Nestlé Fitnesse 14-days Challenge: The Flat Belly Program

Nestlé Fitnesse Cereal

Nestle Fitnesse, the Low-Fat Whole Grain Cereal has been promoting their 14-days challenge for years albeit  Kelloggs has the Special K, a similar program,  the first in the US sometime years ago (I remember requesting my Aunts from the States to send me huge boxes of Bran Cereal to participate in the challenge circa 98-99) what differentiates  Nestle from other brands, Nestle has been continuously progressive motivating consumers to have the right amount of fiber in their system and get into the lifestyle change through producing a Fitness  FULL DVD Les Mills workout pairing the 14-days challenge  readily available included in the box; a better package if you ask me for only Php 100 SRP.

If you’re a Fitness DVD junky like me, can’t seem to find time or have enough cash to spare for fitness studios; or needs an alternative other than your Zumba on kinect, this Les Mills DVD, a vibrant and energizing dance workout fusing together mambo, salsa and samba, BODYJAM™ Latin can surely give you a good sweat while having fun!

The Flat Belly Program

From what seemed to be just another DVD included in a box, Nestle also conceptualized a 3- step program for consumers to follow through a website called “ The Flatbelly Program”

Burn Calories

  • includes Tips on how to burn calories, bust through a plateau, how to back off to stay on track and whole bunch more.
  • sneak preview of the Les Mills DVD on video

Tone Your Abs

  • More tips on how to tone your abs
  • 2 floor/mat workout,  pilates inspired moves on how to work on that core

Eat Right

  • Stay slim secrets and few other tips including why you’d have to break for breakfast.

After browsing through the site, I realized how convenient it is and definitely not overwhelming for starters. Although the meal replacement challenge can truly be hard to follow if you’re the type who’s always out of your cubicle; the challenge will certainly turn on the ignition towards discipline. If you really want something so bad, you’ve got to work hard and go through obstacles. You’ll be surprised what and where this challenge may take you.

Easy-to-folow 14-days meal plan


30g Bowl of Nestle Fitnesse with 125ml skimmed milk,

1 piece of fruit, 1 cup of tea or Coffee


Balanced meal with vegetables, meat or fish or eggs, bread, dairy products


30g bowl of Nestle Fitnesse with 125ml skimmed milk

vegetables or low fat yogurt

If you’re like me who’s used to eating small portions, 6x a day, don’t forget to include roasted almonds, or any snack you desire just as long as you eat every 2-3 hours and not starve yourself to avoid overeating, overindulgence plus drink at least 2 liters of water in a day especially if you sweat a lot to avoid hunger pangs and the misconception that you’re hungry.

Nestle Fitness Commercial ad. circa 2010

Am I going to go for this challenge? Since I haven’t done this for years, this looks promising. Care to join me? have you tried the 14-days challenge? Tell me your story!

Disclaimer: Your individual experience may vary and you should not take any decision solely based on the views posted. Try it, see for yourself but consult a doctor should you have any health concerns.


42 thoughts on “Nestlé Fitnesse 14-days Challenge: The Flat Belly Program

  1. Jenny Encabo says:

    Hi, I started the challenge last Monday (March 19), also started being physically active. Will let you know the result by April 2. 😀

  2. mary jane centural says:

    just bought nestle fitnesse cereal today with dvd! i’ll see how the 14-days challenge works on me…

  3. Verna Supetran says:

    I really lost my confidence when I gain weight after giving birth twice and its annoying that even my husband want me to loose some weight…Please help…Im, 28y.o and weighing 76kg now and I wanted to try the 14 days challenge.. I will buy a fitnesse cereal later and please guide me.Thanks a lot.

  4. mhel says:

    Im starting nestle pack and not eating rice fir 5 days now I want my body to be tone not to lose some qeight it is advisable to continue the progwam?

  5. jess ica says:

    im first timer.. hmm can you suggest some other foods that not so expensive to buy? except fitnesse cereal. i already buy that

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