It’s all about the JuJu

Our cells regenerate after 7 years but our digestive system to those with mild digestive symptoms needs to undergo at least 2-3 weeks of detox before getting into a fast but to those who needs to jump start their system towards a healthier lifestyle – Juju cleanse may help you get through the rough patch without starvation and high possibility on quitting on the efforts.

Just like what’s stated on the website: our bodies need a solid-food break once in a while, and that not only is this energy-efficient, it also rehydrates, alkalinizes (toxins apparently thrive on acidity), and flushes out the “trash” that eventually leads to sickness.

If you’re the type who experience inflammation, cramps, migraines and often get indigestion, gerd, hyperacidity, etc; juju cleanse may be the answer to help your body get back on track.

It was a good conversation with Best Men’s host Jace Flores whom I worked for a segment when we both decided to go through the juju cleanse – his was to help him quit on the nicotine meanwhile I, to help me quit on my recent caffein addiction plus the caution when I found out I tend to experience inflammation. I do need the cleanse, right?

During my first week as a sales consultant at our nearby lifestyle sports club (The village Sports Club), the adjustment of not having to go to one restaurant after another  for a vegetarian meal scares me. Remembering how my past employment lifestyle was – there’s no way I’ll be a  fast food  junky again. Since it’s a brand new year, a brand new opportunity; juju cleanse came in just right when I needed it.

Being a health nut or at least I think I am, I had a good chat with the Juju Nazi, Kat Azanza. She briefed me what Jujucleanse is, the benefits, the inspiration behind the juices and why it had to cost Php 2,500 for a day cleanse and Php 7,500 for a 3-days cleanse.

After knowing that she prepares each sterilized 350ml bottle fresh and only uses organic ingredients, the type of water she uses (I’m acidic and very particular on pH level/alkaline), inclusions and personal delivery of the juices – I was set convinced that the costs were reasonable and justified plus after knowing that the cleanse started and inspired from San Benito Farm (The Farm) cleansing retreat program; What struck into mind was instead of heading my way to San Benito, Juju cleanse may go to me. Imagine the cost that I’ll save from the gas, accomodation and other things on top of it for the retreat including the luxury of having juju cleanse during work week rather than filing a leave.

Her parents were the couple behind The Farm and used to own it.

The Juju Experience – Preparation

Kat,  the Juju Nazi recommended the cleanse right after Condura Marathon. The wait was excruciating since the chat 2 days ago. I was looking forward to the weekend.

As soon as I got home from the run and few hours at work, it was such a delight having to see my juju chilling in our refrigerator. I was tempted to taste each bottle but was able to control the excitement.

Being a vegetarian made the pre-cleanse preparation easy: reduce animal protein and processed foods, try not to have salt, refined sugar and carbs, skip the carbonated sodas and other caffeinated drinks and stay away from alcohol and nicotine.

Wait, No caffein? Okay. No Caffein.

After Condura Marathon, since I was wide awake by 3am. The boyfriend and I went for a coffee break to kill time before I prepped up for work. It was going to be a long day; I knew I need the caffein but instead of having espresso (the purest of pure), I had Dark Mocha Chocolate on decaf. The nazi’s going to kill me, I should’ve just had tea.

I survived the day nonetheless. I had to prepare for the cleanse.

Sleep was crucial. Soon as I got home after a long day, conking out was without a doubt the very next thing that had happened soon as I came close to my bed.

One day cleanse

Giddy and looking forward to how the day’s going to turn out,  I woke up 6:00am, an hour before work shift. Prepared a cup of japanese tea and added the mint provided. I took the 6th bottle from the insulated tote bag, and had it chilled at home then brought the rest of the bottles.

It was nice knowing  I’ve got a healthy lunch box waiting to be consumed.

Placed the ice pack in, drove myself to work and had it chilled at the office’s refrigerator as soon as I logged in. Took the first bottle and made the cap popped open with glee. It was such a delight having this green bomb bottle on top of my desk for a change. Everyone who stepped in the office were wondering ” Oh, what is that green thing? ” delightfully responded what’s in it. Their response? “Very healthy, organic and.. green!


It was  a bit strange gulping on a bottle of juiced vegatables rather than chewing. Green bomb tastes like your favorite celery appetizer minus the dip. Not bad for breakfast. After an hour half, you bet know where I went after indulging on fiber but I came out feeling light and refreshed.
 I was a little delayed on schedule but I took the second bottle as soon as I finished the first. The Spicy Limonada, this tops as my favorite beverage especially when you’re feeling a little down and sleepy from being in front of your computer the whole time.

  • Mixture of Cayenne Pepper, Honey and Lemon. Sounds familiar? yes, it’s relatively what the Master Cleanse ask you to do in order to speed up your metabolism. Did you know that  this drink aims to swing your body pH into a more alkaline state?  Perfect.  Why juju? why not. Would I go for a master cleanse? I’d still opt for the juju. The combination of all the healthy boosters per bottle won’t cause inflammation and acidity since you’ll have the green bomb prior to this bottle.

With no make-up on, just JuJu

Beets, who eats beets? I can’t barely remember the last time I had beets and liked it but this Red Giant changed everything. The combination of the right mix of other ingredients: Beets, Carrots, Ginger and Pineapple are not only remarkably good for your liver but this juice has shown stamina increase and act as an athletic performance enhancer.

Sounds like a great supplement especially to athletes (or those who are reviving or trying)

How’s the cleanse so far? half way through my skin’s glowing. I had no make-up on nor any moisturizers applied. Hungry? I was overly fed already but every each time I expel it out, all the more I crave for liquid.

I’m liking this JuJu very much.

A little behind schedule, I was already giving up on gulping on the liquids since I felt as if my organs were about to explode for too much liquid consumption. It’s important that you take your time gulping on the bottles. I had meetings in between and had the bottles together with me. Having it handy is an advantage, the convenience never stops.

I fell asleep after I gulped on the 5th bottle but towards the 6th, since it went pretty strong. I had to warm it up for a good bed time tea while reading a book and even drank what’s left the morning after. Yes, I fell asleep just right when I was about to finish the entire bottle.

This is the first cleanse, detox and diet I would recommend for everyone especially to those who are flirting their way on becoming a vegetarian or to those who’s trying to curb their enthusiasm, nicotine, caffein or have health concerns including liver, hypertension or high-blood.

Whatever your reasons are, whether it’s plainly for skin allergies, vanity,  weight loss boost, fasting or a quick fix for your bowel movements – jujucleanse will leave you a great impression and lasting benefits which would make you want to have another day cleanse.

I’m definitely going to have more of these bottles but this time, I’ll stretch out the 6 bottles to 2 days. If you haven’t been good to your system, a day of spring-cleaning will do the trick.  It’s a better meal replacement than those “healthy shakes” especially those who are always on the go or locked up within their cubicle.

Caffein? I’m better left with japanese green tea and the mint leaves.

1-Day Cleanse, P2500 (initial price/person), P2300 (next price), and P2200 (barkada package); 3-Day Cleanse, P7100 (initial price), P6900 (next price), and P6600 (barkada package); 5-Day Cleanse, price available upon request at Juju Cleanse. You may also follow the nazi on twitter: @jujucleanse
You may follow my journey towards wellness and achieving my goals on twitter: @kassypajarillo

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  1. Anna says:

    The only thing I don’t like here is that Kat calls herself a Juju Nazi. The word ‘Nazi’ should not be taken lightly. Just my two cents. Lovely post! Will start mine next week.

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