Travel the world in class

Are you a traveler or consider traveling the world sometime in the future but can’t afford accommodations and worry about being a long staying guest? Just recently, I was introduced to TVI Express, a business opportunity wherein hundreds and thousands of travelers have invested and been staying in luxurious hotels all around the world  and only pay minimum charges (in fact, just the taxes!).

Imagine staying for 7N/8D(Resort) / 3N/4D(Hotel), Bliss!

Scam? Just like any other direct marketing companies, competitors have their own say.  This company doesn’t move around pyramiding. Get to know more about to company through clicking the image below.

I’m booking myself to a Hotel in Osaka, Tokyo and I can’t wait to spend more for tours than plainly paying for cheap hotels that won’t let you cherish luxurious treatment and amenities for your travel experience.

Imagine booking a comfortable room for only ¥5200.00 (Php 2891) per night compared to  ¥1100.00 (Php 61,167)  per night at Mielparque Hotel.  What a bargain!


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