


Frankly, I was a little scared knowing it was going to be held within the long stretch of Roxas Blvd and passing through the Buendia Flyover since the previous races held there went pretty congested and roads clogged with frightful cars passing by but Without Limits was able to plan the race very well – the intersections were properly managed and even was able to arrange a mini-fiesta parade to celebrate Philippine Dental Association’s Health Month.

Marshals were situated strategically, they were very cheerful and greeted every runner with a smile on their face and towards heading back, they were pushing runners and informing every one of us that the hydration stations are just nearby or the finish line isn’t that far out anymore. I guess, we have TEAM USB to thank for the photographs, too.

Hydration wise, there were ample amount of cups of water, attendants and also waste segregation in every two kilometers.

For a non-commercial race, it pretty much expedited what intimate runs should be. It was well strategized and taken cared of. For the price of Php 400 per race kit, in every category? that pretty much sums up to a very reasonably priced run plus the proceeds will benefit PDA’s projects: BINHI (Bawat Isa Nangangako Habangbuhay Iingatan), a reforestation program, and the VIP (Very Important Patient) program that sends dentists on dental missions.

I didn’t bother to collect the loot after the race but there were toothpastes and packs of giveaway from their sponsors. What is a Dental event without the oral-hygiene essentials being given away, right?

Congratulations Philippine Dental Association!


8 thoughts on “Pilipinas Darating Ako: Tunay na Ligaya!

  1. Icon Maico says:

    Hi! I love running but I stopped for about 5 months already. I stumbled upon your blog and I found it really nice and useful. I’m inspired… I’ll train again. Looking forward to running soon and try Juju cleanse 🙂

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