2011, Year filled with Beginnings.

Holy Kamote. Time flew so fast and it’s already the second week of 2012 and yet I haven’t posted my 2011 recap or at least got to reminisce few wonderful thoughts I am grateful about the year that just passed.

2011 started just like any other year wherein you realize it’s another turnover and that you’ve got goals to re-align, make and things in the past to be resolved and get better. I drafted my bucket list and kept on revisiting it every once in a while to check through what else have I been missing or should aim for and it has so far got me motivated to work on my goals one by one plus more.

Read: 2011 Bucket list

The first three months should’ve been the transition month or the steps towards achieving what’s written but little did I know, blessings poured in and I was at an awe feeling as if Christmas has been extending it’s generosity or have decided to give me some attention after being feeling down over the holidays trying to make it filled with glee (since my parents separated, christmas changed).

What seemed to be just another January pretty much the usual getting back into the swing of things with the daze of the Holidays still sitting on my waist line, the first month of the year was still graced with gratitude as I turned over the money donated by fellow runners and supporters of the Standard Chartered Singapore Charity offering to Maple Tree Foundation amounting to P21,211.15 = USD $471.36 ($1=P45).

Lots of cherry popping happened in 2011.

Who would’ve thought my former boss in the hospitality industry and I were able to produce a Ballet inspired fitness DVD together with Philippine Wacoal and Ballet Philippines? learned in the process and enjoyed the entire production.  Along the way, the production team whom we worked with became my long time trusted suppliers and producers each time there were projects that needs their expertise:  Minco Fabregas for videography and Jar Concengco of Campfiremedia for Photography.

Friendship were established, a relationship that money can never avail.

The boyfriend and I spent our running anniversary during Condura Marathon, the success of celebrating the first surprise birthday party with his friends, my freelancing business has been registered legit, hosted a wonderful debut and my first move to annual premium payments towards financial freedom was signed.

As early as January, I was able to tick off few things on my bucket list already including having to help another charity together with Orange Magazine TV at Star City’s Animaland. Huge thanks to few friends in the Entertainment industry who were free at that time and generously spent time with the World Vision kids.

Towards the end of January, I was blessed to be teamed up with what just supposed to be a project basis partner turned business partner Marga Deona of forefoot productions. The month also gave my  business a jump start with the help of Vicky Ras, who later on, on the same year, became my Reebok co-brand ambassador.

By February, together with my former boss in the hospitality industry, we were able to conduct wellness corporate program which reached hundreds of working women. On the side, I also taught at Informatics and helped students to gear up for the corporate world.

I also met Bikram Choudhury himself at AIM Conference Center of Manila.

It was also the month, I was able to spend time with my not-so-little nieces and nephew’s for some family bonding at Subic’s Hot Air Balloon Festival.

By March, there were photo shoots booked and television appearances for GMA 7; My debut back to writing in print  and hosted together with my cousin, TJ Manotoc for a charitable event called Twestival (a tweet-up for a cause).

By April and May, more of my articles came out and also was featured in other glossy magazines; it was also the month I transferred back to my smaller room from my big “slumber” party perfect room. Business side, we were filled with presentations, product reviews and fun runs. I was able to teach back at Informatics on the side. By May, the boyfriend and I celebrated our first year together as a couple; family side, I was able to trace back to my roots in Bacolod and met my grandma healthy albeit undergoing medical attention before she passed away.

One of the highlights of June was when my friend Jo, sent me a surprise photo of John Lloyd in my favorite city, New York holding a I LOVE YOU placard. and when I renewed my passport; it was such a grown up thing to do, the paperwork was massive! More of my articles came out and my very first 30 days Bikram Yoga challenge assignment happened. Running took a back seat and all the busy presentations and business obligations were met.

Acquired the very first expensive gadget I’ve ever bought. Uh, well, the 2nd most expensive after I bought my Garmin Forerunner last year.

July was festive. I was featured in Smile Magazine’s in-flight publication, was able to conduct a wellness running program together with Philippine Wacoal until August (Special thanks to Christine Jacobs-Sandejas for her support inspiring women),  was featured in a morning show , was able to write to a fitness glossy magazine. The spontaneous date when the boyfriend and I watched Cirque du soleil’s Verekai (plus we were moved to VIP seats!) and the full blossomed flowers sent from the boyfriend after our very first fight.

Onwards, I together with Blas and Beep were chosen to become the core brand ambassadors of Reebok to which Vicky Ras also came in together with us. Running will forever be part of my lifestyle and plays a huge part to my health; together with the first batch of The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, we volunteered to cheer for Jaymie‘s 2nd batch at Nuvali (even though I was raging with fever, as soon as we got there, I felt better and was able to run a few miles).

I was blessed to become Curves spoke person, got to work out and inspired women to go for a lifestyle change, one change at a time. Got invited to be part of Lightwater’s core brand ambassadors, to which I was on glee since lightwater is the only  bottled water which doesn’t give me headaches, a funny tummy or has that weird after taste.

Throughout the rest of the year, the blessings were abundant that there’s so much to thank for and mention. I was able to reconnect back with few inspiring and motivating friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time – Paula Peralejo, Iya G. Lagdameo, to name a few who supported and were there for FTW magazine. 

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