Make Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Plan Stick

The time to make that New Year’s resolution is fast approaching and upping your fitness ante can be one of the hardest resolutions to put into action. Muscle pains and strains can quickly derail your fitness goals, but thanks to Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream you can make exercise a yearlong commitment.

20111213-232711.jpgTopricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream (MSRP $16.95 for 2 ounce tube) heals the damage that is causing pain – naturally, with no grease or odor. The soothing cream contains eleven natural ingredients that naturally support and assist the body to reduce inflammation, detoxify and stimulate blood flow that increases oxygenation of the skin to reduce pain and speed healing.

Topricin is formulated for maximum absorption and can be applied as many times as needed to relieve pain with no fear of overuse or interference with other medications.

It’s the perfect remedy for pain associated with muscle strains and sprains, sports impact injuries, lower back, neck and shoulder pain, arthritis and joint pain, repetitive motion in juries, carpal tunnel syndrome and compression neuropathies.

Take a tip from pro athletes and triathletes and apply Topricin before activity to reduce the likelihood of injury, as well as after to benefit hard-working muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Now that you can strike pain off your list of excuses as reason not to exercise, Laurie Towers, top New York City celebrity trainer and CEO of Physical Advantage PC, the sports and performing arts massage center and the Bridal Body Shop, fitness programs designed to get the bride to be in shape for her wedding day, offers some suggestions for keeping health a top priority for the New Year.

-Walk or bike to work, or get off a stop or two early on your bus or subway trip to help jump start your metabolism and engage in a bit of functional fitness.

-Take the steps instead of the elevator. Walking up and down the stairs burns many more calories than hitting the ‘up’ button. This applies only if there are no specific limitations placed on your joints by your MD.

-Invite a friend to take a walk on the weekends.

-Bring your food to the office to ensure portion control and to know exactly what ingredients you are eating.

-Employ the buddy system for your workouts. You are far more likely to workout if you know someone else is relying on you.

-Substitute healthier sweeteners when you are cooking such as honey, cinnamon or brown sugar in place of high calorie syrups, extracts and other unhealthy sweeteners.

-Don’t let pain become an excuse to derail your fitness goals and when it does strike, rub it away pain with Topricin.

-Set realistic goals that will let you become your own cheerleader and will continue all year long.

-Remember that it is perfectly natural to allow yourself a ’cheat’ day and indulge in the less-than-healthy foods you crave. The key is to use that day as a reward for a well-balanced nutritional investment you abide by the rest of the week.

Look for Topricin in pharmacies, natural food stores and other fine retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Fred Meyer, Wegmans, and other retail stores throughout the U.S., as well as direct from the Topical BioMedics’ online store.

To learn more about Topricin, go to

Thanks to Renee Hewitt.


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