Your Hangover remedy: Skip it, Gulp it.


“Never again”, or at least that was what you said the other night after downing a supposed “just a bottle” or a shot of beer which turned into many more.Another rough morning of comforting yourself near the loo or wanting an all day bed rest to get that headache wear off has made us reach out for quick remedy and experimented on so many things.

Before you even wake up or start planning on how you can grab that beverage; planning the Bacon, egg and cheese bagel or coffee won’t work. Quit the thought, let it go. You must’ve thought it helped and cured a bad hang over but it actually prolongs more than relieve.

Skip the aspirin, albeit tons would agree it helps but rather than hurting that stomach into bleeding – go for what’s best, gulp on more water and orange juice to replenish your system from dehydration, hypoglycemia and the poison you’ve given yourself from the toxins of those drinks.

More caffein will dehydrate you, the short sugar rush won’t even make it even better. Skip the oil from the big breakfast that will give your tummy a whirlwind (not to forget a possible liver problem).

The quick run should have done the trick right after you wake up but the temporary cure comes from the endorphins rush instead of the curing what intoxicated you. You just haven’t realized it but when you run, as you run, you gulp more on liquid and sports drinks filled with electrolytes – if you forget about the beverage, you might end up passing out and lack of oxygen in the brain. Reserve the mileage after your detox or after you’ve replenished on liquids.

While a little more snoozing would do the fix, bid farewell to the booze. According to research, alcohol is metabolized at the rate of 0.15 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or roughly 1 drink every hour. Sleeping through, your body naturally metabolize last night’s happy hour and make you feel better but have a glass of water beside you – soon as you wake up, gulp a glass or two before you hop back to doze off.

Others follow up another drink after happy hour but this isn’t how our bodies function. Don’t take the happy hour like a workout wherein you’ll be needing another round of circuit to cure the muscle sore. When you’ve passed out and should be curing a hangover; you don’t add more toxins in your body but instead you give more space to breathe. Get out, take deep breathes and help yourself vacuum more oxygen for your brain.

you’re hang-over and you add more booze, it equates to delay or worsening the case. Your body is deprived from metabolizing well, the withdrawal symptom from overindulging prevents more withdrawal symptoms. Don’t think about that shot, let it go. It’s not worth it.

What’s the most effective way to cure a broken heart, or, I mean, that hang over? After having a grand time with your fellas now, dreading the after happy hour. The hangover experienced by many, friend of none – there’s a cure: An Electrolyte fix would do the trick plus liters of water to replenish and secrete toxins out. Liquid tops the remedy score – nope, not that tea nor the coffee.

Sports drinks or beverages with electrolytes help replenish and restore your energy levels. The sugar in the drink give you the energy replacement you washed out. There is also the natural remedy that seemed to be forgotten or neglected, the thirst quenching and low-calorie, non-fat and no processed sugar – Coconut water; the fresh kind.

The very next time you think about going for an all nighter and gulp on that booze, take a back seat and enjoy the moment. There’s no need to hurry gulping on one bottle after another (or you can always go for iced tea or pair jack with coke).

Happy Holidays!


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