That Curve: Fix You, Bikram Yoga

Last week before the hustle and bustle busy schedule, I attended a thorough Bioscan at Sky Fitness Studio to know my overall health status which I will tell more about in a separate post however what struck me most was when my designated trainer checked my physique through the Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Technique and told me about my spine alignment which is a little swayback.

The Self Myofascial Release (SMR) Technique is a highly specialized stretching technique that uses foam rollers to release the “trigger points” which are areas of tension or spasm within the muscle which prevents it from working properly and is a major cause of tightness and aching in tensed areas of the body. SkyFitness’ Sky Training System uses this technique which focuses on the neural and fascial system of the body.

I would like to congratulate myself since I was able to align my spine away from slouching too much but I think I may have gone overboard trying to fix my posture  and gave that “Curve” behind; I was asked if I’ve been practicing yoga. I wondered and got caught up confused, I kept on asking if “the curve” is bad news? All that he said was, I had to go through rehab and fix it before injury hits me. Pretty scary knowing it’s the spine we’re talking about.

I couldn’t help but wonder, It may have been because of the backbends during yoga? damn, just when I thought I’m improving and gaining flexibility – I may have been doing something wrong.

I was torn between being proud of myself for having my back go further behind than I used to when it was just as stiff as standing tall and not being able to look behind to being able to do so. Of course, I hurriedly told my yogi instructor Ginger Diaz, Bikram Yoga Alabang‘s proprietor about the concern to which she replied “let’s fix you” and came up with the Posture Clinic to thoroughly teach fellow yogi’s and yogini’s the importance of being mindful of our posture while and after practice.

Bikram Yoga Alabang

I can’t wait until I finally get to find peace of mind and fix this concern before my heart gets torn. I wouldn’t want to be banned from yoga nor be told not to pursue the 30 days challenge which is happening on the 23rd of January.

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss this!


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